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New Campaign Images Showcase Bags from Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring 2022

The last pieces of Virgil's legacy continue to pour in

First shown to the world in June of last year, Louis Vuitton’s Men’s spring collection captured our collective attention and made its way into the hearts of some. While the late Virgil Abloh’s time at Louis Vuitton has been cut short, fans that adored him and his work will be able to snag the last pieces from his legacy throughout this upcoming year. With boundary-breaking ideals rooted in inclusion and streetwear, Abloh’s newest collection is said to celebrate the diversity of various subcultures that fashion draws upon today.

At first glance, the collection is chock full of color, with bright, bold hues taking center stage and incredible stylistic detailing complimenting them. Bags from the collection include new iterations of Louis Vuitton icons like the Keepall and the Soft Trunk alongside interesting new silhouettes as well. The bags, along with other pieces from the collection, are captured in new campaign images that explore the symbolic values of both rave culture and martial arts. Shot by Tim Walker, the images highlight various archetypes, conveying each’s cultural context. The campaign, like the collection, is rich in detail, complemented by iconic elements of rave culture like neon colors, bright lights, and more.

View images below and discover pieces from the collection now via LouisVuitton.com.

Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring 2022


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