In the South, we’re a little weird about college football. If any of you grew up or went to college south of the Mason-Dixon line, you’re already aware of this phenomenon. Not only do our college teams garner much more ardent support than any of our professional teams, but people devote themselves to their Alma maters with an emotional vigor that is rare to find elsewhere in all of sports.

So what’s this got to do with handbags, you say? Well, today is opening day of the 2008 college football season, and although most of the games aren’t until Saturday, a few will be televised tonight and kick off (literally) the happiest 12 weeks of the year for this sports fan. Not only that, but this time of year brings about an odd dressing conundrum for all female football fans that support schools in the South.

Because here, you can’t just wear *anything* to a game. We dress up for football like some people dress up for church – and we do it in our team’s colors. Some schools (particularly those where orange figures prominently, bleh) have a harder time of it than others, and I like to think that my school chose wisely. I am an alumni of The University of Georgia, and our colors are red and black. I’ve bought an untold number of dresses, pairs of shoes, and pieces of jewelry in red and black, thinking, “Great! I can wear this on game day!” In reality, there are only 6 or 7 home games per year, and I have more sundresses and red jewelry than I could ever hope to wear to them.

Not everyone understands the desire to dress up for a football game, but in the South, it’s a tradition – my mother and father did it decades before me (at Auburn and UGA, respectively), and it’s a custom that I’m proud to carry on. It harkens back to an era when social events, including football games, were worthy of proper dressing, and also an era where women didn’t go outside in sweatpants with words on their bottoms. Obviously, this tradition was made for me.

One thing that’s very important for a put-together look, as all of you know, is a great bag, and it’s no less important on game days. A good, functional, fashionable bag can make or break the day since keeping your things with you and safe while traipsing from tailgate to tailgate is essential if you want to eventually make it inside the game (tickets! Guard the tickets!).

My personal pick? The Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Bowling Montaigne PM in red (Louis Vuitton is more common at southern football games than you’d think). Epi leather is rigid and durable, and the bag would probably be weighty enough to use to smack an opposing fan in the head. The PM size would be small enough to tuck safely under the bleacher and the zip-top closure would keep things safely inside where the bag to tip over or fall off a seat (because if you lose your ticket, the world ends). And the color? Pure, Bulldawg red. Buy through eLuxury for $1500.

So to those that may have never considered the vagaries of choosing a handbag for football season, happy shopping.

And above all, GO DAWGS!

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  • I just have to say that I do not approve of this Georgia Bulldogs love on our Ohio State run website!!!!!!!!! :wink:

  • lauren

    I have a father that went to UGA amanda, and I have a brother that’s at the Orange, UTK school! LOL…I MUCH PREFER RED! I would choose a RED Balenciaga BAG!! The LV epi line is a little too old for a college game…need something with a little more feisty-ness :razz:

  • Windy

    Everything you said is spot-on, Amanda! With a rivalry one state over from GA of UA’s Crimson Tide, I feel the same way you do about the Southern dress at football games. I can remember hearing stories from my aunts when they were in college (decades ago) that people dressed in furs and heels! It was, and still is, a true social event! The dress is not quite what is was in the days of fur, but it is still a much discussed and analyzed decision on what to wear, handbags included! Here, it is anything crimson or houndstooth (for an old nod to the infamous “Bear”). Roll Tide Roll!!!!!!!

  • BrennaMom

    Forget the bag, I want an UGA puppy!! And I don’t mean stuffed :)

    • I have one!!! Her name is Cassie Mae and she has a beautiful red collar to show her UGA pride. She’s my baaaaaaaaaaby.

  • Brooke

    I live like 30 minutes from UGA…sorry, but I’m an LSU fan! Geaux Tigers!

    • AcadieAnne

      Geaux Tigers! I have a bowling Montaigne in bright purple (grenade). Cassis is too boring for Death Valley, imho.

