Louis Vuitton ads featuring Madonna

Check out the first look at the Louis Vuitton ads featuring Madonna! It was rumored that Madonna would be appearing in Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2009 ads and those rumors proved to be true. The shots were taken in a French Bistro setting and shot by Fashion photographer Steve Meisel.

After watching a Madonna concert, Marc Jacobs decided to choose Madonna as their new image model.

Designer Marc Jacobs said, “I just blurted out, I think we should do Madonna. I was totally just blown away by it, and moved by her performance, by what she had to say, and her energy.”

Reportedly with this deal Madonna bagged $10 million for the campaign, but that is also said to be a rumor.

What do you think of Madonna for Louis Vuitton?

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  • sweetea

    Ohh Megs, I think like it. I think Madonna is perfect for this LV ads. She looks good! I need to check those bags!

  • Devi Girsang

    She’s simply fabulous! Her music career seems unstoppable and many of her songs are timeless.

  • Jane

    This is well done, very well done, Jacobs knows how to sell it, i shall give him that.

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  • Amanda Rowe

    I love everything about it – madonna, the setting, the clothes, and the bags! It all looks fantastic!

  • Sara

    I Like everything except for the makeup..ir makes her look a bit like a zombie

  • french baguette

    hmm. I don’t like it – the restaurant with all the patina and the dignity of aging and the oh-so-forever-young madonna who must not age.

    this makes the add seem quite odd imho.

    seems I am only able to see a sort of meta-level in this campaign.

  • grace

    Love the campaign, I think the marketing group did an exceptional job in promoting the brand. Its something very different from what LV usually does.

  • angel

    her image does not match LV bag, bad choice

  • Betsey

    I hoped they would choose someone like Natalie Portman.

  • nadia

    I LOVE Madonna and she is absolutely perfect for LV. Timeless and legendary :) x

  • Graciella

    Don’t like LV or Madonna, so a big no-no for me.

  • Jennifer

    Madonna stands the test of time, just like LV. Madonna was a success in the 80s, just like the Speedy & the Alma!

  • Burberry-Lover

    i like everything except the pumps :-(

  • M_butterfly

    I like it don’t love it. It is really well done.

  • KL

    Madonna still rocks like a teenager. Good for her!

  • kate

    LOVE. stage set completely works and she is an icon

  • Min

    I love Madonna and I think this is a beautiful campaign..I love the way the photographs are taken. I think Marc Jacobs has really revolutionized Louis Vuitton and fashion in general.

  • choc queen

    I Luv Madonna & I Luv the bags can’t wait for spring so I can grab one. unless I can get it sooner if anyone know how let me know.

  • gablala

    i love it.
    i love the bag

  • Kimberly

    madonna is old for this bag, I would prefer her with something classic

  • my new bag

    gotta say I like the LV logo one, regardless of who is modeling.
    and this is a first, haven’t been drawn to LV, frankly
    so I too am anxious to know where to see more pics, or
    where the bag will be available.

  • beaubourgau

    Do you know the name of the bag and how much it will cost? and I would like to know your oppinios about LV reducing its prices in Japan and not in the rest of the world, do you believe they are devaluating themselves? so many year telling us they sell quality over quantity and now that quality is being devaluating by them

  • LDJ

    I LOVE the bag in that first ad and her shoes. I would like more info on the bag in the 1st pic.

  • Surround Sound DJ

    We love Madonna in toronto http://www.surroundsounddj.com

  • Anna

    Marc Jacobs needs someone like Madonna to sell these hideous bags.

  • Baba

    Its a perfect bag and a perfect artist on this advert.
    Is totally Louis Vuitton Culture.

  • Art Berger

    One blogger said “LV and Madonna have stood the test of time”…
    True they are probably close to the same age ;) but the big difference is she has absolutely no class at all, and presumably LV does, although it is diminished by the use of her in their ads. Her overtly obscene performance over the past three decades should place her well below the standards for a company such as LV and the LV consumer as well.

  • a

    Does anyone know the name/price of the bag in the second add???

  • jess

    This bag on sale now at http://www.eluxurycity.com.

  • roz

    vintage girl profiled with the one and only vintage gotta have bag.

  • roz

    P.S. excellent look together I want one.

  • kk10

    LV is classy. Madonna is not. Bad choice.

  • ohnina

    I think these photographs are magnificent. Absolutely beautiful. Madonna isn’t my favorite singer/person, but I think she is fine for the add. I’m kind of glad that they are not just using young hollywood.

  • Mariam

    Madonna is more like Gucci than LV.

  • Eugene

    That’s a sweet looking bag …

  • Kathey

    She looks so sultry in these Ads. She can bring spicy and risk taking crowds to the brand. The Louis Vuitton label suits her and I believe she could also do well as the face of Christian Lacroix.

  • Sheila

    Ok,LV bag double awesome,Madonna awesome, how she can still bend like that at her age,priceless! ^__^

  • Tine

    I wonder how much this bag costs, absolutely stunning. Anyone know the price i want this bag!!!! Simply F.A.B

  • nina herrera

    lamento no coincidir con la mayoria, pero me parece que madonna no era la mejor opcion para la firma, yo creo que alguien un poco mas elegante y de rasgos finos seria mas indicada… con todo respeto a los seguidores de madonna ella para mi es muy poco elegante.

  • wrider

    Perfect! You will enjoy your gifts for a long time if you take care good care of it. Same with Madonna and your LVs ladies!

  • GigiMars

    I absolutely love that bag… wonder if it will be mass produced?

  • GigiMars
  • FLBagaholic

    Love at first sight! She’s a super star, styling some super star bags!! I hope I get one be4 they run OUT!! Love to all. Tootle loo!

  • Sassy Wench

    Madonna just trashes the LV brand.

    She is not a sophisticated woman in the true sense of the word, and after seeing hundreds of photos of her strutting around in dingy gym clothes, looking nasty and sweaty with her dark roots in need of a touch-up, I cannot believe that LV chose her!

  • JaCkiie

    Does anyone know the name of the second bag and how much it costs?

  • fashionista

    What’s the name of the bag? The first one with Madonna. Love it! Last time I saw it was in Puerto Banus this summer. Ah, gorgeous! Hate LV, but this is so not LV at all – let’s hope it won’t be made fake like all the others :)

  • beanyce126

    madonna, she is forever like the LV, great choice to model the line, (ipad)

  • Sall Atta

    I have this bag!! But I hate this because it is no functional!