Daniel LaLonde Louis Vuitton Tomorrow Vlad and Shannon will be attending an intimate cocktail hour hosted by Daniel LaLonde of Louis Vuitton for online publishers. Louis Vuitton is slowly making its way into the online world of publishers and social media (last week Louis Vuitton announced that it is officially on Twitter). We are extremely honored to be invited to this event as we have been longtime followers and fans of Louis Vuitton.

Vlad was granted photography access as well, which means exclusive photos for all of you! While photos are an intricate look into this gathering, questions directly asked to the CEO would share even more information on the much-loved Louis Vuitton. We can make no promises, but what if we were able to ask the CEO of Louis Vuitton some questions? If we are lucky we may snag a few minutes of Daniel LaLonde’s time and if we like your questions, we may put them on our list!

If you could ask Daniel Lalonde, the CEO of Louis Vuitton North America, anything what would it be?

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  • Alexis

    I would ask him to please lower the prices of the LV goods. They are all very overpriced.

  • ^ Ha!!

  • Classic Chic

    be a leader again, the past few years resembles too much past success LE launchs-Graffiti, Miroir, Couir coin purse, Re release of discountinued Inclusion colors, etc. I miss the all the fresh ideas between F/S 06 and 07 very much.

  • Bianca

    Dear Mr Daniel Lalonde,

    Where would you see Louis Vuitton in 5 years time? Will there be any new faces to grace Louis Vuitton? What are your future business plan as LV has now moved online to twitter?

    With the closure of eluxury, would it affect the sales of LV? Has the economy slow down sales of LV?

    With the economy crisis around, would LV justify itself for selling luxury goods at such a premium price? What role does LV plays during such times of crisis?

    Thank you,

    From Bianca of Malaysia.

  • Fudge

    How does LV differentiate itself from the other luxury brands that exist? What according to you is LV’s USP?

    What are LV’s goals in the next 5-10 years?

    Has the economic recession hit LV sales? How?


  • Ursula

    Since LV has taken the first step in acknowledging online communities comprised of their clients and potential clients worldwide, i.e., TPF, what doesLV plan to do with this new channel of communication? Are there plans for LV to allow these online venues to influence creative decisions, address service issues, etc.?

  • Lauren

    I would ask how he plans to respond to the recent recession and what that means for LV.

    (It sounds better than lower your prices, LOL!) But really, they can’t continue to raise prices 20% per year in this financial atmosphere, right?

    Also I’s ask, what is your favorite LV bag?

  • Wennie

    Proliferation of fakes and copycat LV products are everywhere and these fakes are getting more sophisticated especially in China and Korea. What is LV doing about it to protect genuine and loyal consumers.

  • Jimmy

    Ask him how much a speedy costs to produce. Really, I’m dying to know! :O

  • MissG

    The 20% price rise per year has totally put me off, by the time I have saved up enough to buy what I want the price has risen twice..that is outrageous!

  • Melissa

    I would want to ask just 2 questions….
    * Why isn’t customer service a priority within the company? Every Sales Associate should be properly trained in customer service skills prior to assisting customers. Customer service training is not a one time event…training must be continuous and must include every level of staff, management included. Is there some reason LV has decided that adequate customer service is not worth the effort?

    * Return Policies are important to buyers. Many other high end companies offer more generous return policies. I would love to see LV offer a better return policy that is in the best interest of the buyer rather than in the best interest of LV alone.

    • Amy

      I agree with what Mekissa says. The company doesn’t treat every customer in good manner. Their Sale Associate need to be better trained to assist customer. I love Louis Vuitton handbags but their sale associate need to be train to treat customer in proper manner. Louis Vuitton products is pricely but there sale associate in cheap. I would love to see Louis Vuitton sale assosicate with good manner to go with the products.

  • miko

    I’d like to know how much each bag costs to make versus how much each bag is sold for. Something basic like a speedy 25 or something.

    I would also like to know if the 20% rise is gonna happen again next year… I can’t handle saving my pennies so carefully and then getting played again.

  • KathyB

    Why has quality control taken a downturn over the past decade? Bags don’t seem to be as well made as they used to be.

    • Denise Vaughan

      I agree wholeheartedly the quality of the bags are horrible. I have an issue with a sub-quality bag. The customer service I have received has been of a sub-quality level as well. Shame on you! Someone told me that I should have gotten a knock off , however I do not buys those. Right now I will never buy another Louis Vuitton product.

  • LindaK

    What has LV, as a well-known and high-profile company, done to contribute to society?

  • Celia

    LV has been in the market for so long, and for some time, only a few like me, craved for an LV. (I’ve been buying LV since the early 80’s). But something shifted a few years ago when everybody just seemed to want AN LV BAG. I’d like to know what accounted for the shift and if there was any intentionality in creating new strategies and/or designs and if this can be shared with us, bag lovers.

  • missy

    Where do you think LV would be without Marc Jacobs?

  • Sheila

    I would like to hear in his own words how he defines “the Louis Vuitton customer”.

    • Amy

      I would like too.

  • Otter

    What is the next big design trend in handbags?

  • Renee

    While the words “LV” bring to mind luxury leather goods, to LV lovers, it also reminds me the lack of customer service at LV boutiques. What is LV doing to change that connotation? Will the sales associations learn customer service? this is not just one bad experience, it is the rants all over TPF.

