My love of handbags and beauty go hand in hand. I have always loved beauty products, but I have a special place on my vanity and in my heart for perfumes. I own countless perfumes, and they are special to me for their ability to deepen memories. As the strongest sense tied to memory, smell has the ability to take me back to a certain time in my life, and subsequently, I make it a point to wear perfume every single day. I would estimate I own somewhere around 40 perfumes (I know, I have a problem), but I just love wearing it. If I forget to spritz perfume on before I leave the house, it throws my day off-kilter.

Louis Vuitton is still pretty new to the perfume scene, as the brand launched a set of seven scents created by famed French perfumer, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, just three years back in 2016. Since that initial release three years ago, the brand has expanded its fragrance collection to include additional fragrances, fragrance cases, and travel and mini-size sets. The brand just launched its tenth perfume fragrance, Cœur Battant, which I am excited to smell in stores this season. In addition to their perfumes, Louis Vuitton also offers five signature cologne fragrances that are marketed towards men, although I find many of their scents to be unisex.

Despite being new to the fragrance market, Louis Vuitton has secured itself as one of my favorite brands for perfume. In fact, the Rose Des Vents scent is the favorite in my perfume collection and is my go-to fragrance throughout the year (it works in all four seasons, which cannot be said of every perfume). Louis Vuitton stores have been quite generous with their perfume samples, and I make it a point to sample several of their scents when I visit the store. I am looking to add another bottle to my collection, which seems unnecessary since my first bottle is still three-quarters full despite being three years old, but I like to test new scents frequently. I think the reason I love my LV perfume so much is that a little goes a very long way, and one or two sprays will last the entire day on my skin.

Since fragrance smells different on every single person, I would recommend asking for a sample and wearing it for a day before buying a full-size bottle. I find that my Louis Vuitton perfume dries on my skin differently than when I first spray it on, so it’s always good to test it. You can also purchase the sample set that has mini sizes of each scent. The mini set retails for $300 USD, which I believe is a good bargain considering the set comes with seven 0.33oz bottles.

Louis Vuitton perfumes are on the pricier side, a 3.4oz bottle will set you back $250 USD. Considering a Chanel perfume of the same size costs around $100 USD, it definitely is a higher-end price point. I personally think the unique nature of the fragrances is worth it, these scents stand out among the competition and smell like nothing else I’ve smelled in a beauty store. The first time my husband smelled my LV perfume, he remarked how “amazing and different” I smelled (and he is not shy when he doesn’t like a perfume I’m wearing!).

I love the sleek design of the bottle. It’s a polished aesthetic yet remains eye-catching—a hard balance to strike. The bottles can be engraved with initials or a date for a personal touch. The brand offers easy refills once a bottle runs out, and I am a big fan of the sustainable approach that the brand is taking by adopting refills. Have you tried Louis Vuitton fragrances? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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