I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. To start of the week fresh, I would like to share some Vuitton’ish eye candy gone awfully wrong. A truely sharp thorn in each LV lover’s eye.

Painted Louis Vuitton Speedy

I can’t imagine what boss would ask her employee to ruin a perfectly good Speedy. Yikes. Via tPF via flickr.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Morgen

    wow, that it seriously hideous. I cringe at the sight, poor poor speedy

  • Odie

    Oh my. That is most unfortunate.

  • Rossella

    Mammamia!!!! That’s a true crime!!!!
    It’s terribly kitsch and awful…

  • Nancy Drew

    Please tell me that’s a fake LV! That is truly horrendous. Now THAT is what I call the worst job ever – give that employee a prize.

  • Elana

    Nothing smarter than decorating your LV in puffy paint.

  • nicole

    a real louis vuitton lover would know that is a fake because of the way the pattern is not centered! at least it’s not a real LV bag!

  • Christy

    Ahhhh! Poor Louis!

  • Kunthea

    umm some people can’t read on here. the purse is real except the design. meaning, someone use paint glue!!!! but yes, that was the wrong move.

  • Sarah-Jayne

    The bag is great really nice love the pink on it really cute !

  • preppyrich69

    i hate this bag i have the orginal bag with out the flowers andi luv that bag but this bag is beyond hanous

  • estefania

    most of you guys think is ugly but if it was a real new limited edition lv bag.. all of you would be drowling and paying big $$$ for it…
    just like the new real speedy with those white lines .. looks like a little kid was playing with liquid paper. but hey thats just my opinion

  • hhhhhhhhhhh

    It looks better than the original, which looks really boring and ugly.

  • Naggy

    It works for those who are into covering their bags with mundane things. (ipad)