  • Brittania

    I am one of those unfortunate souls who goes to a school where orange is a hassle… who wants orange ANYTHING if not solely for the purpose of wearing it to a game?
    Go Illini! :0P

    • gypsumrose

      Yay, Illini! RM Tangerine is a nice orange. :)

      I love the idea of dressing up for your games, but I couldn’t bring myself to put my LV under a bleacher! Eek!

  • Emily

    While a red Balenciaga may work for other school, the LV Epi is perfect for an Ole Miss game… We keep things a little more preppy here. Plus the red works with the school colors (yet another reason to be thankful that I’m not a UT student).

    Hotty Toddy!

    • Agreed – southern schools keep things preppy, so a Bal bag wouldn’t really work. I’m a Bal girl, even, but that’s just not the bag for this situation. Plus, you have to sit the bag down in the grass, on concrete bleachers in the stadium, all over the place – Bal leather is way too delicate, so something like the Epi is great because of it’s stiffness and durability.

      This is why I wrote this post – there’s a TON of stuff that goes into consideration for gameday outfits and accessories!

  • Crystal

    Although I am Texas A&M Aggie- there are NEVER cool maroon bags- the discontinued Vuitton Epi mandarin is a great choice for orange colored schools. I carry mine to University of Texas games when Im visiting. And, I see a lot of other mandarin bags as well. This year I’ll try to pull of Vuitton vernis in Amarante as maroon. Will tell you guys how it goes.

  • sndc99

    I love this bag I own it in black and college football doesn’t mean that much but …..anything to buy a purse

    • In the South, college football means everything.


      I will be out on The University of Georgia campus tomorrow morning at 9 a.m., ready to tailgate. If you’ve never tailgated breakfast, well, you’re not a fan. With the right equipment, you can make some damn fine pancakes on a charcoal grill.

      I rode around with my UGA car flags flying alllllll day today. GO DAWGS!!!!

  • patricia

    can’t match lsu’s purple and gold OR SOUTHERNS BLUE AND GOLD(my kids colleges), but my ivory bowling bag goes with everything and I love this baG-

    • Crystal


      Try the LV epi color in Cassis for a great purple. I love it!!

  • Paula

    Well as an ORANGE AND BLUE fan I love the color!! You can find great bags down in FL that are just right for game day. Sorry Amanda but GO GATORS!!

  • Haha I was at a Tech party right after the Alabama-Clemson game on Friday, with a bunch of Georgia fans! (Don’t worry, no one got stabbed).

    But I’d have to say that this bag is much too nice to wear to a Georgia game, I don’t want someone to barf on my LV!

    Plus doesn’t Coach dominate UGA or is that just a stereotype?

    • I’d say that’s just a stereotype – I don’t see all that much Coach around, probably not any more than I see LV. And LV at UGA football games is actually really common.

  • Marissa

    Amanda, that is the best post i have read in a long time…. I grew up in Alabama (ROLL TIDE!) and went to college in Florida and there is no comparison… my fiancé’s family still live in Montgomery, Al and his sister goes to Bama… our wedding was rescheduled due to an Alabama game being the weekend we chose! Talk about football being life… i had to read your post to my fiance and i am going to forward it to my MIL to be and all my girls in the South…

  • VolGal

    Being from Tennesse, I’m a HUGE Vol Fan. Yep, I bleed TN orange and can sing every line from Rocky Top. I bought the Mandarin Dhanura to carry to my games. The orange color seems to work better than any other bag I have ( I cannot carry white, I’d trash it in five minutes ). I live in Hawaii now and tmy beloved Vol games are few and far between, but my treasured bag always stands ready for our next big trek to Neyland stadium. GO VOLS!!! WAIT, maybe I can carry it to the Pro Bowl. Hmmmmm.

  • Scarlett

    Amanda, I am also a Georgia grad and attend every game but I would never put an LV or even a Coach bag under a bleacher seat! It would be covered in peanut shells, sticky coke and Bourbon before half time! ICK! I carry a small bag so it can stay on my shoulder and not hinder my cheering abilities. But I do agree with you… I have a closet FULL of red and black sun dresses!!

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  • sandy

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