Not everyone is in a torrid love affair with Louis Vuitton‘s seemingly omnipresent monogram, but when the brand’s design minds really hit overdrive, occasionally they find a creative and appropriate use for it that I can’t help but like.

Already a celebrity favorite, the Louis Vuitton Antheia Hobo is clearly one of those occasions when the monogram mania feels oh so right. It doesn’t hurt that the monogram in question is embroidered on top of luscious lambskin, the kind of leather which could make any design fantastic. The choice of tonal thread instead of a contrasting color is the detail that puts this bag over the top for me.

The best part about the monogram embroidery is that it’s not obviously a logo at first glance. The pattern is so intricate and the color match between the thread and leather so close that the initial overall impression is just that of texture, not of obvious branding. Logos are always best when used sparingly and unobtrusively, and that’s exactly what Vuitton managed to do with the Antheia bags. As always, though, the price is somewhat beyond explanation. Buy through Louis Vuitton for $2970.

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  • CoutureCoco

    At last! I love this but not in this off colour.

  • unpredictable me

    it’s hott…the price is nott.

  • patuxxa

    Beautiful indeed! Alas, for that price I’d only buy Chanel or Hermes.

  • Gingerstar

    I love this bag. I have been eyeing for a while and I far from a LV fan.

  • Jen

    I tried it on a couple of weeks ago at the Chicago LV boutique. I have to say that it’s beautiful in pictures and when sitting on a store shelf. But not so much when you try it on. The leather work and color are amazing. However, the bag is very shapeless. The large one is extremely large (and I like large bags), and the smaller one is a good size, but the handle on the small one is exactly the same width and heft as the handle on the bag nearly twice its size – it looks oddly out of proportion (though I do like the fact that the handles can be lengthened/shortened).

  • Emma

    Surprisingly I really like it!

    This is truly a celeb favorite, I’ve seen pictures of at least 6 celebrities carrying this.

  • gacats

    I like this but I don’t pay this kind of money for a bag. (fb)

  • Leah

    This is a dead ringer for an Oscar de la Renta bag that I have… the quilting method and color are VERY similar.

  • luvhautecouture

    Saw this in store and it is gorgeous. But wow the price tag..

  • kemilia

    Beautiful but pricey.

  • angela

    Finally an LV I like- except the price.

  • Linda

    Beautiful…but way out of my price range.

  • mochababe73

    I like the idea, but the execution looks all wrong. Something about the bag is off. Love the embossing, but for $3000, I expect more.

  • merve

    For 3k i’d rather go for Chanel thx

  • Musette

    I just saw this at the LV Chicago boutique and agree with Jen on all points. Also, the price is WOWZA! – and not in a good way. But if I were forced to buy an allover LV logo-ed bag (I like the epi line meself) this would be a decent alternative.

    For $3K, though, I would go Valextra in a minute!


  • Linda

    Don’t appreciate the openness on top.- Definite spillage problem! They’ve gotten the subtle logoing details up to date as logos are passe but the price, for the size is exhorbitant! One is better off with a large Mahina.

  • mehleekhtinstien


    • Scorpio


  • serene

    will this be part of the a permanent collection or just a seasonal bag?

  • kellyx

    I’m hoping they will make more bags with this material.. The monogram embroidery is really, really beautiful.. but the shape is not, and the sizes are a little wrong..

  • Nikki

    Definitely the first monogrammed LV I’ve really liked – It’s just so much more classy than the clashing colours of the regular versions. That leather looks dreamy!!!

  • bbeeccaa

    gorgeous as a ceiling motif but not on a bag. nice colors though.

  • Love_Handbag

    The pattern and design of this bag is beautiful.

  • urbansketch94

    I think the price is, somewhat reasonable. Since the material is probably leather, the price is steep, but embroidery with detail like that, is hard to accomplish. Obviously they used some crazy smart way to embroider it in one sweep without having to do one small shape, then have to tuck in loose threads. The embroidery is high quality.

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