As Christina Passariello wrote in a recent Wall Street Journal article, Louis Vuitton, with its flagging growth and logo-covered bags, now finds itself in the throes of the fashion business’ most baffling paradox – how do you sell bags to as many people as possible without becoming a company that’s associated with mass-market consumerism instead of rarified luxury? At least right now, LVMH execs think that the solution to that problem might be to raise prices across the board. Vuitton’s growth has slowed in recent months because luxury-hungry consumers in emerging markets like China are becoming rapidly more sophisticated; in essence, they want subtle leather bags instead of the logo-covered canvas pieces that are Vuitton’s bread and butter, in addition to being the brand’s most visible symbol. So how, exactly, might a price hike help?

As Passariello mentions, much of Vuitton’s recent success has been predicated on entry-level luxury consumers’ lust for the brand’s flashy canvas pieces. That group will be the one affected the most by Vuitton’s price-increase strategy because they’re the most price-sensitive segment of Vuitton’s consumer base; in losing some of what the brand seems to consider riff-raff, execs are hoping to gain new customers at the top end of the market. After all, Hermes increases its prices constantly (or at least it feels that way) and is growing at record rates, perhaps because the type of customer the brand attracts doesn’t care about an extra $500 on top of a $5,000 purchase. If Vuitton can’t buy Hermes, it seems hell-bent on trying to become its twin.

Hermes, of course, doesn’t have much of an entry-level segment of which to speak, which is part of what makes it attractive to the most cash-flush of luxury consumers. Even with the Birkin as in-demand as its ever been, the brand walks the exclusivity-profitability tightrope better than anyone else in the business, and it does so without relying on $190 key pouches to keep the bills paid. Almost no other company can say that, but the second segment of Vuitton’s reported growth strategy – emphasizing its subtler, more expensive leather bags and accessories over its famous canvas – indicates that it’d like to at least attempt to become a similar brand, at least in the eyes of the purchasing public. (Those keychains and card cases, of course, will still be readily available, just at a slightly higher price.)

Vuitton does have some gorgeous, practically logo-free leather options that are often overshadowed by the brand’s more famous, less expensive bags, but is it too late for the brand to shed its image as a logo emporium in favor of something more traditionally luxurious? If you’ve bought LV’s logo bags, does it offend you that the brand no longer wants to court your attention quite as much? Let us know how you feel in the comments.

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  • Miss Elizabyth

    It might be too late. I really like the epi line – the non logo one. But the LV in my town is always filled with what appear to be high schoolers drooling over the tiny logo items. I would say it’s a similar issue that Coach has, just at a higher price point. If it’s the new in thing with the kids, I don’t want anything to do with it. Plenty of great brands out there not covering their bags with logos.

    • Webaj

      I agree. I stopped buying LV a few years ago when it became apparent that it was the next Coach. When carrying an LV bag looks like the price of admission to the local mall, it is no longer an exclusive brand. Just raising the price will not change the fact that they have lost a lot of the upper income clientele to other lines like Celine, Hermes, and Givenchy.

      • Edia

        givenchy and celine belong to lvmh…im not sure they care that much tbh ^w^’
        i feel like i see a lot (A LOT) of prada recently. maybe thats the next “big thing”

      • Miss Elizabyth

        It would be a lot nicer to read that they were increasing quality, and raising prices because of that.

      • Amazona

        I think there would be another way of doing this – raise the prices of the epi line, and let us little folk have the canvas. Not that I own or plan to own any, I’m not into bags covered in logos.
        The game is already lost on the canvas products, the MC Speedy is the most copied bag in the world, but the epi line isn’t that appealing because the prices are already much higher than the canvas products. I just wish they’d go the way Miss Elizabyth is suggesting and make sure their quality goes up along with the prices. Or come up with something astonishing without logos and renew their image the right way.

  • Pe.Riche.

    Bernard Arnault has been strategizing to increase LVMH’s revenue, including a failed attempt to purchase Burberry. Unless they are having liquidity or, even worse, solvency issues, I think the problem then is that LVMH isn’t seeing the same rates of growth it has in the past.

    It seems as if LVMH has reached its market cap, and rather than focus on delivering new products or goods to attract new customers, Arnault instead wants to make even more money off of the merchandise the company already has by propelling it into a high end market.

    Only time will tell if LVMH’s price increase will be beneficial long term. Personally, I have a few LVMH items, and given market performance in this economy, I am not surprised that LVMH (or any other company for that matter) is trying to rebrand itself to maximize profits.

    • Lea

      I agree. Raising the price on existing products will not change the fact that the less desireable customers already have them, therefore making them less appealing to the higher end customers they are seeking.
      They should develop a fresh product line with higher price points.

  • AaronT

    I can’t think of any LV bags that warrant Hermes prices…

    In fact I can’t think of any appealing LV bags with the exception of the SC collection.

  • Steph

    Just a way to make more money, i think its BS if you ask me

  • Yerani_km

    Let’s be honest, LV has hit a wall with it’s design and can’t seem to be making the money it wants to by putting out new and fresh merchandise, and I don’t mean just bags. Walk into Hermes and you are assaulted, in a good way, with beautiful silk scarves and ties, jewelry, and other accessories. Walk into a LV store and you walk right out because there’s nothing there to assault the eyes and senses.

    • levy

      Really? How about their exotic skins like crocs?

  • Guest

    I really like Vuitton. I happen to have quite a few pieces (bought, received as gifts, and inherited) and I continue to use them because I love them. Vuitton is a corporate entity. As I don’t subscribe to the “corporations are people” theory, I don’t have any feelings one way or another about them and am certainly not “offended” in any way. Business is business.

    That said, I did notice an amazingly good “Neverfull” knock-off being sold by Serena Williams on HSN last week. My boyfriend’s 16-year-old daughter loved it and asked me to buy it for her. So I did. It was about $70. We’ll see what it looks like when it arrives.

    Frankly, instead of raising its prices, I think Vuitton ought to be more worried about the Serenas of the world. During her presentation, she actually referenced a “top designer” and said “why spend thousands of dollars when you can have this?” Perhaps their design team needs a kick in the pants.

    I would love it if Purse Blog did a “many bags of Serena Williams.” I’d like to see if she practices what she preaches.

    Oh, one more thing: the bag I’d save if the house was burning down is a Birkin.

  • jessica knowles

    HMMMM. I think that is ridiculous because China is out for especially LV brands. Hiking their prices at this point will only cost them. BTW i like the damier line

  • Kim

    Is Marc Jacobs still the Creative Director? I am about as excited by a Louis Vuitton walking down the street as a Marc Jacobs bag.

    I am in the market for a yellow cross body and never even thought of walking into a Louis Vuitton store until one day when I was passing time in Bellevue Washington. I really like the Alma but would prefer Proenza Schouler for the same price or a Philip Lim Pashli for half the price. Everyone has an LV.

