Image via Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2012 runway show was a joy to behold for a variety of reasons: the enormous carousel set piece bearing dozens of the world’s best models, girlish clothes in the most powdery and feminine of pastels, luxury in every detail. The entire collection felt fresh, light and joyful. Personally, though, I was distracted by one thing and one thing only, which was trying to guess how much the littany of crocodile pieces, from bags to jackets, would cost once they hit retail. Not only is crocodile astronomically expensive all on its own, but Vuitton tends to charge a premium for all of its products, above and beyond most another brands.

For the handbag star of the collection, the Louis Vuitton Crocodile Old Speedy Flap, we now have an answer, but go ahead and try to guess before you peek.


My personal guess was around $35,000 and I thought that even that kind of figure might be a little low, particularly when you consider that so many designers seem to be in some sort of unofficial race to see who can produce the most ridiculously expensive bag of them all. (Hermes probably has everyone already beat on that anyway.) Not that $33,000 is something that is even within the realm of reason to pay for a handbag – it’s not! But, you know, it’s closer than The Row.

Louis Vuitton surely has clients who will pony up for this bag in one of its three colors – mint, jaune (pale yellow) or nuit (navy blue with a bit of softness) – or who knows, maybe someone will get it in all three. Primarily, though, pieces like this one serve a public relations function; not only do they get people talking, but they represent the designer as a purveyor of the sort of rarified goods that only a tiny sliver of the global population can ever hope to possess. If you have an extra thirty grand or so laying around the house, inquire about this bag via

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  • Daphne L

    I love the colour, but sadly just don’t have a spare $30,000 lying around the house. Well done on the design though, it’s classicly beautiful.

  • love bags

    why 330000????

  • rose60610

    It’s gorgeous.  I think it’s prettier and more elegant than a croc Birkin.  For some I imagine it will be an addition to a fantastic bag collection behind glass doors.  Like a Picasso or a Monet, it’s something I can admire from afar. A buyer of this probably already owns a Picasso or a Monet. 

  • Sandra Rowley

    Beautiful bag….I am not really a lover of the exotic skins, which also benefits my pocket book.  So perhaps a leather version that should cost much less would be on my list to purchase.

  • Marie Martell

    So pretty, love the color.

  • Kouture Crochet

    I guessed $32,000. I’m getting good at this game!

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  • 19yearslater

    Wow. For the runways they’d better be hiring models they trust immensely to carry such pricey purses.

  • Do you think you can need my motives made of flowercollages for your handbags?

  • Louch

    Absolutely love it and would LOVE the nuit.  But can’t ever see me forking this much cash for a bag!

  • Hen

    buy more Louis vuitton handbags

  • Felici4u

    This bag is absolutely beautiful! Perfect for the upcoming season.

  • J N

    SERIOUSLY!? im buying a hermes then


  • Booshaddict

    wowsie wowsa. yeah won’t be buying that in a hurry

  • Louis Vuitton speedy are really classic and iconic

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