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  • EC

    There is something behind Kanye’s negative comment about LV. The brand has angered him personally somehow. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about pricing. He is either upset over MJs departure or his replacement.

  • Guest

    This may not be the post to ask this question, but what is the rationale behind the pricing of Stella McCartney’s bags?

    • I guess the reputation that she’s the only high-end designer to go vegan – which attracts vegan celebrities who think they’re contributing to a good cause. If u ask me, I’d rather go and buy a bunch of beautiful bags at Zara instead (it’s not like no one owns the “Fallabella”)

    • I actually wrote a post a while back wondering that same thing. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why anyone pays leather prices for her bags.

      • Sandra

        We are off the subject of LV…but I completely agree.. I am not interested in purchasing a Stella McCartney bag or shoes and to pay leather prices, complete rip off.

      • shueaddict

        I actually bought a pair of …ewww … “pleather” pumps quite a few years back. The design was super cool but they went to pieces pretty fast and they were not very “fresh” during warmer weather. To Stella’s credit she really stands behind her beliefs – when I returned the pumps together with several Adidas by Stella items made in Indonesia due to really poor quality I have received back a really nice apology letter and an invitation to her boutique in London. There I got a lecture on sourcing their silk and organic cotton and ended up spending my refund on a truly simple silk shift that is made in silk heaven.

        I still hate pleather but I love Stella.

  • Amanda

    The hot air balloon pic is really cool.

  • DorianGray

    The ad is set in Venice, Italy!

  • Kim

    I also have a question that isn’t directly related to this post – are you going to be recapping the Beverly Hills Housewives this season?! I’m always more excited to read your commentary than I am to actually watch the episode

    • PurseJunkie


  • Ari

    This add campaign has a hint of “Labyrinth: all grown up” to it. =)

    • Sara

      I thought so too :) Even without his full Jareth get-up. I was kinda hoping the music in this video would be “As the World Falls Down”. Love Labyrinth!

  • TL

    I want to know when Kanye West become a fashion critic.

    Also, in the spirit of being totally off topic, is anyone else distracted by the disconnect between the RTW campaigns and the accessory campaigns? I understand the need to appeal to a wider audience with accessories, however, it makes RTW and accessories seem like two totally different brands; it is incongruent.

    For instance…
    I live in a pretty fashion illiterate town..
    if I walked up to any random woman, she would say, “Oh me, oh my, I just love Chanel.” But If I asked her anything about Chanel’s actually clothing, she would probably get confused and angry at such a distressing question.


    But, does anyone else notice this?