    I hope they raise their prices so that I can sell my old LV stuff on EBay.

  • Edia

    …hermes silk is cheaper than a speedy. hermes h-belts are cheaper than a speedy. honestly theres a lot of affordable luxury to have at hermes.

  • marina miami

    I think that the 1st designer bag you buy is usually a LV, especially the Speedy or the Neverfull, for 2 reasons price and those two bags have a very comfortable design! I prefer damier than monogram! but unfortunately I have to agree that everyone has those bags, and although I continue to use my speedy Damier and I really love it, I know that I will never buy a LV again. If Im going to spend more than 1000, I would buy a Mulberry, Goyard or Balenciaga !

  • phiphibag

    My first designer bag was a speedy. It was around $120.00 at that time and was very exclusive. You can tell how old I am. Due to the counterfeits and everyone carrying an LV bag I refused for so many years to buy another LV bag. In fact I gave my speedy away. I started to buy Celine and Chanel along with Prada. Prada is my work bag and fits everything. It can basically be trashed around and still look great. And, the logo is not all over the bag!
    There really has not been any great new designs for LV. It is basically the same old bags with different colors, etc… It was my first designer and will have have a special place in my heart but with all these great new designs I would rather spend my money elsewhere.

    • so what

      Have no idea why people always say, ” the bag can be trashed around and still looks great”. Why would you trashed around your bag? What are you trying to prove?

      • Gi

        It’s called “crap happens”. We’d like to be able to rest our work bags on pedestal but the truth is, they endure a lot of abuse, store lots of stuff and look great at the same time. I seriously doubt the poster is trying to prove anything, many of us who work in professions where client meetings are required have the same needs.

      • Monique

        wrong. You don’t use it every day. If you must get one in black. FIne but instead. Get one in an interesting color that you wear frequently; one that looks good on you. Then only where it sparingly. Italian women buy one luxury item a year. They build their wardrobe slowly. Then they look fabulous. They make sure to not overuse any item. And you pass it on to your girl children. Never to your sons wife. What if they get divorced.

  • bir

    it was a question of time being the price club of luxury was not exactly the best tactic but then…. its all a game of pride for MR Arnault who suffers a napoleonic complex that pushes him to go bigger and bigger ………. but heres the truth MR.LVMH less is more and price will not make a difference. what he needs is good advice …….

  • aidan

    too many ghetto people wear LV. thanks rap music….

    • Oh, that doesn’t sound racist at all.

      • Lydia

        Eminem is in rap music…you’re the one that introduced race into this conversation. Ghetto doesn’t necessarily describe African Americans.

      • Alec

        Call a spade a spade – “rap music” and “ghetto” are very closely tied with the African American community. It might not be racist per se, but it is racially insensitive. Dodging the racial implications of Aidan’s remarks prevents the kind of meaningful dialogue on modern racism that our country desperately lacks.

      • Ghetto Chic

        Jingle Jangle Jingle Jangle for da Poor
        When we get our Welfare checks
        We buy LV by da score

      • Give me a break! Let’s stop with the bs. “Ghetto” and “rap music” are synonymous with black people/culture in this country. Aidan might as well have said that too many black people wear LV. Oh and another thing, how many rappers share the same skin tone as Eminem? Not many, are there Lydia.

      • Lydia

        You mad, though?

      • Look at you Miss Lydia, using that “ghetto” slang us negroes speak. To answer your question: Am I mad? No, I just thought that I should educate those, such as yourself, who are less informed, ignorant and narrow minded. Have a nice day.

      • Monique

        I am black. Have you seen some of those rap videos. NO TASTE NO CLASS NO ETIQUETTE. Most of rap music has hurt the African American community and I am ashamed of it.

      • Ghetto Chic


        5 months ago

        too many ghetto people wear LV. thanks rap music….




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        Ghetto Chick


        3 minutes ago

        Jingle Jangle Jingle Jangle for the Poor
        When we get our welfare checks
        We buy LV by the score

    • so what

      geez …they have more disposable income than you do, so let it be.

    • Ghetto Chick

      Jingle Jangle Jingle Jangle for the Poor
      When we get our welfare checks
      We buy LV by the score

  • Cris

    Let’s not forget that LVMH does own 22% of Hermes. Also every year an array of new handbags designs are added to their line for our own enjoyments. The leather handbags, such as the Empreinte, Mahina and Coppola lines, just to cite a few, are to die for and never boring. Their customer service is also quite good. And if they aim to became even more exclusive that means finer goods for us to enjoy!

  • thescm

    I am fairly disgusted by the snobbery surrounding women who don’t have thousands of extra dollars wanting a little luxury in the form of a Coach or logo LV bag.

    • I bought a speedy about 7 years ago and still wear it on a regular basis. It’s banged up which I like actually. An LV logo bag is about as much of a designer bag as I can afford. I left Coach behind when they started jacking their prices up as it no longer felt like value. Luxury needs to be in the quality of the product not the price on the hangtag.

    • Miss Elizabyth

      I have to admit that I love a good discussion – and I think this post has started a lot of that!
      I’ll also admit to being a brand snob. Not one of my best traits. If I was a better person I be off saving the world instead of surfing purseblog during the day.
      But I also think that the same people that you’re feeling sorry for (the ones who just want a little luxury in a Coach or LV logo bag) are also snobs, otherwise they’d be perfectly happy carrying a perfectly good bag from a department store and not spending their cash on an entry level luxury item.

  • Eunice

    LV is definitely getting really repetitive with it’s designs. I think rather than getting rid of all the logo bags, it’s better to design less bags and keep only a few designs. Frankly, there’s only a few designs in the handbag world that is actually classic.

    I think it will take rather long for them to become somewhat similar to Hermes but it’s about time that they start thinking about that.

    Take a look what Celine is doing. They are also trying to move towards the Hermes strategy and have definitely been successful.

  • Eunice

    Living in Hong Kong, I’m quite used to the situation of long line-ups outside of luxury brands but I have noticed a significant decrease in the line-up for LV…and only LV.

  • lavinia

    thanks for this post!!! It’s really really interesting: I was in a LV boutique the other day (in Milan, Italy) and a chinese customer wanted to buy more than 20 bags. The shopgirl said (very unpolitely) “we are not in a supermarket” and allowed the chinese customer to buy “just” 6 bags… I think the problem was created by LV itself, who became famous thanks to the canvas bags and now wants to make us forget it…surely in a market where to be up there is luxury or nothing the survival is extremely volatile, and a change of course now sounds extremely violent (a price increase should be more gradual). The risk now is to lose right those customers who made their fortune (to gain somebody, The “high-end customer ”who frankly is never been interested in LV). Does it worthwhile?

    • adriana

      A lot of people buy 20 LV bags in Europe just so they re-sell it back in their blogs for lower prices cause the LVs sold in Asia are more expensive than in Europe.

