Louis Vuitton just reintroduced its classic Lockit bag (which originally debuted in the 1950’s), and A-list celebrities are taking to it like flies on flypaper, which bodes extremely well for the brand. Here’s Reese Witherspoon, leaving The Ivy in Santa Monica after lunch this past weekend, carrying a brand new, bright pink Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit Bag. Karlie Kloss was among the first to carry it in public last week, and her Soft Lockit was pastel pink. Both Reese and Karlie’s bags already have customized initials on the cloche. No word on price and availability to the public yet, but those details should be made available shortly.

The Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit was one of the sexier bags featured in Michelle Williams’ latest LV campaign, which emphasized the brand’s latest crop of luxe, logo-lite options, like the Soft Lockit, the Capucines and the Alma. I actually greatly prefer the grey Soft Lockit with contrast stitching that appears in the ads to either Reese’s or Karlie’s.

Reese Witherspoon Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit Bag-2

Reese Witherspoon Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit Bag-3

Reese Witherspoon Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit Bag-4

Reese Witherspoon Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit Bag-1

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  • ebun

    praise be! no “continue to gallery”

    • finally!

      can’t believe it took them this long.

    • Abbi

      OMG i just scrolled past the images just to see if someone posted this exact comment!
      My reaction:

      :o :O :D !:D!


    • We are working on a new gallery feature that should be really lovely. I know some don’t like the continue to gallery, we are working on it!

  • Kel

    Love this bag!

  • Abbi

    Love this bag!
    It seems like the bag style seems to be going back to the 20s-40s? (retro old school anyways…)
    Goes to show fashion is very cyclical!

  • Zezza

    Great to also see no LV all over the bag ….. Less is more. Love the Vuitton coloured bags but are pricey.

  • JY

    Any info on the price on this bag yet?

    • Waiting for info, should have it early next week!

    • ivy

      Its says price is £2400 at louisvuitton uk website

  • Sandy

    I really like this bag….I agree the bag in gray is lovely but I like the pinks as well. Please, keep us posted on the price/availability.

    • We have more info and photos coming Monday of next week! Stay tuned :)

  • louch

    Love Reece’s style. Bag is gorgeous and I am not usually a fan of LV

  • MKIM


  • ivy

    Just saw an article of this bag on telegraph uk and it says the price is £2400

  • hectorrobertocontrerasmiranda

    Megs according to the beautiful “Louis Vuitton City Bags, A Natural History” book the lockit was born in 2006 although it is the direct descendant of a bag from the past century made of canvas with leather trimming whose name I can’t seem to remember right and thanks to geography I’m not able to look in my copy of the book right now, and even when I LOVE the lockit in it’s various forms from the past 3 years i don’t particularly like this version

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