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  • Lori

    I am a big LV fan and the Twist bag is going to be my next bag. Just have to wait a bit before I buy…. :-(

  • Antonia

    These ads are great but nothings beats the ad’s from the multicolore era!

  • FashionableLena

    The shoulder bag in slide 7 is gorgeous. It took everything in me to walk out of LV boutique without this bag. I just couldn’t justify the expense for something that I wasn’t going to wear everyday.

  • PJGambler

    Loved these slides-thx–the fushia colored Epi Alma is my favorite

  • rodzep17

    I’ve been obsessed with the LV lock on the Twist Bag since I first saw it *sigh*

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  • yinkus

    I have this exact fuchsia epi alma, best decision ever! bought it about 4 years ago for £900 in harrods, I use it often and still looks great!

  • SydneyEastCoast

    I am having a few issues trying to view this slide show, not sure if that is the case for other people. I love LV so would really like to see what they are doing!

  • Violet

    Oh to be like these girls in the photos – young, slim, beautiful, with great clothes and jewelry.. and carrying absolutely gorgeous bags!! Ahhhhh…