  • Anonymous

    I really need to say this, and to myself before to anyone else, because I’m no different in this matter. I love bags, and I know how it feels to own a bag that is very exclusive. But it is very wrong to think of this in the followig way:
    “I want to wear something that shows I’ve got money, more money than all other common people (eeeeww)”.
    Wear it because you love it and because you appreciate the design and the material and the exclusivity not because you want to feel you’re better than other human beings roaming the streets.

    • Scully Piper

      Amen!!! Very well said. I buy bags because I love them. Every bag I’ve bought, it was because of the style and functionality, not the status that it symbolizes.

      I also don’t understand why it bothers anyone that more people are carrying LVs nowadays. What is the big deal?

      LV may be shooting themselves in the foot by raising their prices just to hopefully attract more high end clientele. LV needs to remember that the average to above average income people helped the company get to where they are now. The high end clientele is only a small percentage of the market. Not everyone is walking around with millions in their bank account.

      • Guest

        OMG, seriously? I am a man…a husband.

      • Sweety_d

        Very true! It’s not right that they intentionally wants to sell their bags to the upper class. How about those who are hardworking middle class professionalswho wants to reward themselves?

      • Rob Rashel

        i dont think so. LV is not all about profit. their image is very important and having the feel as not so luxury anyone is a harm to its image. its main selling point is exclusivity and now that everyone holds one, the statement no longer holds true. In order to decrease the amount of lv bags in the market, they need such strategy. In long term economic effect, it will be better for them.

      • Rob Rashel

        i dont think so. LV is not all about profit. their image is very important and having the feel as not so luxury anyone is a harm to its image. its main selling point is exclusivity and now that everyone holds one, the statement no longer holds true. In order to decrease the amount of lv bags in the market, they need such strategy. In long term economic effect, it will be better for them.

      • deBora Cooper

        That’s the thinking that boost the nock off market. Have you seen the nock offs lately? Who can tell without up close inspection?

      • jessicasy

        I think their customers that matter (in long term, just as rob here explained) will be able to tell the difference. Plus, exclusivity has a lot to do with image. And that’s what they’re trying to stand by. Elite, not mass. To distinguish the brand apart from the common brands. This, however, is not to make the lower class feel bad about themselves. If I really wanted an LV bag and I’m belong to the lower class, I would most definitely work hard for it, save up, and enjoy the feeling of being able to “REWARD” myself with such treasure. Because the material lasts very long (of course with proper use), and it doesn’t give in right away, the way my 20/400-USD bags do. However, finding that, lets say, my LV bag’s quality doesn’t live up to its price, is a different issue. I would be the forst one to comment that their prices are ridiculous. But since almost all of my LV bags really hold the quality that the company promises, then I have no reason to complain about the prices they’re sold for. If everybody can afford luxury bags, then they’re no longer considered luxury. And the reason everyone wants to buy LV is because it’s luxury. Brands like LV spend tons of money just to build up an image like that. it’s no joke. the store, the lighting, the marketing, the ad, the design, the materials, number of pcs per design per store, everything is done strategically to maintain this image. It ain’t H&M guys.

    • Anonymous

      I think LV thinks this way though, considering the title of the article is “Louis Vuitton raises prices in hopes of attracting more high-end customers.”

    • James Berkeley

      That is the whole reason we have high end brands is so we can make commoners feel bad and wish they were us which makes them work hard or do something mischievous to get to our level. I mean of course we wear it because we love it but deep down we all know why we are doing it.

      • Ghetto Chic

        Trolling much?

      • Amy

        Who the hell are you? God or Jesus?? Trust me you are NOBODY, but a shallow person who will end up dying one day. I hope your money will help you to survive the death that way you will be way different than anyone else. Behahahahaha who are the people you call WE. The same shit as you?? If the money is helping you survive the DEATH, then you are truly different cheers.

    • James Berkeley

      That is the whole reason we have high end brands is so we can make commoners feel bad and wish they were us which makes them work hard or do something mischievous to get to our level. I mean of course we wear it because we love it but deep down we all know why we are doing it.

    • Amy

      You are amazing person. I agree with you. I buy any bag because I like it not because it’s exclusive or to be different than anyone else. Lots of people are shallow. If this people want to be different than others people, they should have a super natural power to be different rather than carrying a bag that is different from anyone else.

    • Kbend3r

      I agree. Buy it because you love it or to pamper yourself, or feed your ego, but none of those should occur because you see yourself as better than anyone else. I don’t care who you are, you are not any better than anyone else. Each person has something to offer that someone else does not. The sooner we all realize that the closer we will be to a place of peace.

    • GodSAveAmerica

      I agree completely. I actually lost a GF because I wouldn’t by her a LV Bag. I do not believe they are worth the stupid prices they charge given how allot of people are showing and complaining of poor quality; flaking, CRACKING, DYE RUNS, ETC..
      But I do spend money on “real” quality” not perceived quality because of the price.
      Actual quality used to be based on “price” today most likley it is not.

      So raising prices to attract the “elite”; shows out of touch LV really are.
      My opinion is all the in your face markings on their product is to get “elite” to pay to advertise their product for them.
      LV customer service is fantastic; until they get your money and you have a problem with your item you purchased; then you are SOL.
      Read it online there is horror story after story.
      I took my “new” GF to a custom Leather smith and she chose the design and the bag was “custom” made; at a far higher quality than those “elite” sellers. She loves the bag. Her friends asked where she bought it and she tells them she had it custom made..

  • Monique

    Honestly, where I live everyone and there mother purchases some form of the speedy 35 once they graduate college. Every person in college has one because they use their student loans or whatever to get them. I used to want one so bad but now I don’t because I see 16 year olds wearing them. I’d much rather save for a chanel or celine because well a) i dont like logos everywhere and I don’t like that LV screams out in a crowd and b) i dont like to look like a carbon copy of everyone else. I honestly think that LV is going the way of coach and michael kors. I don’t think they can be saved

  • LOLA

    I’m not a big fan of Vuitton but i do love the Damier Line. The Damier Line feels more luxurious than the monogram so why they don’t communicate more on that line.
    I remember Gucci when Tom Ford was on board. They create a black on black gucci monogram which was really subtle and capitalize with the logos on the belt. But, it was more about the Web band and the mors symbols.
    Vuitton has many symbols. They have tu use them

  • Joanna

    I honestly was not to interested in LV handbags but let’s see how that price goes.

  • Shan

    Ok, and they wonder why people get the replicas. Raise your prices and raise the replicas you’ll see on the street. Higher prices will never decrease the demand just another way of obtaining the item. Good Luck to that!

    • JamieD

      Excellent point. And the replicas are really good if you know where to get them. It’s pretty easy too because I once bought a replica for myself when I was younger. It’s funny because as a teenager all I’d wear was LV. Now Chanel, that’s a bag that’s hard to fake because it honestly is superior quality. I just never liked how Chanel always looked dressy. I wanted a good everyday bag. Funny enough my replica is still sturdy and since I can’t sell it (not going to dupe someone into thinking it’s original) i just keep it. May give it to my sister when she’s older.

