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The First Louis Vuitton Price Increase of 2022 Just Hit

Hold on to your hats, the second price increase in a mere 4 months is here


Earlier this week, the internet was abuzz with speculation of yet another Louis Vuitton price increase, and today, it’s here. This price increase is the second in mere months, following the brand’s last price increase of 2021, which happened in October. For lovers of luxury goods, price increases are par for the course, and Louis Vuitton isn’t the only luxury brand to increase its prices since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Hermès and Chanel have also continuously hiked its prices, often citing inflation and supply chain issues.

A spokesperson for the storied French luxury brand told Reuters that this increase is due in large part to “changes in production costs, raw materials, transportation as well as inflation.” Despite the ongoing global pandemic, the demand for luxury goods has continued to climb, allowing brands to justify the continued price hikes.

Right now, it seems that the price increase is impacting nearly all bags and accessories. Some of the brand’s most popular monogram bags, ones that are iconic choices for first-time buyers, are seeing big hikes. The Speedy family saw increases of anywhere from 10%-17%. The Speedy 25 will now set you back $1,490 from $1,350, while the 35 increased to $1,620 from $1,390. The beloved Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires, once accessible for those wishing to start their collecting journey, just increased in price from $1,050 to $1,290, a major hike of 23%. The Neverfull family also saw pretty big increases across all sizes, anywhere from 16% to 20%.

Check out some of the increases below on popular bags from Louis Vuitton and join the chatter going down right now on tPF here.

New Louis Vuitton 2022 Bag Prices

Bag Old Price New Price 2022
Pochette Accessoires Monogram Canvas $1,050 $1,290
Mini Pochette Accessoires Monogram Canvas $540 $745
Multi Pochette Accessoires Monogram Canvas $2,570 No Increase
Pochette Métis Monogram Canvas $2,360 $2,570
Speedy 25 Monogram Canvas $1,350 $1,490
Speedy 30 Monogram Canvas $1,370 $1,550
Speedy 35 Monogram Canvas $1,390 $1,620
Speedy 40 Monogram Canvas $1,410 $1,690
Speedy Bandoulière 25 Monogram Canvas $1,690 $1,820
Speedy Bandoulière 30 Monogram Canvas $1,740 $1,890
Speedy Bandoulière 35 Monogram Canvas $1,800 $1,960
Neverfull PM Monogram Canvas $1,620 $1,960
Neverfull MM Monogram Canvas $1,690 $2,030
Neverfull GM Monogram Canvas $1,760 $2,100
Palm Springs Mini $2,300 $2,440
Palm Springs PM $2,430 $2,570
Palm Springs MM $2,570 $2,710
Onthego MM Monogram Canvas $2,840 $3,100
Onthego GM Monogram Canvas $3,100 $3,250
Men’s Monogram Eclipse Trio Messenger $2,360 $2,500
Pochette Coussin $2,570 $2,840
Coussin PM $3,900 $4,700
Coussin MM $4,300 $5,400


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  1. Katy Avatar

    Shouldn’t the chart be labeled “New Price 2022”?

    1. Vlad Dusil Avatar
      Vlad Dusil

      Yes indeed, thanks for pointing it out!

  2. Sandy Avatar

    Ugh! Makes the bags I already own worth more I guess. I just noticed the Dior price increase as my next bag is to be a mini Lady Dior, $4300.00 to $4900.00, not great!

  3. JoJo Avatar

    I think this is awesome! I love price increases. Let us, wealthy beautiful people enjoy our luxury goodies while peasants carry their sorrow in outlet store-purchased Michael Kors totes.

    1. Suzy Avatar

      ???? Shallow

      1. QueenV Avatar

        I’m pretty sure Jojo is being sarcastic.

      2. rosa Avatar


      3. JoJo Avatar


    2. Liz Avatar

      omg I spit out my tea onto my keyboard lol

    3. Maxine Avatar


    4. Renea Avatar

      Ugly Democrats Sis Is that You?

      1. Bardot Avatar

        What kind of comment is that. Renea? Clearly Jojo is making a joke. Don’t become the “ugly” you decry in others.

    5. Glory Avatar

      Hope you fall flat on your face carrying your designer bag lol

      1. TheVerdict Avatar

        It’s clearly a joke but you don’t seem too swift. 🤣

    6. Erckcia Avatar

      Sounds like typical American attitude. 😂

  4. FloJo Avatar

    WAIT. So now they’re increasing prices because ” …changes in production costs, raw materials, transportation as well as inflation…”
    So all the other astronomical hikes were mostly ’cause greed, and also for shits and giggles?

    1. Miss aggie Avatar
      Miss aggie

      Maybe they could actually have bags in stock sometime. Also I don’t make appointments to buy any handbags.

  5. Sandee Avatar

    I was saving money to purchase the Coussin PM for $3,900 and now it’s $4,700? I fold.

    1. Faiyza Avatar

      Exactly. i just returned mine 2 weeks ago thinking when I really want it i’ll re purchase it I wasn’t expecting 1k price increase. It’s extremely ridi and any/all retailers should give customers a heads up….

