Typically I would not think that Mr Snoop Dogg and myself would own the same handbag. But seems that we have similar style and both took a liking to the LV Damier Speedy. While walking through the hizzle, Snopp D-O-double-Gizzle sportizzled his Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy along with a blueizzle shower cap. That is how he rolls. Snoop has rapped about his LV belt buckle and something about a glock before, but now he needs to add a line about his Speedy. :wink:

I got the Louis Vuitton belt buckle, holdin’ tha glock
No beam, no silencer, I know when to pop’

Buy it through eLuxury for $620.

Thanks sparkle67!

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  • Mara

    Yes, he was caught holding the LV bag. I am sure he bought the bag but it belongs to his wife, she was in the other photos.

  • MsDee

    That bag belongs to his wife.

    • Fresh

      ya’ll is all stupid old ladyz ondiz syte
      dat The Games lyrics
      :cool: :roll:

  • Jihan

    “I got the Louis Vuitton belt buckle, holdin’ tha glock
    No beam, no silencer, I know when to pop’”

    Who cares if it belongs to his wife? That rhyme is hilarious.

  • DRIA


  • ibis42

    it might be his wife’s, but this pic is just hilarious! :lol:

  • Patricia

    Wait up! I think we have the same taste for style for speedy bags, my friends and I own one… funny pic though, i agree, that’s his wife’s bag…

  • AbdulHasim

    it is 4 all who whant to be real man :)

  • Amazed

    I’m amazed at how much we don’t want “so called” straight men to be perceived as gay. With the little hair do, the head cap, and the bag…he’s a shoe in for the next drag show. lol

  • Naggy

    It doesn’t look bad on him. (ipad)


    HELLO ; LAS VEGAS * !?!?! … . . .

  • tovasfabumom

    If it was a Birkin….maybe…but a speedy isn’t as unisex………maybe he was just holding it for his wife while she was trying on clothes?:/

  • perfect choice for lv speedy serial