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The Louis Vuitton Neverfull Through the Ages

Looking back at the last 14 years and over 30 iterations of an icon

It’s official, having been on the market for nearly 14 years, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is here to stay. One of the house’s best-selling bags along with the Speedy and the Alma, which were introduced in 1930 and 1934 respectively, the Neverfull is arguably not a handbag veteran yet, but it is undeniably a wardrobe staple.

Besides the fact that it’s nearly bottomless, reversible, and can hold up to 231 pounds, one reason we at PurseBlog really love this tote is the fact that the Neverfull is one of those bags that has been around almost as long as we have. I guess that makes it a sibling of sorts. Kinda. Reading Vlad’s first post on the Neverfull was so touching (sobs).

Sentiments aside, during Neverfull’s mammoth growth trajectory, it has undergone countless collaborations and makeovers in true Louis Vuitton style. Today I’m going to take a look at some (read: as many as I could find) of these highly sought after, and often extremely rare, special edition Neverfulls. So without further ado, let’s get started with the most most recent ones first – it’s gonna be a long one! Do let us know if you think I may have missed out any.

By the Pool Collection Neverfull

As the sunny days roll in, Louis Vuitton unveiled its newest collection, and it’s perfect for taking to the pool. Aptly named, the “By the Pool”, this Neverfull from Summer Capsule 2021 features the giant monogram on gradient shades of coral orange, summery pink and pale blue. It’ll make you smile every time you look at them (unless you’re already internally crying because it seems to be sold out EVERYWHERE!)

LVxUF Neverfull

After the ArtyCapucines collection (the banana version had me going bananas!), Urs Fischer has given a fuzzy, hand-drawn graphic new spin on several bags including the Neverfull. Emblazoned with a new Monogram in eye-catching bright red or black on white or black leather.

Game On Neverfull

While the Cruise 2021 collection’s name sounds like the title of a heist movie, the Game On Neverfull features a multicolor Monogram punctuated by red hearts with a printed playing card appliqué. I believe this is perfect for the quirky buyer who might find the original a little dull.

Shearling (Teddy) Neverfull

Debuted in Fall Winter 2020, the Teddy Neverfull is made of grained black leather with a colored shearling logo, patchwork flowers and trims, making it an ultra-cozy, ultra-chic winter ensemble.

Since 1854 Neverfull

Made of ancient-looking jacquard with the number 1854 literally printed among the logos, this iteration is refined with a vintage twist.

Crafty Neverfull

Also introduced as a capsule as part of the Fall 2020 collection, the Crafty Neverfull is a culmination of many of Vuitton’s previous collections (see below), like the Giant Monogram and bold graffiti print.


In collaboration with global e-sports company Riot Games, Louis Vuitton created these Limited Edition League of Legends bags as its Summer 2020 collection, and the Neverfull from this collection has me wow-ing with its lustrous gold and silver streaks.

Escale Neverfull

This tie-dye design in pastel shades along with the Giant Monogram brought home the perfect holiday (in isolation) vibes in the Louis Vuitton Summer 2020 collection.

Monogram Denim Patchwork

A combination of monogram, denim and damier, this red-accented Neverfull looks very different and very new, and very much unlike Vuitton’s permanent lines, and I love it.

Jungle Giant Monogram

Dubbed “the most daring interpretation of the classic Louis Vuitton pattern yet”, this collection surely brings out the animal in you!

Giant Monogram Neverfull

A Summer Spin on the iconic Monogram back when summer meant something, the Giant Monogram Neverfull has been a hit since Summer 2019 (wow, that’s three “summers” in one line!)

Neverfull Catogram

When the luxury giant did a collaboration with former model and Creative Director of Vogue America, Grace Coddington, who also has an affinity for animals, it was only fitting that the Neverfull would feature cats. Who could ever not like cats!?

Love Lock Neverfull

Released as a capsule for Spring 2019, this Neverfull is embellished with metallic hearts, locks and keys, presumably to keep your items of love secure.

Karakoram Neverfull

An updated take on the Damier Ebene Neverfull, this version makes use of bold red pebbled leather detailing, not-so-prominent polished brass studs and black leather trims, though the accompanying pouch is the basic version.

Trompe L’oeil Screen (Summer Trunk) Neverfull

A capsule collection for Spring 2018, the Summer Trunks collection has trunk details giving off a 3D optical illusion to deceive the eye!

Patches Collection

Embellished in glitzy, fun, playful stickers (or patches), these Neverfulls are best enjoyed casually.

Kabuki Monogram

In collaboration with renowned Japanese designer, Kansai Yamamoto and presented in a dazzling show outside Kyoto, Japan’s Miho Museum, the Cruise 2018 collection featured Kabuki detailing. Even though they were called “stickers”, this bag exudes a much more playfully mysterious and casual vibe in comparison to the basic monogram/checkered versions.

