For the past few years, Louis Vuitton has been on such a great roll with resort collections, and for good reason. The brand’s identity is built around the idea of luxury travel, so it follows naturally that it would be particularly suited to a season that came about out of the need for pre-season travel goods for those who have the money and flexibility to escape the winter weather in less exotic locales.

Vuitton, in partnership with longtime muse and current aesthetic collaborator Sophia Coppola, have dreamed up a grand Parisian adventure from the back of a scooter for Louis Vuitton Resort 2012. Because of Coppola’s involvement, the bags include several colorful versions of her popular satchel, but the real standouts were the leopard print helmets. I wonder if LV will make any bags in that pattern? A girl can home. More pictures after the jump. (Warning: Some of the images are a tad small, we did the best we could with what Vuitton released for the media.)

[Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton]

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  • rose60610

    #12 speaks to my penchant for red; #2 says “Vespa, vroom, vroom!”, cool!

  • Amy

    Love #8! That strap can’t possibly be extended to make it cross body, though. Right?

  • kaity

    LOVE the bright colors

  • Chels K

    This whole collection leaves me cold.

  • Ashleyg

    hmm… I only like the duffles…

  • Lulugurl

    I love #6. The perforated leather just screams vespa/motocycle/bike chic.

  • 19yearslater

    #11. I want it. #3 is nice as well.

  • ninjaninja

    Perforated leather seems really hot at the moment.

  • mochababe73

    I like the perforated leather and the blue doctor’s bag.
    Louis Vuitton is never on my radar. For some reason, I am thinking that those bags are not really special. It would have to be special in order for me to shell out that kind of money.

  • edoardo

    I lvoe this bags very very nice especially the perforated one….cooool!

  • Bir

    The green Sofia Coppola bag is wonderful I love the color but those tambourines not again it’s like seeing mom jeans come back!!!

  • Ms M

    good to see they are bringing old styles with a makeover!! Love it!!

  • jinky m.salendab

    i lik the green color handbag fr.louis vuitton…

  • Mike

    I like the updated Saumur 30 (#6), and what appear to be 11 and 16!

  • Melissa

    Adore the perforated saumur! Must have!

  • Adiva

    Loving #6.. and the green!!

  • Heather

    Looks like they updated the St Cloud

  • Bagolicious

    Oh, my God, they’ve brought back the Chantilly,oval-shaped, cross body purse (#9).
    My first Vuitton purse was the Monogram, Chantilly. I bought it 31 years ago, at the Paris, Vuitton boutique on Avenue Marceau. I loved that purse and sold it in around 2004, for more than I had originally paid for it. From what I can remember, I originally paid around $150., for it and before the detaxe (tax refund).

  • QQ

    this is the first time i have ever wanted an LV! #11 is awesome

  • rossy

    i love it

  • aien honeydew

    its very2 fantastic…..

  • aien honeydew

    hoho im reallllyyy like it!

  • carrie

    I love the saumur. I’ll be needing one of these.

  • Laura

    Beautiful collections!!! I love them all!

    Loving pearls @

  • Kita B

    I have the SC Bag in Jasper and I absolutely love that bag. It’s roomy and comfy like my favorite leather jacket. I love that it isn’t plastered with the logo. I may have to get the aqua colored version for next summer.

  • Gabrielle

    i love 8 & 2!!!!

  • Rouze

    i love ol of em

  • phyu phyu

    I love it