Third Chanel Price Increase of 2021 Happening November 3rd

The Chanel Maxi Flap will now be $10,000

A few days ago, the news of yet another Chanel price increase broke on our PurseForum. Chanel aficionados were told by their sales associates that a price increase on Classic Flaps and Reissues would go into effect on November 3rd. At first, some veteran Chanel lovers couldn’t believe it, as there had already been two increases this year (one in January and one in July). A third increase in the same calendar year is hardly the norm, but rest assured that it is happening, and the increases are significant.

The frustration over price increases is heated, with many people sharing their outspoken viewpoints on social media and our forums. However, as much as it may keep some from shopping the brand, the truth remains that Chanel continues to be one of the most sought-after handbag brands, and inventory is scarce and often spoken-for before it ever hits store shelves. On the flip side, the Chanel bag in your collection is more likely to keep its value, if not being worth more now than what you paid for it. At this rate, it is hard to fathom how much greater these increases can possibly go in the near future.

We have the rumored new Chanel prices listed below. We will update with more information as we receive it, and as always, check this PurseForum Chanel Price increase thread for all of the insider info!

The New Chanel Classic Style Prices

Chanel Classic Flap Styles Current Price New Price % Increase
Wallet on Chain $3,100 $3,500 12.9%
Chanel Classic Mini Rectangular Flap Bag $4,400 $4,400
Chanel Classic Small Flap Bag $7,100 $8,200 15.5%
Chanel Classic Medium Flap Bag $7,800 $8,800 12.9%
Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap Bag $8,500 $9,500 11.8%
Chanel Classic Maxi Flap Bag $9,200 $10,000 8.7%


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  1. CDa Avatar

    in before “ChAnEl’S qUaLiTy Is GeTtInG LoWeR aNd LoWeR !!1!!”, “i’M gOiNg To OnLy bUy HeRmEs iNsTeAd!!!1!!!”, and “GrEEEEEDY!1!!”

    1. Kim Avatar

      Right? Like it’s been almost a decade with this “lower and lower quality” argument regurgitated as nauseum per price increase. Chanel’s quality has dropped sure, but so have every single luxury brand, and I’m going to say it, including Hermès.

      To keep talking about declining quality constantly, at this rate would make Chanel out to be on par with Zara and Steve Madden, but they’re not.

    2. Stella Avatar

      How long did it take to write this way??? 😛

    3. MoM Avatar
  2. Kim Avatar

    I have seen so many people on the forum (and so many people who agree judging by the reactions) talking about how they dislike seeing Chanel everywhere in their city or whatever and then complain about price increases as if it’s not an effective measure to price out the people who are making the brand less exclusive in their city.

    1. Shady Avatar

      thats because these Target Tracies complaining about the bags being worn by the Walmart Wendies are getting priced out too 😭🤣

      1. TKS Avatar

        No one is getting priced out. These are just classics. They make 15m bags a year, most of them in the more affordable 5k range.

      2. Shady Avatar

        miss gurl just because these Tarjay Taylors can settle with a seasonal bag doesnt mean they arent priced out for the ones that people are pining for ie the aformentioned classics

        and lmao talmbout affordable at 5k as if chanel isnt averaging double the price of their peers made of the same material AND at the same factories, and as if they arent pricing their seasonal items higher and higher per collection. cardigans made of the same cotton ranged $1000 less a year ago, bags are the same pattern

      3. TKS Avatar

        10k is ridiculously high for a classic now. Yes. 5k for the majority of the bags is a reasonable price for any handbag IMO whether it’s Dior, higher end LV, etc.

      4. susieserb Avatar

        yet 6 years ago people thought that was outrageous

      5. Kim Avatar

        “No one is getting priced out,” they say as multiple posts on the forum where people are saying they are priced out. 🥴

      6. TKS Avatar

        Just out of classics. Clearly the strategy is working.

      7. Kim Avatar

        Well wait a couple more collections and they’ll be priced out of seasonal bags too.

      8. TKS Avatar

        I don’t doubt that. And seasonals are abhorrent. To me at least. Like slap a CC on the cheapest sh** they can make.

      9. Kim Avatar

        Lol so true. Chanel is going to make them to out become like a Hermès quota bag one day and I am also reveling at the meltdowns at the forums.

  3. Shady Avatar

    more of a bottega and ysl gal myself, only own one chanel bag I bought wayyyyy back and it was enough.

    but while im not the biggest fan of prices increases period, seeing the boatload of meltdowns at a level higher than a season of real housewives and misinformation slinging back and forth to make themselves feel less bad they drop that much on a handbag has provided me my regular dose of entertainment lmao

  4. Amy Avatar

    It’s one thing to increase the price if quality keeps up, it’s quite another when prices keep jumping but quality keeps going down. But I guess some people really don’t care about craftsmanship and only want the brand recognition.

  5. Disgusted Avatar

    These increases are absolutely ludicrous.

    1. LaToshia Avatar


  6. Jen Avatar

    The price increases are outrageous and downright greed, but literally no one is making you guys buy these bags. You could buy a dupe from a better luxury brand, you can just buy from a different brand all together.