    Will there be original designs released soon? there has been too many reissues and re-releases of similar designs and colours.

  • Esquired

    Dear Mr Daniel Lalonde,

    What are the plans for Louis Vuitton to revive brandname for people, that are interested in exclusive materials, high build quality, and strong customer service? Unfortunately, image of being a lavel, that “apologises” specific fashion taste of “nouveau riche” for money, they are paying for desired LV monogramms, can be effective to sell everything for non-qualified customer, but not for too long.


  • Cherie L.

    Bonjour Monsieur Lalonde,

    1. What are Vuitton’s plans in terms of retaining Marc Jacobs as Creative Director? Will there be a shift toward selecting a French designer if Marc Jacobs is to be replaced.

    2. Statistics show that Vuitton sales have not decreased in North America and worldwide, even in this current economic environment. What can be attributed to this resilience in Vuitton’s market demands?

    3. Do you use any Vuitton product(s), and which one is your absolute favourite?

  • Purrrfect

    Why Madonna ? Couldn’t you find anyone better?! Some of the ads at first… well, shall we say…seem to be all about her crotch. Glad those were revised…but please find someone with more class please.

  • starqueen

    Why are you not allowing overseas buyers to buy from the US website even if they have a legitimate address in the US?
    If you want your business to grow faster – you need to accept sales from overseas buyers. I am sick and tired of having to pay top dollars in Australia for a bag! Why dont they recognise Australian credit cards for payment!

    Anyone in Sydney will tell you that we pay an arm and a leg for a bag here!!!

    Also, I dont think Madonna will help you…I adored your ads with Deneuve, Gorbachev, Andrei and Stefi, Sofia and her father.

    Yes, Madonna is an icon but she is more of a Dolce & Gabanna or Versace …if you ask me…

  • mrsjones

    1. What’s your opinion on Dana Thomas’ deluxe: how luxury lost its lustre, that lv monogram has become as common as mcdonald’s arches?
    2. Will Japan and Hawaii continues to remain lv’s special location, always the first to get limited editions releases?
    3. With the closure of eluxury, will lv’s official website receive international orders now?

    Mrsjones, Malaysia

  • rashroosha

    i would ask him(how can i steal your job?)

  • Blueberry

    Any updates on the cocktail party ?

  • Rebecca

    I have couple of questions too

    1) Does LV plan to come with a non-leather line ever?
    Would love to see a completely non leather line for animal lovers.

    2) What does LV plan to do about the numerous fakes everyehere?

    3) Will there be a 20% increase this year as well, given the economic situation.

  • M Blackwell

    ”I would ask him” Why does every campaign feature a movie star? Just because they are actress’ and actor’s does not necessarily mean they really know and understand what luxury is. I adore Louis Vuitton, I have an entire room of Luggage and Trunks in Monogram Canvas. But I would be able to adore them even more if they would give regular persons the opportunity, to be featured in Louis Vuitton Ad Campaigns, or even perhaps Royalty. ” That’s what I would ask ”

    • Inquiring Minds

      But I thought YOU WERE the face of Louis Vuitton, M Blackwell? And you are a “regular person”. Or are you now going to tell me you are royalty?

  • Mrs.Norma Smith

    Dear Mr.Daniel Lalonde, As the CEO of (LV) I admire your work and the beautiful art of the purses as well as the luxurious luggage pieces. My only question for you is could I have an autographed picture of you ? I hope you don’t feel this question is inappropriate.It is truly genuine. Thank you for your time.I think you are fabulous.

  • Best Ugg Free Shipping

    This clutch is so pretty, and the price is incredibly reasonable. Impressive.

  • GG

    Dear Mr. Lalonde,

    There’s is a lot of LV fake/copy seller online.. How are you going to do in order to stop pirating LV products? Any plans to sue all these people for continuing selling copy LV bags?? Coz if you get caught carrying fake lv bags you will have to pay the penalty of much $$$$$…

  • Mr.Louis Vuitton

    Mr.Lalonde Suck A big fat cock.

  • Angil M

    Louis Vuitton customer service is the worst customer service in the world. I have purchased many items from LV. In 2009 I received a letter from LV about a lawsuit about ow one of their products that many people bought was defective and they were giving out everyone a $50 gift card. i never received my gift card. I called in to LV CS and they blew me off. The product i had bought was a limited edition piece was one year old and i used it on special occasions to show it off. however, it was defective. The LV letters are coming off to the point that you can NOT read it. the workmanship is defective. I went to LV and called corporate office. LV blew me off and did NOT care about their customers. I will never buy anything from LV again. my email is love69mylife@aol.com

  • Koryne

    Dying to know from the Pro if the Beverly GM canvas is stiffer than other canvas bags. I own the Artsy MM and the Galliera and they feel much more subtle than the Beverly I just bought on Ebay. Could it be because of the purse structure or did I get riped off?

  • jacks1811

    My purses strap broke only after a few months. what could i do?

  • Tuesday

    My Louis bag has a really musty smell inside and I don’t know what to do to get rid of the odor. Help!

  • Gloriafisher217

    I have a LV checkbook, that stitching is coming apart. Scottsdale, Az LV says it can’t
    Be fixed, why won’t you replace it???

  • I would like to know why there are no provisions for your return/exchange policy for isolated circumstances