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Every season, waiting for the Louis Vuitton show is torturous. It comes at the very end of Paris Fashion Week, which is the last city of the season, and its arrival taunts handbag lovers for a full month. Unlike some designers whose brands make a great deal of money from accessories but you largely eschew the use of bags on the runway (we’re looking at you, Yves Saint Laurent), Vuitton knows exactly what we want – THE BAGS. SHOW US THE BAGS.

And befitting off all the anticipation, the bags from Louis Vuitton Spring 2011 are particularly lovely. Model after model strode the runway with trend-appropriate pastel satchels on their arms, many in wallet-draining crocodile. If you’d like to see one of these beauties in your closet come spring, you best start making the financial arrangements now. Also, I’d recommend ridding your house entirely of foods that cause stains – no red wine around these lovely accessories.

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  • melissatrv

    Not my cup of tea. I have always disliked those plastic-y, raincoat, see through bags. And would definitely not buy then for under $100 let alone a premium price.

  • Bir

    Well……I can’t say I love all of them because again I miss the effect of those grand show bags like the theda the trompe and the monogram velours I miss the effect that they gave since I thought they looked like they came from Paris!!!! The materials and the excess were very vuitton and at the same time powerful very Marc Jacobs at his best!!. The use of crocodile is interesting but intend to like Louis for Louis so I personally fall more for the monogram bags and will leave exotics to Hermes and bottega. The color scheme is what I like the most because I do miss soft in the summer, neons and ultra brights had peaked for me.and soft baby colors were screaming for a comeback, actually i think since the great Gatsby with Robert Redford and Mia farrow soft shades had not been so well managed. So not may favorite,but not all is lost .

  • Nayomini

    Agree about the plastic bit but love the others especially the ones in pictures 8, 14, 20. Classic LV bags. Love them to bits!

  • Reina

    Bag 31 looks exactly like a plastic bag i bring to the sunday markets! some of the design of the bags are stunning but im not a big fan of pastels

    • CarolineLondon

      I think I had at least one of those in the 80s… Those are a bit disappointing to be honest, because I just *know* the price will be crazy high for a plastic basket,
      But I am in LOVE with #22/23.

  • rose60610

    #20 has my vote. Love the color contrasted handles and trim. The perforated bags do not appeal to me at all.


    My favs are 25 and 32. Can’t wait to see them in production

    • LV LOVER

      Oh and 38 as well.

  • Cris

    I love most of them, but # 8 is my preferred one! Marc Jacobs is a genius

  • Lori

    I also agree about the plastic and I don’t care for monogram bags in general, but the others are stunning. I would love to own any number of these bags.

  • bir

    i think i think they are vernis leather not plastic and in all honesty they have moe of a frencj terrace look something between vienna in the 1890s and the parisian grand summer tea salon again i see this collection and my mind goes straight to gatsby !!!


    love the leather handbags. The fashion show was amazing. A full sized carousel with 48 models in the spring summer 2012 collection sitting on top of the horses. Did you watch the show? If not, you can watch it here


    I love it!!!

    I want that umbrella!! I want everything really!!


  • louch

    These are such lovely feminine bags apart from the plastic things which look like a giant peg basket!! Love the main photo but I would buy half of thse in a heartbeat!

  • Sil

    the croc bags were my favourites, those were gorgeous
    not so crazy about the rest, specially the see through ones. i’ve never seen the point of those kind of bags. why would i want everybody to see what i’m carrying around?

  • J Umm

    The light blue reptile skin is a stunner but the translucent and net bags… i dont think so… what if the sky suddenly decides to rain on your parade?! WTF would you do?!

  • weng

    love LV….classic is my fave..

  • ciazb
  • Rascha

    Can not wait to have this collectoins in shop.. almost the most amazing LV collection since ever wawwwwww

  • Be REAL

    The plastic likepeg styled basket bag seems not functional piece at all, and see through bag collections.
    However, it is so nice to see heaps of soft color. Very feminine and so classic.


    it is very good bags

  • ellenbakes

    Interesting collection. Can’t say that I’m crazy about the plastic totes. But I wouldn’t mind owning #22.

  • Recampbell1

    do you have any information on your textile bags with leather trim. Where did the ideas for the beach scenes come from?

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    Lv style is fashion.More and more people use Lv

  • Meapmassie

    # 15, love the yellow


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