Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian Louis Vuitton Miroir Alma GM

For the first pretty much ever, I can say that Paris Hilton and I have something in common. She has been soaking up the sun in a bikini… Just like I have been doing in sunny South Florida! Total stretch, but I figured it was worth a shot before the end of the year. Anyhow, down under in Bondi Beach Paris Hilton has been seen ‘candidly’ posing perfectly for the paparazzi with her pal Kim Kardashian. Other than the overly logoized Louis Vuitton Bikini, Paris and Kim are sporting the bag of right now, the Louis Vuitton Miroir Alma GM. Totally bling bling just like Paris’ style, this line is silver and gold hot and pricey ($2100) and nearly impossible to find. Inquire at your LV boutique or try your luck through a re-seller. More info on the Louis Vuitton Miroir line here!

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  • Milly Anderson

    I just got this bag. Isn’t it cute!?

  • Heather

    Cute bag but is she going for LV spokesperson so she doesn’t have to pay for her bags, clothes, etc? If she was wearing any more Vuitton it might look trashy but the bikini and the bag is just perfect.

    • Debi Stanley

      Doesn’t matter if you love her or hate her. She dosn’t pay for most of the designer clothes you see her wearing. Same with Lindsay, Nicole & the rest. The designers send out most items in their line each season free PRAYING they’ll be seen & photographed. For the < $10 they spent making the bag it will return MILLIONS in FREE publicity. I understand Ms. Hilton once got behind in one of her storage rentals because an assistant messed up paying the bill. She almost lost a truckload of this stuff. That is how I found out. I understand with so many designers sending free stuff she has many storage rentals going. Sometimes for publicity she donates the stuff she dosn't like to charity auctions. It saves on maintaining the loot she dosn't like & generates good press. Check out the film festivals like Cannes & Sundance. The designers set up party tents full of all free stuff they give to Celebrities just hoping for the free publicity. If you where a new designer wouldn't you mail her a pair of your jeans? Imagine the market created if she wore them was photographed,blogged about?

  • Annabelle

    Her swimsuit is so tacky!! Cant a desighner just stick to what their good at

  • Annalynn

    Definately! Her swimsuit I believe is fake. I used to work at the Louis Vuitton boutique and never in my life have I seen that swimsuit and the coloring of the LV’s on it are wrong and dont seem to line up correctly but again thats an amazing bag.

  • Karen

    C’mon… Why would Paris wear designer fakes? She’s dumb as a box of rocks, but she’s got it going on… DON’T HATE.

  • andre

    were can i buy a louis vuitton bikini ?? can i get it of the web?? and do they have the
    louis vuitton swimming trunks for men ???

    • Erica

      Yes you can get one, I’m ordering mine tomorrow… Craigslist! That’s where you can get one. :mrgreen:

  • mel

    I want that suit too. How can I get one?

  • Annabelle De Jeu

    The bikini is unfortunately a counterfeit. The bag is of course an authentic Vuitton item. The Miroir is a stunning collection !

  • Her suit is fake. Here’s also another website with Paris carrying a FAKE Louis Vuitton White Multicolore Papillon… LV didn’t even make a White Papillon…?

  • Cool! Do you want to get one?

  • Sara

    That whole outfit is TRASH. She looks like she just stepped out of a trailer park. ick.

  • Tashea Love

    where can i buy this bag?

  • Essence01

    :wink: Wow so many hater’s on Paris. Trailer trash? if that was the case id say the best looking trailer trash ever i have lot’s of LV bag’s,Luggage,Gold mirior bag and just like most of the girls on here they always look for the worst thing they can find about her and even make it up. typical hater usauly the fugly girl’s that have such negtive to say about the pretty girl’s and are just mad because they will never have LV. Paris rocks i adore her shoe’s and hand bag’s why be so envy and hate get a life this bag is way better looking than your Wal-Mart hand bag and she can cry her self all the way to the bank. yes i love my Miror Lv bag it matchs my Red bull. muahhh
    :evil:-Essence :evil:

  • Ariel

    Fake or not, that bikini is hot! It’s so hard to find matching accessories, but with that bikini it would be super easy! LV fakes are hot right now, everyone is into them. Some fakes look so real, what’s the point in spending thousands of dollars when you can get a fake for $30? I don’t own a fake myself, but for this bikini I would consider buying my first!



  • sasha

    who can really tell the difference between a fake and authentic bag just by looking at them the counterfitters have gotten really good duplicating the original so sometime the only real way to know is if you are the one you actually bought the bag and paris hilton people are just going automatically assume hers is real anyway the bathing suit is okay real or fake i mean if u put a real one beside a fake one and take a look could u really tell the difference it just a bathing suit if can’t be that difficult to make

  • analys

    Why SHOULDN’T you buy a fake?! Let’s see. They are made in third world countries by starving people who are paid a nickel a day, they fund organized crime (including the drug rings), and they decrease the integrity of a designer who has toiled for YEARS to be successful. A fake will fall apart in 4 months, when a real handbag will last for 20 years. Plus, you cherish your purchase SO much more when you save for a while and look forward to it. I know I’ll be carrying my monogram Manhattan PM for years to come!

