Louis Vuitton and Takashi MurakamiLouis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami go hand in hand now. But it was only six years ago when they first collaborated on the spring-summer 2003 season. We continue to be excited by new Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami collaborations and wait anxiously to hear about the new additions. For your viewing pleasure, Takashi Murakami has created a film animation to follow his Superflat Monogram film from 2003. The new filmed is dubbed the Superflat First Love.

CLICK HERE to watch the video now!

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  • Classic Chic

    Oh my, it’s super adorable! But somehow the character reminds of Totoro :)

  • Joe

    That was just like a Final Fantasy Game!

  • Vicky

    I watched this at the Louis Vuitton Passion for Creation exhibition in Hong Kong when it opened in May! The Takashi Murakami room was cuteness overload.

  • lucy
  • nicky

    omggg supercuteee <3333 i like this one more than the “superflat monogram” ….

  • Princess Adeleine

    I hope this does not offend Louis Vuitton but that is kinda ugly, but the cherry purse is REALLY cute.

  • don

    i love this cute lv model.
    how much is it? where i can find it and buy it in a local cheap store in Asia? i live in Indonesia.

    thanks !

  • Fashionputitallonme

    Takashi Murakami’s I love youre collection, True design. I have most of youre collections. I really enjoyed the cherry blossom, and the Multicolor Collections I have the speedy 25 and the Papillion beautiful work.

    But it was a beautiful film

  • Tawnee

    I really hope they would re-release the Murakami Neverfull Collection with this new design.