Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Bags on eLUXURY

Ladies (and gents), keep your wallets open, your keyboards crumb-free and your mice ready to click.

A reliable source at eLUXURY informed me that a new shipment of limited edition Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Collection bags arrived just yesterday at their warehouse, meaning that today is the day to score. Bookmark this page and scan for new listings throughout the day.

Like the previous limited graffiti collection, this one will go off the shelves like hot Glühwein on a chilly German Winter night. If you are not fortunate to pick one up in your local LV boutique, get it online at the trusted source.

Who ever said that eLUXURY was dead? The merchandise will keep on rolling in and out until June 30th. Bet on it.

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  • Highmaintenance

    With all the due respect, LV fans…I think this collection is OUTRAGEOUS. Sorry. Don’t get me wrong…I love the 2001 collection, especially the green graffiti, I think that is so cool…but this collection? Thanks but NO thanks.

  • The 2001 collection was amazing and that is why it has become so highly sought after. This collection is artistic and different. I am buying two pieces, more for their artistic qualities than anything else :).

  • Cherie L.

    hello. it is 1127Am EST. I just ordered the speedy 30 on eluxury.com. insane!

  • shorty

    I liked some of it

  • Roses Speedy 30 and Neverfull MM are up now!

  • Jade

    The bags are available on louisvuitton.com. Dont know if they will be there tomorrow.

  • Debs

    These handbags appear to be available to purchase (as of the time of this post from CA) on-line at the Louis Vuitton website. For those Sprouse fans…

  • Jade

    They are sold out again on louisvuitton.com.

  • Merve

    Hats off to you Miss HighMaintenance i so dont like this collection.

  • susan

    I saw them yesterday in person at NM, didn’t love them. But, that’s just my personal opinion. In all fairness, I was in a funky mood too.

  • Jeanne89

    OMG! I really don’t get why anyone doesn’t LOVE the rose samples?
    I personally think it is one of the most fabulous limited editions ever!:)

    I already LOVE the neverfull bag.. And with the roses it looks so cute and feminin.

    I am waiting by my phone because the Vuitton store in Copenhagen Denmark will call me tomorrow and tell if they have a pochette rose for me..

    I am keeping my fingers crossed

  • Tracy

    when u order the back even if the back is out of stock do they still charge ur card right away?

  • Rosemary

    OMG, these are some ugly bags, all LVs are ugly. The brand sucks, buy Chanel.

  • Monique Gauthier

    Whoever said that the won’t have any tommrow obviously doesn’t shop, and they have at least 500 in stock per store.

  • “L”

    I think the collection is pretty cool. I love the neon graffiti, a crazy combination of tradition and the 80’s. I think the Zippy Wallet graffiti green and the Neverfull GM graffiti fushia are hot items.

  • Jennifer

    Luckily I have a hook up and was notified about this before it went on sale. Needless to say, I was at the store before they even opened waiting to get my Speedy 30. It’s not a style I would normally buy, but when I saw it, I decided I had to have it, so I bought it. One of the best purchases I made. I can’t wait until the new graffiti collection hits stores. I will be there for them also.

  • Carina

    I love the graffiti in pink. I’m signed up for the speedy and zippy wallet in Copenhagen.. cant wait !!!! :o)

  • SBHouston

    It is clear that people either love or hate these bags, I love them all! How can you not like the roses? This is art, people! eLuxury has the neverfull and speedy for sale right now…

  • lovingthis

    Rosemary, you can’t be serious. I love Chanel too but that is not the only designer I love. You’re intitled to your own opinion but that was a little harsh.

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    I’m sure you could find what you want here.

  • Patricia

    I absolutely love the new LV graffiti line. It’s a funky twist on the traditional monogram. I love the contrast. I can understand why it would not appeal to everyone since it is very different, but give it a few more months and all the other handbag designers will get on the neon band wagon. (If they haven’t already) I bought the orange speedy and am happily carrying it about town. I will be purchasing the green soon.

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  • anna

    hi i would like to know if i wanna some bag from Eluxury
    they are not fake ?