    The anger towards Chanel for these price increases makes it seem like you’re being held gunpoint to buy these bags….

    and they keep increasing the price because they know you all will pay the price, so stop buying and maybe they will have their rude awakening.

  7. Yazi Avatar

    I’ll buy a house with that amount.

  8. Charlotte Avatar

    Chanel continues to astonish by the frequent & dramatic price increases. What their goal is remains subjective and speculative, but the process reminds me of a high stakes poker game. Players are eliminated until there is only one person remaining. In other words,are the majority going to be forced out of the market leaving only a few to afford them? As for me, I’m out/I fold, the stakes are too high; I’ll watch from the sidelines to see what transpires.

    1. Ami Avatar

      Love your analogy. I’m in the same boat. I fold.

  9. MabelJo Avatar

    Thank you Chanel. You continually remind me why I don’t and won’t purchase your products.

    1. ROSE Avatar

      I firmly believe in the saying” there is a sucker born every minute.” You’re comment is giving I have money to throw away. Wealthy people also want good quality without the need of being ripped off.

  10. Minga1010 Avatar

    When you take into account the overall inflation we’ve seen in 2021, this is not as big a jump as it **feels**. We’re also talking about luxury handbags. There are people who are really struggling with 5-10% increases in staples like food and gas. All of us luxury shoppers will be just fine. Let’s keep some perpsective.

    1. Raven Espinosa Avatar
      Raven Espinosa

      I don’t consider myself a luxury shopper or rich because I own Chanel, LV, YSL, Louboutin and Gucci bags/wallets. I have to work to pay them off and some have been gifts from my husband but we both work; I’m not a housewife sitting at home all day doing nothing waiting for my rich husband to get home. I love those bags as much as I love my Michael Kors bags or even a $40.00 bag from Boscov.

      1. Dominique Ndongala Avatar
        Dominique Ndongala

        Thats harsh. I work for a living to afford whatever I won’t with no apologies to anyone. I’m not some housewife. There are working women who can afford to buy whatever whenever. And yes, I just bought a $35 Dooney; so, I mean whatever I like. Not all women are “kept”.

      2. susiceserb Avatar

        Hey don’t knock the gal who stays at home and the working husband buys her a bag. It is what it is?

  11. ladyet Avatar

    Modern day extortion, lol. Chanel is scamming y’all.

    At a certain point you have to wonder whether Chanel is trying to drive the resale market. Kickbacks maybe?

    Or maybe every price increase sees a rush of customers before it happens?.

    IDK. Does seem necessary.

  12. JaimeG Avatar

    Solidifies I don’t need a Chanel Bag. They want to be something they are not. They are not worthy of a $10,000 price stamp. I see more of every other bag but Chanel. I think this guarantees counterfeits for Chanel and they deserve it.

  13. Lori Avatar

    I think this strategy is less about greed and more about future-protecting. I am sure they saw themselves 5 years down the road and decided they needed a stronger marketing plan than just selling as many bags as possible. And I would hope they are taking note of the comments on quality because without quality, being ultra exclusive isn’t worth anything.

  14. ILP Avatar

    Despite the price increases, Chanel fails come across as exclusive given the sheer number of their bags being dumped on resale websites. Two thirds of the bags on these sites are Chanel and it makes me think that there are lots and lots of people who have them and lots and lots of people getting rid of them.

  15. Bae Avatar

    Couldn’t be me, but if you like it then go for it. I’m personally a LV lady.

  16. Stephanie F Avatar
    Stephanie F

    The issue I have with Chanel is the repair policy. When they changed it a few years ago it made me not want to continue to give them my money. 5 years is not a very long time for a bag at that price point. Especially with how terribly the gold wears now, and its not like the repairs were free. LV and Hermes will at least stand by their products and do repairs past 5 years even without a receipt.

    1. Sheila Maddy Loves Avatar
      Sheila Maddy Loves

      Agree with this completely. A lot of luxury high end brands have lifetime guarantees, but Chanel does not. From that perspective, I can completely see why the product does not justify the price. I have four Chanel bags and I am very happy with my current collection, but I will not be adding any more.

  17. Lorelei Avatar

    I have a Chanel jumbo flap that was gifted to me when its’ value was just under $5000 and that was about 7 years ago. It is in near new condition. Two things with this increase, it frightens me a little bit to both own this bag, ie both to keep it safe and carry it. And I also don’t ever see myself selling it. I’m just puzzled why Chanel would sell bags 3 to 4 times what other high-end designers are selling their bags for, Balenciaga, YSL, even Gucci. They must just be super competitive to get in the same market as Hermès.

  18. Jasmine Brown Avatar
    Jasmine Brown

    Umm 10k? Thank god I’m in love with the Bottega Cassette bag. I only own one Chanel and that is plenty for me. Not really seeing how it’s worth 10k now, but if you have the demand I guess. Meanwhile Fendi and Bottega are dropping nice bags so I guess I’ll direct my attention that way.

