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  • so beautiful!

  • Silversun

    Guh, so beautiful. The Deesse looks straight out of Mad Men.

  • bir

    LOUIS IS BACK a true french hand bag one would buy on a trip in 1950 loving them all !!!!!

  • Loving the Deese, especially the MM size. That’s the type of bag worth styling an outfit around.

  • louch

    I’m not 100% sure of these bags – the rigid frames are very grandma-ish IMO. I love the less structured bags but the price is ahem, a bit beyond me!!

  • kemilia

    Such a total Grandma handbag, except she always called them pocketbooks.
    I loved my Grandma dearly but even as a kid, I didn’t like her bag, and I still don’t.

  • ivy

    I still like coated canvas better than exotics. Then again, I’m not the type of customer LV is trying to woo.

  • Lupito

    As a bag artisan, I find this purse really bad made. Just look at the alligator tiles, which are off centered. Number one rule while working with Alligator skins is to make the tiles balance. If they are trying to get to Hermes level, they are still quite green.

  • Bernard

    How do we know if the LV Deesse MM is not authentic? Is there any serial number? Please assist.