  • Lindsey

    You know what’s crazy is that I thought LV was a lot more expensive than it was. I’ve only recently bought my first few pieces after I realized they weren’t. A Neverfull, Delightful, and Speedy and several SLG’s. But for some reason I had thought that even the basic pieces like the speedy were unobtainable to me. I love them because I love the styles. I don’t buy something just because it is or isn’t expensive. No, I’m not the type of person that can run out and drop several thousand dollars on a bag without blinking an eye. So I suppose that would put me into the “riff raff” category. But if I wanted a Chanel or Hermes I would save up and get one. I buy LV because it fits my lifestyle.

  • sara

    I have never understood the desire for a bag with LV logos (or really any logo but especially LV). What does this pattern coordinate with? To me it looks cheap and goes with nothing I own. I have seen so many LV speedy 35s that I now assume most of them are fake. I actually like the epi line but am so tired of the omnipresent LV logo that I won’t give the company any of my money. There are so many other choices out there. Based on everyone’s comments here, it seems the company has a problem they need to fix. Raising the prices for no reason is a cop-out and won’t fix the problem. I actually think this is an insult to their customers’ intelligence.

  • lisbeth

    I have considering buying a neverfull and a speedy a couple of times in my life and every time I’ve attempted to purchase one, I feel like I can’t go through with it due to the quality. Is it just me or do they seem like ridiculously overpriced flimsy bags. I would much rather spend $500 on a quality leather bag from say Rebecca Minkoff then spend $900 on something that looks like it cost $5.00 to make.

    • kate w.

      LV bags are actually some of the best quality around-I’ve some for more then 10 years that are still in very good condition. The damier ebene canvas, in particular, doesn’t really show wear-I’ve fallen in the snow and gotten caught in a downpour with my DE speedy and it looks nearly new. The ‘canvas’ is what keeps the bag light enough for those of us who have back problems. And btw, if you check in the ‘what’s in your bag’ portion of the designer forums, you’d find that customers in almost ALL of the premier brands own the LV cles/key pouch, mainly because the quality is so good.

  • lee

    I have and always will buy their bags because they work for me and I like them. I can’t believe just how trendy they’ve become. I’ve own bags from many other designers but can’t seem to get away from pulling out the trusty old LV’s for everyday use. When I’m tired of a specific bag or its getting worn I pop it up on Ebay and get nearly what I originally paid. They retain their value so no matter what the price I will keep buying. I do hope they invest some of the additional revenue into putting quality back into the zippers. It seems the hardware no longer works as well as it used to.

  • CocoLove

    I never liked the LV logo bags but the Damier Azur design is my fave.
    I hate how there becomes an influx of designer bags and loses value of the brand (e.g. Coach, Michael Kors) and loses the meaning of luxury.
    LVMH increasing their prices will not attract the higher end luxury consumer, but rather remove the little younger generation (mid-late teens) from aquiring it (unless their daddies have unlimited funds).
    Save your money for Chanel, YSL, Celine, Hermes, Prada, etc.

  • Heather R

    I am not offended at all! I can only really afford the lower end canvas logo bags. I’d love to have some of the $3000 and up bags but maybe one day! I personally don’t think everyone and their mother has LV bags, as everywhere I go, people comment on the price and how I should’ve “saved my money for something more important”. I am sad to see that they are raising prices, and am trying to build a little more of my collection now while I still can.
    I think most people want the world to know that their bag is LV. With the non-canvas, non logo bags, no one really knows what kind of bag you’re carrying, with an exception for the Hermes Birkin bags.

    • jake

      very honest. i like it.

  • Phluff

    Personally I love Coach, and Kate Spade, and I have 1 Booney and Bourke. I just love bags, the Coach bags seem to hold their shape and last forever! I have given all my female friends and relatives Coach bags as gifts as well, and have even given male friends and relatives Coach wallets as gifts. I have 3 dogs who are presently wearing Coach collars. So if anyone thinks that they can make me feel “less than” because I wear Coach, they can forget it! I know what I like, and if I like a $19 bag I’ll buy that too! I once thought I just had to have an LV Speedy 30. I finally bought one, and hated it! It was literally a giant black hole! I had to dig around in it to find anything!!!!! I used it for about 6 weeks then gave it to a friend (who loves those black holes) and she loves it! I say, life is too short to worry about what everyone else is doing or buying. Do what makes you happy! I certainly will, and everyone else will just have to get over the trauma of seeing me with that totally cute little Jessica Simpson bag I just bought! So LV raise your prices all you like! If I am going to pay thousands of dollars for something, I better de able to drive it!

    • Yo Momma

      Booney and Bourke? Sounds like a Chinese knockoff.

  • What an insult — “in losing some of what the brand seems to consider
    riff-raff, execs are hoping to gain new customers at the top end of the
    market.” Any customer who decides to cough up a huge amount of money for an ego boost is considered ‘riff-raff’? Shame on Louis Vuitton. Can the company hold its nose any higher without getting a nose-bleed? Unfortunately, most people don’t feel secure enough in their own self-worth, and they feel the need to put themselves in financial risk by paying thousands for a silly purse. I love to watch the Suze Orman (financial guru) show. Even people who call onto the show with high incomes ask Suzie for advice as to whether or not they can afford a certain purchase. I am just amazed at how many people claim they NEED to have a Louis Vuitton bag. And Suze sets them straight. It’s incredible how many people do not have enough money in emergency savings (you need at LEAST 8 months, by the way), retirement, their children’s college education funds. Instead, they have huge mortgage debt, student loans, very little savings of any kind, and credit card debt and little-to-nothing set aside for their children. And they think they deserve to splurge on a stupid vanity symbol just to make themselves feel a little more superior to everyone else? When I see someone carrying one of these purses, I think, ‘what a waste of money’. Seeing people carry something I know they wasted so much money on actually makes me feel sorry for them, no only for their obvious need of attention, but also they may not yet realize how much that major purchase is going to affect their finances, and even their family’s financial security, years down the road. I don’t think they will realize the errors of their wayward spending until the time comes when they try to retire, or worse, when a real emergency comes into their lives. If you’ve got ALL of your financials in order, then go ahead. But it is silly to indulge in something to merely hold your wallet, lipstick and keys if it means putting or keeping you in financial debt. Louis Vuitton is obviously only interested in two things — their ego, and your money.

    • Kett

      Isn’t your judgement of women who carry designer labels (“what a waste of money”) just another form of trying to make yourself feel superior to someone else? Pot meet kettle.