    2. Dany Avatar

      Same thing happened to me. That bag isn’t worth that kind of money.

  6. Evie Avatar

    Doesn’t matter, tried to buy sneakers and they were all sold out. Bought out by bots no doubt.

  7. Donna finney Avatar
    Donna finney

    Canvas that splits at edges hardware that tarnishes from gold to silver no thanks coach is better quality and cost less looks nicer stick your price rises and yes I can afford it but I’m not a mug the quality is the worse it’s been and the prices are the highest how does that work ?

    1. Lavinia Gass-Johnson Avatar
      Lavinia Gass-Johnson

      I concur. I have rediscovered my love of Coach. I am loving the new whimsical designs, as well as the reinvented classics.

      1. nathalie Avatar

        I agree with you.

      2. heather Avatar

        I just can’t bring myself to think of coach as luxury not since after it got so bad

    2. Heart_of_au Avatar

      The first “nice” purse I bought was the coach cross body. It cost $130 and I remember it hurting but it was so excited. Anyways I still have it and it’s in the back of the closet. I will be using it from now on.

    3. Jennifer Avatar

      I recently just got into coach again too! They’ve got some cute stuff again and LV does tarnish the zippers get old and for how much they charge I don’t think it’s worth it! I’ve also been digging the Marc jacobs line as well

  8. Amy Avatar

    I purchased a mini pochette in Feb 2020 for $350. Exactly two years later it’s $745 – just crazy. I’ve been a bit turned-off LV recently as my area is just saturated with it – young and old – and being absolutely everywhere almost means the opposite of “luxury” to me. No plans to sell my bags but these frequent and hefty price increases just confirm my feelings of moving on.

    1. Faiyza Avatar

      Agree. With these price increases might as well place your money somewhere else if ya know what i mean… Hope LV reads our comments… They need to bring the prices back down. Smh… All luxury houses.

    2. Tamara Avatar

      I‘ve been trying to buy one since before the pandemic but they were always sold out. I’m not paying that price for one. That was the last piece of LV I wanted anyway. I’ll pass.

      1. JoAnne SanMateo Avatar
        JoAnne SanMateo

        I get the feeling that these small items are always sold out because to a certain extent the brand has been trying to filter who to sell it to. If they see you’re a customer that purchase expensive items (and not just the cheaper accessories) you’d be able to get one when you call (hence they always have these “Call for availability” message on the product page. They look up your account and the items becomes available to you or they order/reserve one for you for the next shipment. Personal experiences.

      2. Tamara Avatar

        Thanks for the info. Whenever I would see “Call for Availability” I would just give up. I was able to purchase the mini in London. I was overjoyed.

    3. Craig Rohleder Avatar
      Craig Rohleder

      That is exactly the whole point.

      1. JoAnne SanMateo Avatar
        JoAnne SanMateo


  9. Sofia Avatar

    OMG jojo- you Killed me 🤣🤣

  10. Nicole Avatar

    I am sorry but I think I will no longer buy at LV. These increases are an absolute impertinence. If I compare the prices to „real“ luxury labels, I would rather spend money for a Hèrmes than for a LV.

  11. Ali Avatar

    I am so mad I sold my pochette Métis and speedy bandoliere 25. Can’t buy them now! And I had the montsouris and recto verso on my wishlist. Not happening on my current salary. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  12. Renea Avatar

    Think you better do your research, Not everyone received that amount, Again Long Before A Stimulus Package, LV Has Done Price Increases, What was the Reason Before A Stimulus Payment Was Ever Even Thought, So Did Covid-19 Increased LV Prices? Or Was It The Lives That We’re Lost?

    1. Tina Avatar

      I said the poorest folks, on average, received about $3000.00, not everyone. I am agreeing with you that the stimulus payments, whatever they were, did not cause the price increases. That’s a ridiculous theory.

    2. Hotmess Avatar

      LV price increases were not as frequent or insane previously. LV is greedy they know people will continue to buy regardless of the amount because the price doesn’t affect the rich who is their target client. People buying off stimulus money is over but it was such a large amount it shot sales up. Regular folks saving will eventually get discouraged by the prices (depends on who you are), rich people…no problem, they will take 2!

      1. Tina Avatar

        Hotmess, can you provide actual data about your theory that the stimulus checks caused all these price increases? Not just your theories but an actual business article that proves this.

      2. Hotmess Avatar

        Yes, do a few google searches on increased spending on luxury goods due to stimulus. It’s a fact, not an attack on anyone and sorry you disagree. Again it’s the owners money to spend how they want but a lot of those owners were not regular luxury brand shoppers before the free money, period! That is my only point and I’m Not saying buy purchasing one bag they might not decide to start saving or charging to join the “club” now.

  13. Hotmess Avatar

    Tina, not everyone used stimulus fir rent and food. A lot of my girlfriends have 3 kids and received $1400 for each one plus themselves and this money was paid out multiple times. They also never stopped working so they spent their free money as they pleased. News flash the stimulus was given to anyone who qualified. First round was those making under $90k, second and third time was under $75k. Didn’t matter if you were working the whole pandemic or not. I’m not taking about unemployment money here.