    • LISA

      Why YOU SHOULD BY A FAKE……. 1. because all of us can not afford a real Louis Vuitton bag. 2. If you buy a really good fake (cost $200) people will never know the difference. 3. you save money and look fabulous…. A FAKE WILL NOT FALL APART IN 4 MONTHS!!! I HAVE HAD A FAKE SPEEDY FOR 3YRS AND ITS PERFECT!!!! when I go into the louis vuitton store in frankfurt, germany the women who work there are suprise when i tell them its a fake and thought i bought in china…… IN YOUR FACE ANALYS LOL

  • tonya

    wow, this girl is really something, people seem to love or to hate her… the bikini is a fake, but its really too bad, its wonderful…
    i think if you don’t obviously have millions, it just doesn’t seem right to stroll the st tropez beaches in a fake… kind of embarrassing!
    and i totally agree with ‘analys’: a bag is a statement, something special. i even stopped buying the normal vuitton bags because even 10 year olds are running around with fakes.
    THANK GOD the silver mirror speedy is too rare to copy!!

    • kala


  • xoxodasha

    SHES MY IDOL :wink:

  • Mik

    Just a quick comment…about that bikini Paris is wearing..I did see a brown monogram version of it in store. But bear in mind…LV. do actually commission pieces for certain people. I have had a a dog collar for my dog made it is possible that L.V did her a bikini. Don’t be fast to judge!

  • viki

    where can i get the authentic louis Vuitton Miroir Alma GM? like paris has..

  • stellar

    I’d say there are really lots of people who hate Paris! OMG you were just envy… How could a Paris Hilton will carry such fake LV’s? I also heard that LV is creating commission pieces for VIP persons such PARIS HILTON!!! A bikini or bags just for her, who knows, she is a heiress and earning lots of money, anything she wants she can get! She can pay for a thousand of dollars only for bags why not a thousands also for a bikini? If I were also Paris Hilton I will only sporting designers items designed only for me and no one has! She is a Hilton anyway!!! She will not pose in front of a camera and knows that the world can see her sporting a fake LV’s! You were just envy with pretty girls who can get what they want… like her!!!

  • retrogurl

    All of you are so self-centered and fake, its pathetic! You base a person on what bag she is carrying and her bathing suit. Who gives a sh**! Paris Hilton is a hack. and NO im not envious or jealous. I personally think she is unattractive and resembles a giraffe. She got where she is on her daddy’s strings, not her own. She has NO talent and no brains. I would respect her more if she wasn’t such a vain bitch and actually did something good with all the money she has. Besides spending it all on ugly ass LV bags and bathing suits. Yes, I said it..LV is fugly! The only reason anyone wears LV is because its all about status. If you wear one, you must be wealthy and have power. Not true..there are a lot of women out there who live paycheck to paycheck and barely scrap by, but need that LV bag. Sick.

  • Tony

    That skinny slag needs to spend her money on food!

  • FashoinIsMyLife

    I Don’t think this suit is fake.. :roll:
    Why would PARIS HILTON walk around in a fake suit?
    She’s got lots and lots of money so..
    I think this bikini is made just 1 time on her request or something ..
    You got a better idea? She can get whatever she wants so why not this?
    Greats x

  • Angie

    Do you know if papillon 26 exists in damier azur color?

  • Walimer

    :roll: You people are so stupid. Leave the chick alone. You all are just haters!!!!!!!!

  • goodgrief

    Louis Vuitton will make anything for anyone…for the right price. You could have a couch made exclusively for you if you wanted to. As far as the comments about the knock-offs… I got one as a gift once… and it was a piece of crap. The real deal is exquisitely made; you can’t compare to it…

  • Tina

    Leave the chick alone, just because you have money doesn’t mean you can’t go with the fake stuff…I have many fake LV purses, that have lasted me years bought in Chinatown…I give her props if she did go with the fake LV! Goes to show you she really gives a crap about it! Go paris!

    • kala

      I really agree with you Tina… I bet the fake you got from Chinatown looks like the real thing, and the only reason people know its fake if you tell them that its fake

  • lbabyyy


  • jade3y

    you alll are just jelous of paris hilton

  • jade3y

    you alll try so hard to be like her but fail crash and burnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!

    bitches you wish you were her!

  • jade3y

    i have every single authentic mirror alll over the cost for all of them was over AUD$15,000


    • LISA


  • Discounted Jeans

    im going to EB games to pick up Aion WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Jennifer Fannin-Harding

    I love Paris I will meet her before I die. Yes people who don’t like her are haters,how couldn’t you not love her,she is so confident. Thats why she acts the way she does….duh? My licence plates in the state where I live say PARIS HT!!!!! ok how do I get a L.V. purse that is gold or silver and it is mirror shiny looking? I know Paris and Kim K. both have one in there closet i saw them on T.V. Thanks for reading my comment and God Bless you all! Live every day like it is your last.

  • mick

    that swim suit it’s not fake.. paris hilton won’t wear anything like that.. maybe it’s limited edition, who knows?? ^__^

  • Kitty

    Louis Vuitton never made such a bikini. It is fake. Who knows where she got it from (ebay maybe? lol).

  • chinkee

    ay samok ninyo uy. matinuod man o dili gwapa gihapon. samok ninyo!

  • Naggy

    Party girls are a match made in heaven. (ipad)

  • Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian Louis Vuitton Miroir Alma GM, perfect!!!