      • Good point! But my feelings and opinions aren’t coming from a place of feeling superior. Instead, I find it hard to justify a price tag of thousands of dollars for what is nothing more than a mere accessory. Did the leather come from a cow that had magical powers and could levitate? Is the simple repeating LV logo really worth an extra thousand bucks or two over other luxury brands that carry a different symbol? Honestly, I am angry that the company wants to jack up their prices just to make their bags less reachable by people who are not affluent (and instead are merely, ‘riff-raff’). Reminds me of my years in the military back in the 1980’s when the armed forces were paying $500 for a hammer and $1,200 for a toilet. Any tax payer could see this was a waste of money, and as a result of the outtrage, the problem was finally fixed. Until people realize they are being taken advantage of, financially, by some of these luxury companies, I will still stand by my opinion that it’s a ‘waste of money’.

      • pe.riche.

        “Did the leather come from a cow that had magical powers and could levitate?”

        Best comment ever! LOL.

        “Until people realize they are being taken advantage of, financially, by some of these luxury companies, I will still stand by my opinion that it’s a ‘waste of money’.”

        Excellent point! However, this is why companies present themselves as more than just the mere accessories and goods they product and sell. Companies now position themselves as a “lifestyle”, emphasizing that if you purchase their goods/products, your quality of life will improve. Obviously a simple handbag isn’t the magical key to having a high quality of life, but, with branding and well staffed marketing departments, companies are able to make consumers (and customers) buy into that ideology.

      • cyanara

        “waste of money” is subjective. I equate owning a piece of luxury item (watches, bags, etc) as a form of pampering myself. it is not so different from going to a spa or treating myself to a pedi or manicure. Are all those a waste of money as well? I consider it money well spent so long as it makes me happy. Life is too short to spent antagonizing what is a waste of money or not, especially if you are not even in dire financial straits. So long as one has their finances in other, and not borrowing, begging or stealing to fund their indulgences, I don’t think they should be judged for what they chose to spend their money on.

      • so what

        Right on Cyanara.

      • Gee

        Amen to that! People, if you can afford it, go for it!

      • WittyAnswers

        I disagree with you. It is not hard to justify spending that amount on a bag when the bag lasts for decades. Example: let’s say I purchase three bags. A target brand bag for $20, A lower priced Coach bag for $300, and a Louis Vuitton bag for $1000. (I have a daughter by the way who is just 2 years old, but will inherit all my bags when she is older).
        Anyway, let’s say you use each one of these bags every single day. In 6 months, you will need to replace your target brand bag. That is another $20. Imagine spending $20 on a new bag every 6 months for 25 years. That right there is $1000. PLUS the gas you had to spend to purchase the new bag, the inconvenience of the old bag breaking, and you have nothing to show for any of those other bags. They are now garbage. THAT is a waste of money.
        Now let’s look at the Coach bag. Say you only have to replace this bag every 5 years (Probably less than 5 years, but lets say 5 years). Imagine spending $300 every 4 years for 25 years. That is $1500. PLUS a gas etc and the inconvenience of the other bag breaking. With a Louis Vuitton bag, you will pay $1000, it will be useable, function-able and in good condition in 25 years, AND you can pass it down to your children to use as well. It’s a piece that tells a story about your life, and your child can use it, knowing it was well loved by their parent. That is neat, In my opinion. The pieces are well worth the initial $$, and it doesn’t end up in the trash right away like other bags will.

      • cjay

        Unless your daughter doesn’t want your ‘old’ bags when she grows up. How many times have you seen children inherit their parents furniture, but they don’t want it because it doesn’t fit their taste. All that old vintage costume jewelry my aunt had, patent leather shoes and matching purse, fur stole–stuff we played with as kids, wouldn’t be caught dead in as teenagers, didn’t really want as young adults, and now as older adults wish we had kept as we see it come back around or realize how of pretty nice quality it was then. ho hum….

      • WittyAnswers

        Mmm, I’m a pretty young mother, I’m sure that by the time my daughter is my age, she is going to appreciate things the way I do. If she doesn’t, then she won’t inherit it until she is older and wiser. However, LV bags are a little different than older shoes and clothes, etc. They don’t go out of style. They have pretty much made the same type of bags since the beginning and people still wear them many, many years later. Plus, they go up in value. I take care of my things, and I always have. I teach my kids to do the same. My boys play with the same hot wheels I had as a child their age, my ‘old’ hot wheels. My daughter plays with my ‘old’ barbies, uses my old blankets and has my old favorite stuffed animals. They love the idea that it was mine when I was their age. I don’t see that changing with purses.
        My husband collects firearms, and will be passing them down when our kids are older as well.

        Just because YOU wouldn’t use your parent’s ‘old’ things, doesn’t mean every child thinks that way. You never know.

      • Yo Momma


      • Joshua

        My mother buys Louis Vuitton, Celine and Chanel and her Coach bags are still holding up. I come from an upper class family and I honestly love Coach (retail, not factory) and I prefer buying Coach men’s bags than LV men bags with the LV logo all around the bag. Nothing wrong with it, but Coach has a more classic sophisticated look with its plain leather design. My point here is that Coach products are very well made.

    • donalda

      I have a LV bag, it is authentic and I bought it at a steep discount on credit, sure. But I do have six months savings in the bank, a thriving retirement account and a well-paying job. I have always coveted LV bag and thought I would get one – if the price was right. It’s one thing to splurge if you have your sh* together. Why not? If you don’t, yes, I would say it’s a waste of money.

    • timtamjunkie

      Gosh, has everyone lost their mind? It’s a bag ( or similar) why do you care what I paid for it and “what it means” – so you think its a waste of money? I probably think half of what you buy is a waste of money but don’t feel the need to put you down. ITS JUST A BAG – it’s not a status symbol, it doesn’t say anything about me. I am not a snob, I do not feel inferior and need to show off. I buy them because they are designed well, last a long time and have customer service to back them up. Don’t over think it people and don’t presume to know me from the bag I carry. I am not a snob but perhaps you are? ( to me a person who is a snob is not always someone who considers themselves wealthier than me etc.- someone who is pious can be the biggest snob of all)

      • Sam smith

        Love this!! Best post! You took the words right out of my mouth! Perfectly said!!

    • Anonymous

      You are correct. The majority of this country would not be having such a difficult time if they learned to save. Many of the people who say they are not in financial straits may not be telling you they have credit card debt up to wazoo and that treat will cost them double or triple that of the price tag. Instead of feeling insulted because you mentioned it’s a waste they should be honest with themselves and see what an impact it is going to have on their future finances. After all, even the rich are beginning to feel the sting of the current financial atmosphere that will be around for a long while. I for one would like to retire comfortably and making the right decisions now is where it starts.

  • Pieta

    The exclusivity in many designer bags “is” merely the logo/price tag. Once in that high end market, craftsmanship and design are often givens, and the price tag seems to have little to do with anything other than status. I don’t own a Coach bag because of the crass self-promotion on their bags. I do own more than a few Brahmin bags. If you are not familiar with them, take a look. Their prices are similar to Coach and Kors; however, I noticed with dismay that Brahmin, too, just premiered a new, higher priced line named Atelier. Recently, I overheard a woman telling a Brahmin sales clerk that she no longer purchased Brahmins because they were now runway bags. She was saying that the Brahmin designers have forgotten who they are designing for. But, I do love my bags.

