Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Sac The shape is that of the Speedy, yet this mini bag packs a small yet cute punch! The Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Sac features petite measurements, 6″x 4″x 3″, which make it a great evening bag, accessory bag, or bag for a youngster. While splurging for your little one, price is very important, to keep your little one lucky while not completely spoiled and indulged. It of course is all relative, as many who do not love handbags would never spend $375 on them self for a bag let alone on their child. I have seen many pictures of toddlers with this handbag, toting it around looking like a fashionista in the making. And I am sure some of you will hate the idea of giving a designer handbag to a three year old, but I am certain when I have a little girl she will be toting this bag around too. The monogram canvas is trimmed with natural cowhide and there are two rolled leather handles. Buy through eLuxury for $375 and receive free shipping on all orders!!

So tell me, would you ever splurge for your little one on this handbag?

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  • Nirodha

    No, unless she was a teenager and understood, fully, the value of money!

  • S

    only if i was filthy rich and my little girl somehow strangely shows an unusual interest in lv speedy.

  • Fashionista Optimista

    Not in a million years would I give such a bag to my little girl (if I ever have one) — I agree with Nirodha that a person should first understand the value of money and not just take things ($$ included) for granted.

    I don’t even think a child cares or can appreciate what they carry on them — it should be something that they like and want to wear, but not LV or other high-end stuff — I’d rather spoil my kid with love than money.

  • sweetneet

    I agree 1000% with Fashionista and and Nirodha. Tempting as it is, I would *never* ever give a designer bag to my little girl (when I have one). What kind of message does this send?

    And yes, I too would rather spoil my kid with love that with money.

    And part of the reason I love designer bags now is that after spending most of my life w/ very modest income (i spent 4 years in college + 6 years grad school), I can now finally afford designer bags (i’m almost 30 now). So buying these expensive bags with my hard-earned $$ is part of the enjoyment…like indulging myself with a reward after all my hard work. Wouldn’t be the same at all if my parents had always spoiled me with designer bags. You don’t appreciate things as much if they’re always just given to you. Just my $0.02.

  • Vernissima

    I bought a mini multicolore one for my 9 year old niece a few months ago for her birthday. I think it is all relative. For example, most parents in America wouldn’t think twice about buying their kids a $20 pair of shoes, but in Africa and China where a lot of farmers in rural areas don’t even wear shoes on a daily basis except to look nice at a wedding or to go to the city would absolutely scream and balk at the idea of giving a child a pair of $20 (expensive to them) shoes. I don’t think its right for people above to make sweeping judgements on stuff like this. It’s up the individual and giving kids $300 bags does NOT automatically make them brats or spoiled.

  • tela

    Whenever I buy an evening bag, I make sure it doesn’t look like a little girl’s play thing. There are many small bags that are whimsical yet fit for mature women, but this ain’t it. It always makes me cringe when I see this mini speedy in a grown woman’s hand. On a grown up’s it screams ‘this is the only LV I can afford.’ But, for a little girl this is perfect and I would also add sweet monogram hair clips to her hair. Also, I don’t think buying this bag spoils a child. There are things like playstations, ipods, xboxes etc…that cost as much money.

  • i have one son

    I have an eleven year old son, and he has pretty much everthing a normal kid his age has… ex: ipod, ps3, tv in his room, cell phone. We don’t give him a weekly allowance, and we reward him on his bday and christmas. He has to be able to keep up his grades and does chores around the house. I think its more acceptable for parents to stand outside in the cold, right before christmas and wait for the next best video console for their sons, which did cost $600 last year for the PS3 but yet, some of those same parents would dismiss the thought of buying their daughter maybe anything over $100. I think it goes both ways. It’s just more noticable if a little girl were to have a designer handbag, vs. a boy who has an expensive video game system in his room. Not to mention the plasma tv to go with it! I don’t see anything wrong with it, just as long as the parents aren’t living in debt and going crazy over thier bills. Besides, i see little girls carrying coach, dooney, juicy, and with all those bags together, it adds up to one LV. i hope this made sense. We plan on giving our son a laptop for xmas, which is more than a $350 LV :wink:

    • tela

      I couldn’t have put it any better. You are absoultely right, especially about not living in debt part. Memo to men: A classic handbag stays with you for a long time, but a new gizmo or gadget is obsolete after couple of months. Plus, my Barkin didn’t cost as much as a sports car or that home theatre in basement. lol

  • Kiki

    I’m carrying designer handbags now but thats becoz i bought them with my hard-earned money. My parents never bought me anything name-brand when i was growing up and i would say its better that way now that i look back. I dun like seeing 9-10 year old girls carring juicys or coach let alone LVs. Its just not right. They are just wannabes- adult wannabes that is.They probably just wanna look like their older sisters or moms without thinking that sometimes u have to wait to be old enough to own or wear certain things. Some people definitely can afford to get their kids LVs and even more expensive things but I just think its better to make them wait until they r old enough to appreciate money.

    • sweetneet

      i totally agree Kiki! I never had *anything* name-brand growing up, never had a laptop in college (when I got one in grad school I bought it with my own $$).now that i can afford it i appreciate it much more.

      And yeah, maybe when the kids are teenagers (when they can start working and earning their own $$, and can understand money and what it means to earn, save etc) then they can appreciate expensive items like designer purses, video game consoles, etc… but a 9-year-old with a designer handbag?? :shock: that’s crazy. what does she have to look forward to when she’s older? how can you learn to appreciate luxurious items when they’ve always been handed to you?? :???:

  • mick nugget

    I think it’s ridiculous, but I also think that kids today are way too indulged, mainly because of parents trying to “keep up with the jones.” I can afford to buy my kids any and all of the gadgets, bags, clothes, whatever that they want, but they don’t get big gifts except on Christmas and birthdays, and if I don’t want them to have it, they don’t get it. Like a TV in their room–sorry, but I want to know what my kids are watching and to regulate how much they watch so their brains don’t rot. Try doing that with a TV in the room. Call me strict, but I’m the parent and I make the rules for my kids–they aren’t based on what everyone else’s parents allow.

    As for the LV, it’s not so expensive but the main issue I have with it is it seems like just projecting your own interests (bags, LV, fashion, whatever) onto your child. If they’re not old enough to really know what LV is, or (as someone else mentioned) the value of $350, they shouldn’t have it–i.e., until their teenagers, at least. Plus, it’s bound to create competition or animosity at school, and kids will get into that soon enough on their own. I guess what I’m saying is, this bag is a perfect gift if you want your kids to be featured on “My Super Sweet Sixteen” in 10 years.

  • Love for CocoChanel

    Well I wouldn’t give a 3 yr old a LV. No offense but seeing adults carrying this bag does make them look like its the only LV they can afford. I would buy an LV for my daughter(when I have one) when she iis in her teens and likes LV and most of all get good grades in school.

  • yummymummy

    the very first thing i thought when i saw this bag was “i have to get that for my daughter when she gets a bit older” (she’s only 5 months) It’s adorable and she’d match me with my louis. Just like angelina and zee with their histoires. so cute.

  • tela

    Just to play the devil’s advocate, I did have designer bags when growing up, but never felt indulged. There’s a thing called “discipline” that meant being responsible and considerate among other things. Just because I had LV during youth doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate it now. My sister bought my 11 year old niece multi Eliza. My niece is most kind, generous, innocent and not to mention academically gifted. Did my niece ask for that bag? NO. My sister saw it as a bonding thing and a special memory that can be passed on, just as I remember my first LV experience fondly. I still have my first LV. It is similar to a dad taking his son to a superbowl or going fishing. Everyone chooses to bond with their children differently. Bottomline, kids carrying designer duds are not always spolied and neither are their parents being over-indulging. Sorry to have bored you with my personal info.

