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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Lori

    This bag is perfection! I think it’s going to be my next bag. <3

    • Ohh I want one too! Which one are you thinking?!

      • The pink and black combo is lovely!

      • Mary9635

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      • Lori

        The all black seems like it will give me years of wear (and joy!). So I am going with that one.

  • Charlie

    Never full meets the LV buckle…

  • B.S.

    I think this bag is so gorgeous in black. When I’m ready for a tote from LV I will definitely be getting this over the Neverfull!

  • Sparky

    Nicely done. They should stay in this direction.

  • Wow an LV bag I actually kinda like

  • Sara

    Gorgeous bag. Well priced for LV and actually functional. This is not a one hit wonder. Love it.

  • chae

    meh…. I’ll stick to Celine sangle seau

  • psny15

    its cute but the buckle seems a little tacky on this particular bag (on other bags i absolutely love the buckle but I’m not feeling it on this one)

  • mardigras

    Yay no laces/belts/tassels! Simple and classic.

  • Lisa

    Love! I could carry the cream/black or red every day.

  • Kim

    Love this!

  • Richardjhonson1

    Beautiful Handbags!!!


  • Jerri R

    The solid black one and the solid red one stole my heart

  • Mary Smith

    I just don’t like this bag in anything but the solid color.

  • Pamela

    I like it!

  • Wendy Huang

    I really hope it’s lighter than the epi leather. Can’t wait to visit Waikiki and see the Rubis color in store.

  • Susan

    It’s over-kill to have the signature buckle AND the printing at the base.

    • Smithy

      Agreed. That was the first thing I noticed. Too much.

    • Sparkletastic

      LV just can’t do understated can they? Always over the top branding. ?

    • Casey

      100% agree. The LV lock is more than enough! And even that is on the large side.

  • Immodest Goddess

    It’s on my Christmas list!

  • FreshlyMynted

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  • Rashida

    I am in love!

  • Andre Meaux

    So…LV remade the Neverfull and added Coach’s turnlock??

  • Kelchic

    Why oh why did LV ruin this beautiful bag with the obnoxiously large logo closure?! Such a shame.

  • Allou

    Beautiful. Saw them in Paris.

  • Graeme

    I have my Lockme Cabas right now and I must say I AM IN LOVE!!