  • Kelly

    My preference is for bags that aren’t screaming advertisements for the brand. So, I tend to purchase bags that people would be able to identify only if they were familiar with a particular brand / designer. yes, there are some LV bags I like (the Sofia Coppola and Epi lines), but there are so many of the monogram bags around, I often find myself asking “is it fake?” That is no way to exist with a handbag.

  • LVmom

    I love my LV monogram Speedy 35 and have used it daily for the past 4 years. These bags have been around forever and will continue to be. They are well worth the money. My bag does show a bit of wear (the leather darkens onthe handles) butI dont care…anyone who knows purses can tell its real. The fake ones dont turn color. Regardless Im not offended.

  • Linda R

    I only have two LV bags: the Neverfull MM and the Neverfull MM Murakami MOCA and only because I really like them, but will I not go out and buy another one. I will rather save up for a Chanel or even an Hermes.

  • Summer

    I think canvas bags with LV logo is iconic it shows how many people desire luxury!! The brand should work on new high end luxury bags,by new add campaigns nd marketing but these canvas bags are stable business nd don’t even need that much marketing ,they shouldn’t vanish from the market.

  • LizRx

    These LV price hikes are old news. For those of you who have purchased and/or followed LV in the last decade or so, you would know that they do this fairly regularly. The Hampstead I purchased 4 years ago for $1200 is now $1700 – we know that $500 difference didn’t happen overnight. A sales associate once told me the hikes were intended to equalize prices everywhere, especially between the U.S. and Europe, but I reckon they do it just because they can and it didn’t seem to stop people from buying into the brand. With that said, to each their own. I happen to love my LV bags although probably have enough to last me this lifetime. There is something to be said about the quality and craftsmanship of their products. My 10-year old Cabas Piano that was my daily “throw-around” bag for years has not even one stitch out of place. :)

  • Michele

    LV is not what it used to be any more. Before, the collections were not that huge but the craftsmanship was on the top level. It used to be definitely worth the price. My pieces 5-10 years old are still in a pristine condition while those bought lately are just a piece of crap – the quality level went sooo down and I’m getting seriously sick of seeing so many of them in the streets. If LV was planning to attract high-end customers, should had done it before spreading out those low-end pieces all over the world (Speedy, Neverfull, Delightful, etc). That is why I switched to Hermes and cant be happier.

  • LillyBel

    LV is trying to increase demand by making the bag less affordable, but if it is not appealing to the most wealthy already, it will fail. I think that innovative changes and quality drive the high end market, not just exclusivity.

  • Chai

    I have been buying Louis for over a decade and already the brand has lost it’s appeal. I find everywhere I go everyone has them and I live in a fairly small town. I have moved on to Chanel. I actually spent a good $4400 dollars on one and I don’t regret it a bit. I will also be buying another one here in the next few months! Let them raise the price because I will not buy anymore until they revamp their designs.

  • Mel2

    High end customers?Kim kardashian,Reese W.,they own wallets, mono neverfull so as you can see obviously they can afford much more higher end items but they still own LV good. It is NOT a matter of price its a matter of the customer liking the bag. If I wanted too I could of bought other brands like Chanel,Balenciaga etc… but i did not because i simply don’t like the look of them. So they can raise their prices all they want at the end of the day its upto the us to decide what brand we like. I really dont think teens are asking for louis vuitton bags simply because they think that is the most affordable brand. Same thing like an iPhone , people arent buying Blackberry,HTC,Samsung because of a price difference. Its not about a ghetto person,race,richer etc… buying there brand because the higher prices wont stop a person from saving for there dream bag that they want no matter the brand and price.

    • Janine

      I started venturing into the luxury market with LV and slowly worked my way up to Chanel and Hermes. But I still do like LV as they really do have durable bags, particularly good for travel or when I’m with the kids or need to lug heavy work stuff around. With the insane price increases a the higher end brands, I’m nw starting to shop around. I saw a few leather LV pieces but somehow can’t get around to plonking the money down for them as a small voice tells me that you can get Chanel for a little more money.

      The thing is LV has branded itself so well as the gateway to luxury goods, it’s hard for consumers to accept their strategic change.

  • Lizzy C-F

    I personally think that LV should embrace their status amongst younger and older, wealthier customers alike. LV are similar to Tiffany & Co in that they have lower as well as higher price points. At Tiffany’s you can get a necklace for $150 or a necklace for $8 million. LV’s range is obviously not that diverse but it is the same concept. Tiffany aim to be a generational brand – a teenager who starts off receiving a $150 necklace may go on to buy a $1000 necklace then a $5,000 bracelet when are earning more money, and so on. LV should embrace the fact that many girls are given the speedy as a “milestone” gift, as these are the customers that will go on to purchase more expensive bags as they grow to be more affluent. I don’t think any brand should ‘snob’ consumers, regardless of their age (and I also think it’s wrong to make assumptions about ‘daddy’ buying their bags – as a 20 year old myself I would only use the money I earned myself to buy anything like this) – if a customer is putting their resources into acquiring a piece of your brand, you should be thankful that they are buying from you rather than your competitors. After all, a 20 year old you snob now may go on to be a multi-million dollar net worth individual, and by then you will wish they were your customer!

    • TexasNurse

      Point very well taken……

  • YouGoGirl

    The pimps and HOs will have to work twice as hard now.

  • KayBee

    I have a ton of high end bags, and I get the point about everyone having the LV logo bags, but for some reason I still love LV. Particularly I love the epi line and their luggage. I still use my makeup bag and key chain i got 10 years ago. I think that the designs are classic and they are well made. With that being said, I would never buy a Neverful or speedy. Too common and not speciai – too “entry level.”

    • Sally

      I happen to LOVE the Neverful Damier Ebone! Personally, I prefer that style……and as for “entry Level” that is entirely subjective.

  • amengal

    I love LV monogram bags, so what? I don’t really care what other people say ….. I just do and buy whatever I feel like! Canvas bags suit my life style and it’s my preferences!! I can’t force everyone to be the same as me …. if I can afford, I love it then I buy! If you aren’t happy of seeing someone carry certain brands, then you should be nice to yourself that you should just don’t look at the bag, close your eyes or may be look somewhere …. so you wouldn’t get angry and judgmental, these aren’t good for your health! :)

  • loretta

    It is just a bag for God’s sake! If you love the Neverfull design and can afford it, then go for it! Personally I loathe Hermes Birkin. I think they are ugly and I do not need one to show off how wealthy I am. That is downright ostentatious!

    • cjay

      I don’t see the big deal with Birkin either. I can’t say what I wouldn’t do if I were rich–I might buy one–but in my current mind, $15,000 is ridiculous for a purse.