  19. United Avatar

    I bought $20000 worth of Chanel bags this year about 4 bags none from the boutique because it is simply to far from me. I’ll spend another $20000 next year all using BST groups FASHIONPHILE, etc. Sooo the jokes on you Chanel. Let the ultra wealthy go and spend the big bucks for the “experience” when they are done and ready to sell I’ll be here waiting.

    1. MarMar Avatar

      What experience? I get added to a waitlist, get a text, it gets shipped to my house. If I dont authorize the purchase the moment I get the text, it goes to the next ready and willing buyer. Theres no more going into the store to try it, and decide if you love it.

      1. Charlotte Avatar

        Going Into the store and receiving daily emails re: bags available or preordering from my personal shopper has been my experience. Your experience is not mine, but IDK if yours is the norm?

  20. Alyssa Avatar

    Do you think that this is CHANELs way of trying to obtain Hermes Birkin status? The Birkin/Kelly get so much publicity through music/celebrity… I think it may be their way of staying relevant. They have to be striving for the the exclusivity. Just my opinion.

  21. Slim Avatar

    I bought the jumbo flap about 6 years ago, in Paris. My investment increased 50%. I would never spend $10K on a bag!!! I have 2 Chanel bags and that’s enough. Love, YSL and Valentino now!

  22. Sharon Avatar

    I have a serious Chanel collection and just bought my latest in the Paris flagship store a week ago. Now, I am a women who grew up in a working class family (50 feet from George Floyd Square to be clear), raised a family of 3 kids as a single parent, worked my way to success in my career, and just always dreamed of owning Chanel. However, this latest increase is just crazy, although good for my resale. I agree that the quality is declining. I got a Chanel 19 in shearling and the zipper was vinyl UGH. However, who gets to judge in this privileged space of designer bags. Are we really placing LV as a top grossing company above Chanel? LOL. It’s all kind of corporate disgusting if you ask me. Just buy a bag that you love and can afford.

  23. Londoncalling Avatar


  24. Sam Avatar

    It’s funny how they envy the Hermes marketing. But the difference is that Chanel has produced far more bags than Hermes over the years, so there are already millions of Classic Flaps out there (not to mention that they are more copied by the counterfeits market than Hermes bags, of course). As a result, their bags are everywhere and won’t become exclusive just because Chanel has suddenly decided to overprice them. It’s too late for that.

  25. Huda Beauty Mascara Avatar
    Huda Beauty Mascara

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  26. Miss Tia Avatar
    Miss Tia

    SheeZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5K for a Mini :((

    Are they testing everyone’s breaking point or what?!

  27. purs3l0v3r Avatar

    I find it funny how some H lovers think they’re so superior, looking down on everyone else. As if y’all are so special and “exclusive” having to play that H game to get your coveted B/K. Couldn’t be me, buying crap load of stuff *I* don’t even want to begin with. Now that is stupid. (Sheeps)

    1. JDJones Avatar

      Right, I personally do not like Hermes. Their bags/slgs are not my cup of tea.

    2. Raven Espinosa Avatar
      Raven Espinosa

      Exactly. I wouldn’t spend my money on an Hermes bag, nothing about it appeals to me. The only Hermes things I own are a couple of perfumes and soaps.

  28. Raven Espinosa Avatar
    Raven Espinosa

    I have a Chanel Flap, the Boy bag, a wallet and another one that was part of one of their collections, can’t remember the name. I think the most I paid was maybe close to $6000.00 and that might have been for my Chanel Flap and it is a few years old already. I would not pay these prices but if people want them and can afford it, go for it.

  29. ZSG Avatar

    This is totally bonkers

  30. zezza Avatar

    To be honest it’s the shoes which are so pricey now it’s just plain silly. At least the handbags are bang for your buck in terms of craftsmanship. $2000AUD plus for the Gate No 5 sandals is crazy….and yes I did purchase…

  31. Test Avatar

    I don’t see the price increase for WOC and Minis. On their website it shows for the Classic flaps.

  32. Saga Avatar

    Chanel knows that a good core of their customers are middle income earners at best and they really seem to despise us for it. Sad, really.

  33. MsAMWPB Avatar

    Seriously insane! I will continue to enjoy my Michael Kors lamb skin Soho which was $325 and use my thousands on something larger than a Chanel!

  34. Candee Avatar

    According to an article in Purseblog, Chanel explains the November 3, 2021 increases, a Chanel spokesperson said

    “Like all major luxury brands, we regularly adjust our prices to take into account changes in our production costs and raw material prices, as well as exchange rate fluctuations… Price adjustments are made in such a way as to avoid excessive differences between regions.”

    Great, but why aren’t the other major design houses, like Hermes, experiencing the same issues? For Chanel it’s corporate greed, anyway they spin it!

    1. Pres Avatar

      That statement is complete trash. What they will be doing is re-adjusting the prices backwards once everyone stops purchasing bags from them. Like others have said, they so badly want Hermes’ status but it’s too late for that. Millions of Chanel purses flood the streets and the secondhand market. You can’t go back on that unless they themselves buy it back and set fire to it all.