  • tulipfield

    Regardless of whether you consider it “spoiling” or not, what is a little girl (especially a 3-year-old) gonna do with a LV bag that she couldn’t do with any other little bag they make for girls her age to play dress-up with? As a gift, wouldn’t she enjoy a doll, an art set, a picture book, or something else more?
    Besides, just because her mommy gives her a LV bag, that does not make her a mini-fashionista. She didn’t pick it out herself with her own prodigious fashion sense, and honestly, when I was a little girl my sensibilities favored the colorful and sparkly, not the “plain” brown purses my mom carried.

  • baglover

    no. definitely not to a three year old.

  • ms.diamond

    i have that bag but i surely wouldnt buy for a 3 year-old that would be a waist of money. you buy it and the next thing you know its sitting on the floor waiting to be used.

    • fabulous

      when my diva of a daughter turned 4 years old i bought her this bag she knows its a lv she takes great care of her bag stuffs it with her goodies and carries every time we go out excepts school of course this bag goes fabulously with her burberry coat no regrets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEAH HER!

  • T

    Personally I have always grown up wearing more expensive clothes than most kids. I’m Chinese at birth it’s custom to give the child 24K gold jewellery and jade bracelets. So I have worn jewellery all my life. I had one incident and that was when I was about 5 years old and my 24K chain broke, being young I threw it in the garbage (with my jade pendent attached). when my mom found out she freaked out and found it (in the trash can) my mom then explained to me that it was expensive jewellery and that I should give it to her next time to let her deal with it. So I had a rough concept of money even at a young age. I also received my first fur coat at the age of 6 and my first mink coat at the age of 8. However, I have always known about the value of money and i have always taken really good care of my things! So you cannot say that simply because a child has nice things that they are spoiled!

  • c

    Don’t have the pleasure of having a lil girl..but my son had his first pair of louis shoes at the age of 3…and they are coming out with another pair in three weeks that he will have. He has no idea the cost of these things and could care less..I buy it for him because I like it..I would buy that purse for my pre-teen daughter if I had one…

  • Amy

    Of Course I would my 2 year old daughter Amelle has everything designer including this handbag.
    God whats wrong with you people!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephanie

    OMG I have just bought this purse for my 3 year old daughter, she wanted one just like her mom’s. I think it’ the poor people who want stuff like this and can’t afford put people down who do. Put down your Bud wiser and Nascar t-shirts people and stop complain. What don’t you have anything better to do in your trailer park?

    • Get real

      Your funny, because you were calling everyone poor, and now your like “enjoy life” Your a snob :)

  • OMG!!!!!

    I am 12 years old and i just got a REAL NEW LV!!!!!!! I got my first when i was like 9 so ya and omg Stephanie, thank u for FINALLY speaking the truth!!! LV’s r ah-dorable! ;-))
    much luv!!!!!!

  • connie

    i wil definately buy it for my daughter, she is only 20mths old and loves walking around with a bag. Even a plastic bag i tel u lol. I buy diors, burberry, guess and etc brands clothings for her and honestly a skirt a top and a pair of shoes will cost WAY more than 350 so whats the point of being stingy just becos its a bag now? Plus its gg to last longer on her than her clothes wont it? I still see it as cheap investment.

  • Stephanie

    We can all argue till we are blue in the face about how to raise our children. Does it really matter what someone buys for their own children? One thing that I have learned, is that life is too short, so enjoy it. I waited until I was 29 until I got my first LV purse and just loved being able to get my 3 year old one. It’s something that she will keep forever and it’s so freaking cute.
    She gets tons of compliments on it and honestly the only thing I worry about is someone trying to steal it from her since she’s so little. What world do we live in when I am more worried about someone taking a little purse from my 3 year old than worrying what people think about her having one.
    Enjoy life ladies! Our girls will be in the white house one day and I am sure they will have a designer purse on their arm!!

  • Sarah Sternberg

    If I had serious money I’d get this in a heartbeat for my niece, Stella. She’s 6 but she’s old enough to appreciate it-it’d be just like YaYa’s!

  • Cat

    Hi Do u know if this bag has a serial number/ date code and where it may be located in the bag? Thank You! :D

  • pedro

    jai vai comander se sac

  • Breannacakes

    i wanna know where i can buy one at? its a purse not that big of a deal and i will get my daughter whatever