  • Alphonso

    Women are vacuous…totally!
    At work, the women on the team all declare they’re on diets then ho into the cakes at morning tea, saying, “I’ll just have one…” and then wonder why they are still fat pigs…

    …so, it’s no surprise women fall for all this designer crap where all one pays for is the brand at the expense of quality…the human race is doomed, Lol

  • Monique

    The only bags I like are the Epi leather. That’s it. I hate things with to many logos. If they want advertising then pay a celeb but don’t expect me to pay to be a walking build board. I remember this one time in elementary this girl tried to sell me those logo LV bags. I declined for that very reason. They just looked tacky. I say if you have to do it. Please don’t do it in the brown version do it in the gray.

  • Monique

    I just had to add. That celebs do not help the situation. The minute a celeb is seen wearing or mentions a brand in their song. That is it. The teeny bopper with no style just want in. That kills the luxury. I hate to say it but so do all the middle class & poor people who wear them. This is what I mean. How many time have you seen a person where LV or Coach looking like a slob. I mean ill fitting cloth, ugly shoes, ugly hair but guess what They got Louis Vuitton? Say what? I mean there are just some things that you don’t wear unless you take the time to put yourself together with class. It reminds me of that Hannibal Lector Quote:
    “You know what you look like to me with your cheap bag and good shoes?”

    To everyone out there who buys the LV bag real or fake. Do it justice. Do not look like a slob. Only wear it when you can look nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dori

      What’s wrong with middle class people that save their money to buy LV? Since middle class people that buy it is putting you off, I’m assuming you consider yourself high class? High class people at least know how to write proper sentences.. Snobs don’t have class.

    • lol

      My goodness, someone isn’t as educated and high class as they think. You based your brand choices not on what you like but who is buying it. You aren’t much of an individual, please take you head out of your @$$.

  • Monique

    They need to take a tip from COCO CHANEL. If we can’t buy style then they can’t increase the price to create style. Seriously. If anything get rid of the logo bag. Or only come up with one logo based version for the season to make it a very rare design. Then it will be very exclusive. Stop doing the logos in everything. Then sloppy people will not be a build board for their brand.

  • santa klaus

    was this crappy bunch of joint words up there meant to mean anything? is there a topic here? wtf you going on about? BAD WRITING

  • Ghetto Chic

    Jingle Jangle Jingle Jangle for the Poor
    When we get our welfare checks
    We buy LV by the score

  • Mr Prada

    “China are becoming rapidly more sophisticated; in essence, they want subtle leather bags instead of the logo-covered” ….oh please it just says they have become as dull and boring as the rest of the us,

    50 design houses selling the same best quality purses, square, black no logo who do you buy from??? what would be the point, would it even matter which you brought,

    fashion is about identity, and identity attracts and sells, a leopard without its spots is just another dull boring cat, a zebra without its stripes is just an undersized horse

  • Mimi

    There prices went up again today like really enough is enough

  • Carmen Vital

    well I probably won’t be partaking in any more authentic LV purchases anytime soon. I am a bit sore about 2 price increases in one year. I don’t mind racking upy purchases on my credit card ( I knOw … don’t tell my bf) but 2 price increases in one year has made me sour. Maybe the riff raff sales will decrease but I hope the LV quality increases. I purchased an agenda and the 2 nf te I opened the rings to add something the tab broke off. Bon Voyage LV

  • CharlotteMargritte

    5 years ago, an old moneyed acquaintance of mine gave all her Louis Vuitton bags to her housekeeper.

    Later I read and saw pictures of how Karl Lagerfeld disposed of his entire Louis Vuitton luggage collection in exchange for a more conservative brand.

    I simply could not understand that at the time… However now I know, that both these characters were ahead of the curve…

    I spend money on bags to feel exclusive, let all who can see know that I’ve got taste and to express my personality/style.

    Therefore the pieces I choose have to have an image that is related to certain attributes and adjectives.

    If a specific bag is seen on the arms of (people I admire), such as the first lady of France or Oprah as she climbs on to her private jet – this bag conjures a specific meaning.

    Now when a specific brand famous for their monogrammed bags (yes Louis Vuitton) can be seen waiting for buses on streets, hanging from the arms of high school girls, or on the lowest of celebrities who are famous for serving time – this conjures a very specific image – which is not an image I am personally keen to attach to my person.

    After reading this article I realized I haven’t stepped into a LV store for at least 2 years and my last purchases were not bags or luggage.
    I still own Louis Vuitton bags that I do love. However they have not seen the light of day in many a year and since I am not a talented rapper or reality television personality I find it hard to believe I will ever carry them in public feeling dignified ever again…

  • Corey

    What a stupid idea… To make it harder for the loyal clientele like myself… I’m happy there wasn’t a price increase this year. Thank you executives! Hope you see this one way or another.

  • linda

    I buy my bags because I love the bag…period. if Vuitton turns its nose up at “the litttle people” and prices themselves out of reach of regular non celebrity people those people will just buy elsewhere. We non celeb folks can and will look to other houses,LV bags are nice but not the only bag in town. Gucci makes better bags with better functionality. When I think of a status bag, Chanel comes to mind or Celine maybe. Lv are my everyday bags because they clean up well and are my workhorse bags. Go ahead raise prices I have too many LVs already and they havent wowed me in quite some time. It won’t break my heart.

  • dorian

    Guess ill just buy a fake. Lets see if that helps their company image.

  • Dave_Bernazani

    Do all you people yakking about buying Vuitton bags even have a clue as to where they get their leather? How about from cats and dogs in China? Ever seen those photos of dogs and cats crammed into cages on trucks? Those are going to horrible Asian slaughterhouses where their skin will be used for Louis Vuitton products. Yuck! Do you still want one now?

  • Julie

    Their flagship is a piece of canvas covered in plastic which is an ad for the company since their logo is all over it. What’s inherently luxurious about that? If those bags were $50 which is about what they are worth, no one would buy them.

  • Smoking and racin

    funny thing is…. product of italy made in spain…the fakes don’t say made in spain


    Im just going to ask, who the fuck wears LV like it was something fresh anymore?

  • Stephanie

    I feel for LV because it has such a history and is so well-respected, yet it’s the most counterfeited brand in the world. They take their image and who shops there seriously. True, it’s no excuse to just want to feel better than everyone else as the reason to shop, but it’s hard for a brand to maintain their intended market and lifestyle image when it’s less exclusive. I think the counterfeiting issue though won’t be solved and may even worsen now that the prices are up and the brand is even more expensive. That’s what’s really cheapening the brand is everyone on the streets carrying an LV and probably only 10% being authentic.

  • Livo

    I have a question: Does the value of my handbag decrease if I change the colour of it?

  • cinderella

    This is stupid. Put your money to work feeding a country.

