Louis Vuitton Sobe Clutch

About a month ago, the Purse Blog team attended the Kayne West Shoe launch at Louis Vuitton Bal Harbour. We did not leave with a new pair of sneakers, but I left crushing on a new handbag. One of our favorite SA’s at LV (the entire staff at LV Bal Harbour is amazing) showed me a new clutch that I adored. The Louis Vuitton Sobe Clutch is the all-around perfect attention getter. The patent leather appears liquified and the LV signature in golden brass finishes the clutch off beautifully.

The original Vernis bags were named after streets in downtown NYC. When I first saw the name of this clutch I wondered if Louis Vuitton named it after another famous city, South Beach. After talking with my SA at LV today I can confirm that the Sobe clutch is indeed named after South Beach, which is perfectly fitting for this clutch. All about style and easy to take out into the nightlife, this clutch is nothing but hot. Fergie wore the much loved belt that accompanies this bag to the LV show last month. Size is 4.3″ x 10.2″ x 2.2″. Buy through Louis Vuitton for $895.

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  • 19yearslater

    Wow, that’s a stunner. Oddly the enormous logo doesn’t look tacky, it looks polished. That’s what LV can do.

  • Jen

    What a beautiful clutch! It almost looks too smooth for leather tho…

  • papertiger

    I could be tempted if it comes in amarante vernis;)

  • Odie

    Oh Divine!

  • Julie

    That is lovely! That colour is just stunning.

  • Linda

    I only wear my initials and no one elses. I get stopped to find out where I bought my belts and a bag that I embossed with my name! Wont pay one penny to advertise some highly paid designer who loans his name out. Sorry! Remove the initials and you have a two hundred dollar patent clutch!

  • Erica E. James

    LV doing what it does best – look cheap. I apologize, I do not mean to offend anyone who likes this clutch – the fact is, however, is that when you can see anyone in flip flops and a mall clothing carrying LV, it hardly personifies luxury anymore.

    The best thing LV has on offer are the trunks but the fact that they have latched onto every big name they can find to advert their goods only makes them appear trashy.

  • Jenna

    oh my, she is beautiful!! The color is TDF.

  • Serynn

    OOH! This is pretty. LOVE the color.

  • Merve

    I think Erica E. James has said everything i wanted to say but was too afraid to.

  • Genelle

    I don’t see the point of leaving negative comments…
    Love the clutch, picked one up in Amarante last week end.. and guess what I’m wearing it with flip flops today! =) Can’t wait to see if it’ll come out in more colours!

  • xialei

    Prefect but not best!If you go http://www.istemstore.com I guaranee u will find more good bags and more cheaper…

  • CS

    Not my favorite! The design reminds of Chanel’s sunglasses hard case and I think logo is way too big…kinda when someone is shouting and writes in all caps! GET IT!! ; )

  • Valerie

    Love it. Espicially the logo is great.

  • Catherine

    The bag color is beautiful but the LV is too big.

  • jane

    You guys really need a “report” function in these comments, ASAP. Almost every post in this blog is being infected with scumbag spammer vermin promoting sites that sell fakes. They wouldn’t last five minutes in the forum, but they endure here.

  • jane

    Oh and I just saw this: “Note: Comments are screened closely.” Haha evidently not.

  • michaelstjames

    i just saw how many comments were on this hideous bag and i was surprised….


  • ViviE

    Sooo cute.

  • haia

    Am surprised at some of the comments here!

    I don’t think there is anything wrong in wearing flip flops or “mall clothing” and carrying an expensive bag!

    It is a personal choice. Just because a dress has a high end designer label does not mean that it is a great design. This clutch is a very good example of that. Sorry i beg to differ.

  • SN

    I don’t think you know enough about LV.
    Vernis line bags are not named after street in NYC.
    They are name of the street/Blvd./Drive in Los Angeles.
    Before you post something, please make sure you are writing something correct.

    I am surprised no one has ever said anything about the fact.

    • ATLGUY

      SN that sure is a pretty glass house you live in. Actually….when the line was 1st indroduced as a seasonal collection for the 1st RTW show in 1998 all of the Verni bags were named after streets in lower Manhattan. It was not until years later that other city locations were introduced.

  • SWes4

    Are you kidding me?! U want to call out people who wear “MALL CLOTHING ANDFLIP FLOPS” AND CARRY EXPENSIVE BAGS? Ugh! One of my MOST FAVORITE things to do is dress “down” when I go shopping. Sales people leave you alone and you can choose what YOU want to see…and buy! Don’t be so quick to judge, some of thr RICHEST people in the world wear “MALL CLOTHING”

  • Sherina

    i love the color on the vernis!

  • lisa_que

    I am a big LV fan but not loving this clutch at all. Screams too much in your face. LV initials way too big. Disappointing. Looks cheap

  • babs

    love this clutch…. it also comes in orange

  • Shan

    LOVE this bag! It does come in amarante as well.

  • MO

    @SN…they said the ORIGINAL vernis bags were named after NYC streets (i.e. Houston and Bleecker). Bags like the Roxbury and Wilshire are recent designs. Before you make a disparaging comment, please make sure you are writing something correct :-)

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  • Cindy

    Hey! You should review the clutch by the LV new line Sofia Coppola!
    Very keen on getting feedback from u!

  • pixiepoo

    Pretty color bag, but the logo isn’t so appealing. My impression is that it looks more like XL than LV!

  • sarah

    hey, u guys know how to buy this? i could not find the link to this purse.

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  • kristina

    sweet heaven :]]

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  • Venessa

    Did this clutch ever come in black? That would be stunning.

  • beanyce126

    i love this clutch. (ipad)

  • hudi

    love lv sobe clutch

  • Cici

    love sobe

  • gigi

    Pla help mo to check this sobe one in eonyes.com

  • vero

    I like sobe

  • NP

    this has got to be one of my favorite bags.. have it in the new “givre” color with gold lettering.. sooo sexy :)

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