Race Neverfull

This bag is inspired by motorsports whose flag shares a checkered pattern with Louis Vuitton’s Damier Ebene and creates an impression that’s sporty, chic and vibrant. Though truth be told I can’t imagine waving a Neverfull at random cars that are probably much above the speed limit already.

LV×Jeff Koons Masters Neverfull

In collaboration with contemporary artist Jeff Koons, Louis Vuitton created an “artsy”, “edgy”, art-emblazoned collection that frankly horrified us all. To your added horror, I’d like to mention that I actually kinda like the Rubens Neverfull too (alright I’ll run away and hide until you move on to the next Neverfull).

Tahitiennes 2017 Neverfull

Made exclusively in Damier Azur with flower prints in Rose Ballerine, this iteration of the Neverfull is summer-y and feminine and feels like a breath of cool air in the tropical summer sun!

Neverfull World Tour

Much like the Patches Collection above, the My World Tour Neverfulls are also decorated with stickers, but these are reminiscent of all the hotels across the world that the house’s Creative Director, Nicolas Ghesquière has toured. It is meant to give you a sense of having conquered the world as well!

Monogram Jungle Dots

For Spring/Summer 2016, the house came up with a new print (again!) consisting of vibrant spots and palm fronds. The collection is also apparently called the Palm Springs collection (?), and it’s perfect for your summer ensemble.

Monogram Bay

Chains & Flowers. Sounds a bit like Guns & Roses. Enough said. Oh and also Nonograms. A lot of Monograms. I don’t really know why it’s called Bay though.

Totem Neverfull

Whimsical in a truly quirky way, with streaks of playful colors on a Monogram base, the Totem line truly tells you have a good fortune (or whatever else totems are supposed to do).

Ramages Neverfull

Bright and swirling in shades of pink and orange, inspired by undersea life, the Ramages collection debuted in Summer 2015 along with the “V” collection below. zthe word “ramage” literally translating to wild untamed boughs and branches, which is also the impression exuded by the prints.

Monogram V Neverfull

Emblazoned with a simple but bold V, in two options, pink and turquoise, while some of the options come with names of certain famous cities printed along with the V’s, probably for people like me who are proud of cities they don’t live in. Louis Vuitton knows me so well.

Neverfull Ikat Articles de Voyage

Taking inspiration from the Mediterranean, the Monogram Ikat line features the “Articles de Voyages” motif on the front with calfskin leather trim. The interior is entirely lined with Ikat floral print and comes in three shades: Rose Velours, Fuchsia and Grand Bleu.

Resort Neverfull

Also having an Ikat-floral interior, the Neverfull Resort Collection pays tribute to some of the world’s most well-knowned resorts. Seen here is the Palm Beach Neverfull.

Neverfull Stone Rose Appliqué

Continuing to uphold the iconic denim lines, Cruise 2013 saw the stonewashed Monogram cotton canvas Neverfull with logo appliqués, that made a very relaxed, chic look that I can’t help but love. Although some of the pieces in the collection were also introduced in a gorgeous caramel shade, the Neverfull only came in pink. Not that I’m complaining.

Waves Neverfull

I’ve always had a certain fascination for polka dots, but Yaoi Kusama and Marc Jacobs really took these to the next level using dots of various sizes, in the colors of yellow, white and red, making a collection that’s truly rare and limited edition, one of the last collaborations by Marc Jacobs for the fashion house.

Monogram Rayures Neverfull

Taking inspiration from the original Rayee canvas featured on Louis Vuitton trunks in the late 19th century, the Rayures collection juxtaposes bold, thick beige stripes on the Monogram canvas. This one is also available in an XL size, and me being the gigantic bag-loving person I am just can’t help but stare in awe.

Monogram Idylle Neverfull

As per luxury reseller Yoogi’s Closet, The Monogram Idylle (previously Mini Lin) Canvas Collection sports a lighter, more supple but resistant canvas, made of 58% cotton, 24% linen and 18% polyamide and is available in the colors Fusain (chocolate), Encre (light beige) and Sepia (light pink).

Stephen Sprouse Graffiti

Now we come to the OG star of pop-art fashion, this is probably one of my favorite Neverfulls to date, especially the orange graffiti version.

Stephen Sprouse Roses Collection

In posthumous collaboration with Stephen Sprouse in 2009, Marc Jacobs took an iconic rose motif drawn by Sprouse and inlaid the house’s Monogram canvas with similarly-styled day-glo roses, and this collection continues to sell at much higher-than-retail prices more than a decade after its conception.

Neverfull MOCA Takashi Murakami

Decorated with the “Hands” symbol on Monogram Canvas, this super rare, extremely limited edition Neverfull was only made available at the Los Angeles MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) and probably sold out way before anybody in the mortal world got to learn about its existence. However, from time to time it becomes available on the resale market. Grab it now!

Information and Content Courtesy: the whole internet, but BragMyBag, Bagaholicboy, Rebag and Yoogi’s Closet in particular.


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