  • Mystica

    Sounds to me like they are getting flak for constantly and seemingly unjustifiably raising their prices, and have now invented a story to make it seem like raising prices is their way of doing the customer a favor.
    Seems to me there are better ways to attract high end customers without resorting to underestimating the intelligence of high end customers. Such as, create a superior product that’s worth a hefty price tag. If you build it, they will come, right? Slapping on a high price tag on whatever is about as clever a strategy as what people who sell fakes do, and only shows that LV is banking on customers being stupid, much like their LV fake competetors bank on customers being stupid.
    I don’t see LV around that much anymore, but in the late 90’s, my God, they and the LV fakes were everywhere.

  • Linh

    Louis Vuitton’s canvas looks so cheap… People start demanding higher quality leather bag not cheap looking canvas bag.

  • Ashlee C

    honestly, raising their prices won’t do much. there are so many fakes out there, i can’t tell what is real or not anymore (unless it’s obvious). this will just push more people to fakes in my opinion which in a way cheapens those purses even more. i’ve moved away from LV for this reason. i am a purse lover but a girl on a budget at the same time. if they are going to raise prices to keep people like me away then fine, i will take my hard earned money somewhere else (burberry perhaps?) get a sweet designer purse that doesn’t look like the millions of fakes out there.

  • Symone91

    Allot of people have been saying that “everyone has a LV bag.” The majority of the bags I see are the Speedy bags and that’s why I don’t own one. I guess allot of people carry that particular bag because they are less costly than some of the others. I go for the higher priced bags and I can afford them. Contrary to what some people might believe, I don’t go for the higher priced items to make people feel “less than,” I go for the higher priced items because I don’t see them everywhere. I am a lover of handbags and don’t care if they cost $20 or $2500, but I don’t want to look like everyone else and I’m not trying to impress anyone. I saw my first LV bag aver 25 years ago when i was working in Connecticut in a very influential neighborhood and though i didn’t know the designer at that time, I knew I wanted one of those bags. It had aged so beautifully. Truth be toid, the quality is nothing like it was then. But, I still like them and probably always will.

  • damn

    how have people become so materialistic?

  • Mary Goodwin

    As far as quality and materials and heritage go, I will go with Salvatore Ferragamo every time…and I can afford any of them.

  • Joe

    I own a Louis Vuitton and the prices are ridiculous. I didn’t buy one so I could fit in either. I love the design and I love the pattern. I’m a working class person and sometimes I do treat myself to things like this. I’m seventeen and I think I earned the bag. I own many preowned pieces too. It’s not always about labels sometimes it’s about quality. I use my vintage LV more than my new one as it’s more durable but I don’t use it as a day to day bag. It’s something I can pass down to my family members too and they can use them.

  • beauty4ashes

    I’m super-late to this conversation but after reading many comments from both people who are for and against buying luxury handbags, I think everyone should top judging others. We don’t know why people choose to spend their money the way they spend their money, but it’s their business. Who are we to judge the reason why someone wants to spend their money on the Louis Vuitton handbag? Everyone spends her money on something different. Some people find it okay to spend the money on luxury cars. Others find it appealing to spend that money on buying Starbucks coffee every day. I’m going to Starbucks fan, but whom I to judge you for choosing to buy Starbucks on a daily basis? Or what about the people who have 1000 premium channels on the smart TVs and every gadget known to man? That’s their choice and how they want to spend our money. How’s it in different if I choose to buy a little Vuitton handbag? That’s how I want to treat myself.

  • Bee4zee

    Honestly, why would anyone pay even 20 bucks for those ugly purses?

  • anon

    I own a louis vuitton neverfull gm in the damier ebene print. Ever since moving to Toronto I see these girls carrying the same bag as me and these girls have trouble paying for tuition which makes it obvious that their bag is fake. Hence, I don’t feel like carrying that bag anymore and have switched to the saint laurent ligne Y since then.

  • L. A. Watson

    I buy and sell high end Designer Bags and it never fails the LV bags and wallets that come in, are always in the worst condition! The leather is cracked always, the leather inside ( especially the bucket bags) are the worst I’ve ever seen! The handles and straps are in poor, poor condition! I won’t go into the wallets as they aren’t worth being donated! The trash would be best for those! So they LV, I cannot sell and after seeng so many in horrid condition; I won’t buy any new because they do not wear & last for the $$$ you pay! There are plenty of other designers from Paris, Spain, Italy even the USA that make better quality bags than LV! This I know from years & years of experience! A Vintage D & B all weather bag will come back to life with a good leather cleaning lotion; and look like it did when bought 20 yrs ago! A LV bag once the leather is cracked and peeling there’s no hope!

  • Thorton

    Once a high-end brand goes mass the real clientele do NOT want it at any price point. Mass includes online stores and social media. Harsh but true reality so-called LUXURY brands. If your greed has sold you out to the masses do not think that raising prices is the answer savvy consumers know what something is truly worth.

  • Daba

    I’ve been collecting LV since the late ’70s. The pieces that were made before LVHM were truly exquisite — only the finest materials were used and attention was paid to every detail. Through the ’80s and ’90s the brand became iconic, in large portion thanks to Marc Jacobs’s innovation and creativity. Whether having Steven Sprouse spray graffiti on your Keepall is in keeping with the spirit of the brand can be debated, but sales soared!

    However, in the last 10 years or so the prices have sky-rocketed and the quality has suffered. Don’t get me wrong — LV products are still top of the line — but the attention to detail, lining a bag or even a notebook cover with the finest silk or calf’s leather, lifetime repairs: gone. I have a dopp kit from the early ’80s (from their first men’s collection) with the most amazing, tiny, refined hinges that looks practically as good as new. I also have a toilette bag that I bought in 2001; after a number of years the ‘washable’ interior (read: plastic) started to flake and made an awful mess of everything. At the shop they admitted that it wasn’t suitable for the oils in some products. IT’S A TOILETTE BAG! COSMETICS HAVE OILS IN THEM! It cost me around €125 to have it re-lined (admittedly, not an exorbitant amount and they did beautiful work — looked like new) but A) LV products used to be guaranteed for life and B) if you know that a certain material is unsuitable, then WHY RELINE IT WITH THE SAME MATERIAL??? The concept of luxury and service has taken a beating.

    My Advice: Buy vintage. Preferably not on the Internet unless you know what you’re doing. But at concession shops I have found BEAUTIFUL vintage pieces (many much finer than a lot of the new designs) in used but otherwise perfect condition (who wants to wait for the leather to turn honey-brown anyway?) for 1/4 to 1/3 of the price of a new piece. And the older the piece, the finer the quality.

  • Will Spagg

    Sorry, but I don’t believe for a second that anyone buys such an expensive bag only because they like the bag. The status symbol factor plays a big role in the motivation of such purchases, and tbh, I think that’s really weak.
    I would never pay 1000+ dollars for a bag… a bag! Even if I had millions. I have a neighbour who claims to own five of these bags, she is also a chronic attention seeker, and seems to have self esteem issues.