    1. Renea Avatar

      To Each It’s Own, If A Person was eligible they was eligible, What they used it for is their business, Stimulating Stimulus has nothing to do with LV imposing price increases, Every Year it’s the same thing, wether it’s Chanel or Hermès, For anyone to refer to “These people or popping out kids” Assuming what someone can and cannot do or afford is Racist, I don’t care how much an individual received with or without kids, It’s none of my business, What’s for me is for me. If I Love the brand, save my money I will continue to purchase wether I complain about a price increases but I will tell you what I’m not going to do and that’s tearing people down, judging them, and Blaming it on “The Stimulus” Get Over It!!! Come Up With Something Else, Using a Blog Platform To Say Certain Things, Say what’s really on your mind because I’m sure I know what your really trying to say about “These People” I pray I never have to encounter “You People”

  14. Hotmess Avatar

    Who are you calling raciest? Do you know what color my skin is? You can buy what you please with your money, my point is sales increased big time due to stimulus money and that had a lot of people who don’t normally buy luxury buying. Good for them, I’m not hating they bought I’m just making an observation. Because the sales increased the prices increased what I would considered a lot more on the popular bags and availability became even more harder to get than it was already. So go be a keyboard worrier somewhere else. I was trying rude but obviously struck a nerve with you…

    1. YOmomma Avatar

      Hotmess, I understand what you’re trying to say. A lot of people found themselves to have more expendable money than normal because of the stimulus checks. If someone’s rent & bills are paid and they have an extra $3,000 to spare, why not splurge or treat yourself to a luxury bag that you normally might not be able to afford. That scenario probably happened quite a bit over the last couple of years.

      1. Hotmess Avatar

        That is all I was trying to say. It increased sales and in turn it increased LV’s greed with holding back items and higher than previous price increases.

  15. Hotmess Avatar

    Thank you!

  16. Tina Avatar

    OMG! Super tacky white or Latino you tubers? Do you not realize this is racism, too? It’s all discrimination. I’m speechless.

    1. Jet Queen Avatar
      Jet Queen

      For the late be of gawd – let it go. No one here is interested in your affected virtue signaling. Believe it.

  17. Tina Avatar

    Okay, then what does she mean by “ who’s carrying it”?

  18. Tina Avatar

    And what is wrong with a 400 or 100 lb. woman, no matter how they are dressed? Her comment insinuates that she is better than them. That somehow she can judge who is worthy of carrying a luxury bag. And why should she care? Why can’t we celebrate any woman, or man without the judgement?

    1. Hotmess Avatar

      Lord Tina, you realize “wokeism” is fading because of crazy people like you. You take everything and turn it into a race issue. I’m a 165lb woman dressed in my gym clothes and carrying a Chanel bag is not going to make me look anymore upscale or classy today!

  19. Andy Avatar

    Lol just another reason to not buy their poor quality, overrated, and, often times, plain ugly bags.

  20. Cole Avatar

    I don’t need LV anymore because I contributed a lot to the wolf wearing cashmere( Bernard Arnault ).Moreover, I don’t want to contribute to the interests of the dirty guy who even uses politicians!!

    1. nathalie Avatar

      I agree. First time in France some of their plants went in strike last week, never saw that.

  21. YOmomma Avatar

    Not quite sure where you’re getting these prices from, but the empreinte Pochette Metis increased to $2,840 this week during the prie increase.

  22. Vlad Dusil

    FYI I’ve moderated the comment section for inappropriate infighting and politics. Neither have a place on PB.

    1. Sam Avatar

      Can you take another look? Most of this thread is about politics. (See:below). Perhaps I’m in the minority, but it’s uncomfortable to read. I’m here for bags not B.S.

  23. Elpida Avatar

    How can you afford it? In Greece, the average salary is 650€.

  24. Rita Mitchell Avatar
    Rita Mitchell

    I am so mad at myself. I found 2 monogram pouchettes at the Goodwill for $14.95 each and sold them for $200 & $150 (bought new strap for $100 at LV store). I did find a Speedy 35 for $1.20 (YES) and a Speedy 25 for $55. Both were restored by LV. I just wanted to say this :).

  25. Jen Avatar

    WOW. I just purchased the Coussin MM 3 weeks ago at $4,300! Very glad I got ahead of this – a $1,100 increase is absolute highway robbery.

    1. Bardot Avatar

      LOL cause $4,300 is just a reasonable price.

  26. Chri Avatar

    Got the coussin pm, very pretty. The new Odeon tote is elegant as well.
    I just don’t understand the over saturated Neverfully.

  27. Stancy Avatar

    Knock offs of these bags are close to 100% indistinguishable from the originals. I examined one that was $79 US, you know they’re making a profit off of that so the production cost must be $20-$30 US. So how expensive really is it to make an authentic Louis Vuitton?

  28. Braeden Avatar

    I feel like LV has lost its exclusivity, and it has been corrupted by new money. I’ve ditched 98% of my LV collection. I’m only keeping Limited edition and vintage (with a few exceptions)