Louis Vuitton Candy ScarfSo, I got TI’s new CD, “Paper Trail,” a few days ago and there’s a song on it that I really like called “Swing Ya Rag.” It’s a song you’ll probably hear on radio eventually, and if you like to go out and dance, you’ll probably hear it even sooner. When singing along in my car (yes, I rap alone in my car. You should try it), I can’t help but notice how much he mentions Louis Vuitton and Gucci “rags,” which I’m assuming must be scarves. Mostly, while rapping, I mistakenly say “bag” instead of “rag” because I think I’ve developed some weird sort of mild, purse-related Tourette’s, but I digress. These “rags” are apparently swung above the head, in lieu of dancing, at clubs.

So, I couldn’t help but ask myself: if I were to swing a rag, what rag would I swing? And today, I would swing the Louis Vuitton Candy Scarf/rag. It has a fun, pop-art sensibility to it that reminds me of the jelly-filled jewelry I used to have as a little kid in the 80s. That jewelry had glitter and other tiny, shiny treasures floating in the brightly-colored goo inside, the the arrangement of the LV logos and stars in this scarf look like someone has squeezed all the floating goodness towards the edges. It’s casual, glam, and a lot of fun – perfect for the type of rag-swinging that TI seems to be advocating. Buy through eLuxury for $340.

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  • Fabutopia

    That’s a really pretty scarf!!! I like the little logos, that are not “in your face” LV. Subtle, but still so cute with all the colors of Spring!


  • Jennifer

    I really like this print and the scarf is currently on my want, well actually more like, NEED list. I think it will make the perfect addition to the more conservative winter outfits I prance around in daily and will be a much welcome, spring promoting addition to my tiny scarf collection.

  • me

    I saw a performance of this on Saturday Night Live, and he’s seriously swinging around designer scarves the whole time. Leading me to wonder where the heck he got that idea for a song.

  • Anoka

    I love love love this scarf. I’d probably be to afraid to ruin it by wearing it though. I’d just frame it and put it up on a wall so I could admire (ok, so really I’d be staring) at it every day.

  • Ariel Gold

    Im not really big on scarves. but this one i cant help but love. Its just so pretty

  • emm

    LOL at your rapping amanda! i rap lupe fiasco in my room sometimes..and in my head oh and when we watch presentations in class, but once this guy turned around and saw my mouth open and was like, what are you doing hahaha

    anyways, very pretty scarf ^_^ too pretty to use..

  • Soldano

    I saw UGY BETTY a few weeks ago and Betty wore a LV scarf, the one with the butterflies. ^^

  • QueenMAB

    I ADORE this – it appeals to my inner 13 year old (and my outer grown up)

  • tony

    its so cute. i love it

  • Cassy

    i love this. it’s perfect for summer.

  • ntt

    LOL, this whole story had me laughing way to hard. Especially since I’m up at 8 in the morning sitting inside a sex and gender anthropology class :( I love TI and have sang that song many times. He has a very interesting take on designer things. Love the scarf, keep on swinging it. As for me, maybe I’ll plug in my ipod and listen to it right now before I fall into a coma in the class. Can’t wait to graduate!!!!!

  • Denisse

    So cute. It goes perfectly with any outfit

  • Samantha

    I always sing to that song just because it mentions luxury brands. The scarf looks perfect for spring!

  • luvhautecouture

    Fun and colorful.. although I don’t really know how to use a square scarf

  • Ji

    I love that scarf!! its sooo pretttyy…usually with some scarves people just seem to like them cuz their luxury brand, but this is soo cute, bouncy and girly.. perfect for spring and summer

  • M_butterfly

    Now we are taking!! This is more subdued and serene (if you can use that word to describe a scarf!!! but you get the idea).

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