Louis Vuitton may not be known for their small array of exotic handbags, but they should not be ignored. One of the most exciting parts of visiting our favorite Louis Vuitton boutique at the Bal Harbour shops in Miami is seeing what exotic bags they have on display. I have never owned one but I have always coveted them. And why wouldn’t I? Some of the most classic Louis Vuitton designs are re-vamped in exotic skin touches, adding an extra level of allure and luxury.

Right now the Louis Vuitton Python Artsy is luring me. Available in both gris and noir, the Artsy is a double threat because of its classic hobo shape and design.

When it comes to python skin, I prefer a monotone color rather than the natural look. It helps let the design speak for itself versus the skin trying to speak for the bag. Python skin is not everyone’s favorite exotic, and that is completely understandable. But Louis Vuitton uses a very high end skin that feels both durable and luxurious.

While the Louis Vuitton monogram at times is too logo-y for many, it is perfect on the Artsy. The iconic logo is stamped into the bag, which adds dimensionality with a classic touch. The only aspect I am concerned with is how long the shoulder drop is. A major pet peeve of mine is a bag that sits too snug on my shoulder, so I hope that the shoulder drop gives ample room. Buy via Louis Vuitton for $8550.

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  • Bagolicious

    Even though it’s python, still, ridiculous price and it looks like the YSL Roady(?).

    • Actually, I thought that too about the Roady – but a hobo shape is a hobo shape

  • gpc

    Same tacky logo, disguised in an exotic skin, boring shape. Totally overpriced. Enough said…

  • yeh-yeh

    while I too think that the monogram is a bit too much (python is a really beautiful texture by itself), I am loving the black version. I would love to see in real life whether the play of light is as cunning as it is on the Mahina bags. But great launch in Artsy shape anyway.

  • Linda

    Actually, I think the price is too common! I think they should have amped it by another $500! LOL!! :)

  • Alana

    I love this bag in the grey!!

  • LV-nowwhat

    I think the bag is a beauty. But I enjoy LV bags.

  • reneeo

    I prefer bags without logos but its disguised nicely in the python. I think these bags are beautiful even though I’m not a big LV fan.

  • MAX

    add some more for real hand made Birkin bag. I like it though without the monogram embossed all over ruining the beauty of exotic leather.

  • BeHappy

    If I had the cash I would buy it..

  • Mary

    I am not usually a fan of snake, but the gris is simply stunning. And the price is really not bad considering now my lv, chanel and Hermes charge for exotic leathers.

  • Janelle

    It’s a really nice bag. I think the price is a little much and it looks too old for me, but nevertheless, I like it.

  • Athea

    Gorgeous bag!!!!!! Love it!!!!!

  • meghan

    I love this! I’ll never have the cash for it though! Something about python kinda creeps me out in a way because I’m disgusted my snakes lol It is beautiful tho

  • Handbag Lover

    I love this bag!

  • Nee

    I think the monogram spoils the beauty of the skin, but other than that its gorgeous. Did you get a chance to touch, would love to know how the python feels!

  • Kellyx

    LVoe it! LVoe it! LVoe it! It’s one of the few LV bags that attract me this much..but the price is too much..for me at least.. I guess I’ll just wait for the same bag from the Empreinte collection…..

  • Demi

    Though not a huge fan of LV, I must admit I like some of its designs. This one is by far the best LV bag I’ve ever seen!!! I love exotic skins and I really like the shape of the bag. Seems like an every-day bag, but it must be the classiest of its kind! The price however is really, really high…

  • kealohanui

    Clicked on link to buy and it sent me to LV homepage, can’t even find in new arrivals. Tease.

  • Sonya

    Absolutely beautiful!! These bags are great, I would carry it in a hot hurry. They are perfect for this coming fall.

  • tracy

    ahhh, so beautiful! :) someday i’ll get one hehe

  • hect

    love love love this bag i have not said this of a vuitton bag in years and this is divine !

  • Livadore

    One of few Louis Vuitton bags I actually like.. I think it would look much better without the monogram though!


  • mochababe73

    I am on the fence. I like the idea, but the execution is bothering me. It seems that the opening compared to the bottom is off. The bag does appear like it would sit upright.

  • 19yearslater

    Drool. I’ve been a fan of artsy since it was released and this iteration is stunning. Shoulder drop’s the only thing that worries me, too.

  • Claire

    Very pretty and understated.

  • sosti

    OMG, i nearly dropped my coffee cup… this bag is GORG!!

  • CKS

    Does anyone know how many of these bags were made? We are in Italy and there are only two available in the whole country.

  • CBC

    There are only 50 in each colour world-wide.

    • Jelita78

      i guess it will become a-made-to-order then.. (ipad)


    Thats not a bag! It’s a way of life

  • sassygirl

    does it come wif white leather?

  • Britt

    I bought the Artsy in Monogram Empreinte while on vacation in London recently. While it is gorgeous, it is also a very large bag. Personally, I love this bag because of it’s shape and texture of the leather. It’s perfect in ever way!

  • Jelita78

    well helloooo gorgeous!
    wish i had the money to say “come to mama!” (ipad)

  • Valerie

    It is absolutely gorgeous! I love the shape and the elegant design, wish I had the money. (iPad)

  • Sherriann

    The python looks fabulous (ipad)

  • beanyce126

    love its, some day i will be able to return to my shoulder bags, as for now it has to be huge shoulder bags. want you and miss you. (ipad)

  • Lovemedo

    I got both color for each of my wife
    Black One from Paris $5,500 Euro
    Gray One From Salzburg $6,200 Euro
    It is the most beautiful and cost effective bag that I bought for my wifes.

  • wenrich

    I didnt have the python but I have the empreinte artsy in flamme and I love it..the slouch i adore

  • olivera davidoff

    Well it is the eve of autumn 2011 and python is the in thing globally be it Vogue USA or PARIS. This old number satisfies luxury, exotic taste, functionality and anyone who has this one can take it out of hiding and wear this again. LV created this one for practicality girls. I love it!

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  • Roe

    I just added the Artsy Inifini to my collection. I’m so in love with it.

  • Nagy

    My husband birthday gift to me is ARTSY! im just dreaming of owning atleast one Nice bag! im so surprised when i get home frm work on my birthday to see a paper bag from LV! He said he save a lot of money to afford it! Its so lovely and u can just put anything inside as in! Its a bag on the go!

  • linqli

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  • Louis Vuitton Artsy make me crasy!!!

  • Marjorie_k_99

    I love this bag !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Giuliana

    I have the navy and black one and they are awesome!!