Entry level Louis Vuitton bags!

1. Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Reade PM (in Pomme d’Amour) – $725.00

2. Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Speedy 30 – $620.00

3. Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Speedy 25 – $595.00

4. Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Neverfull PM – $575.00

All available via eLuxury’s Exclusive Louis Vuitton boutique!

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  • Margarita

    Oh, how I love the Reade PM. ESPECIALLY in Pomme!
    Only 11 months until I get my first LV – A mono Speedy 25! :lol:

  • Karman

    All excellent choices, Vlad!

    • Karman

      Sorry, I meant Megs! :oops:

  • human_pudding

    Is it just me, or is the Damier Azur Speedy one of the most gorgeous bags imaginable. I can’t help it, but the shape of the speedy, in general makes me smile, and the canvas of the Damier Azur line, as simple as it is, gives me hives of happiness. I also love the price of this bag… I’m wondering, why don’t I own one?

  • MsRebecca

    Still waiting on my LV.. Maybe for my b-day?

    • michelle

      dont worry so am i.

  • jada

    I earned several LV always overlooking the speedy. Finally I purchased it and it is no doubt my favorite, bag!!! I love the speedy 30.

  • jada

    I purchased several LV always overlooking the speedy. Finally I purchased it and it is no doubt my favorite, bag!!! I love the speedy 30.

  • MonKey

    I bought the Speedy 30 in the Damier Azur, I absolutely love it! Definitely one of my favorite…. you can fit just about anything in the speedy it’s so roomy. Just love it!

  • bree

    Yes the speedy damier azur is kind of adorable.Cannot buy it though,since I’ve a 25 speedy mono already.Reade PM used to entice me (got one in red),but now i’m thinking of giving it up…prefer something like neverfull which is roomier (but still on the waiting list)

  • Jellibeans

    I Super love my ebony damier 30 ! :razz:

  • Claudia

    I was wondering if someone knows the price of speedy damier azur 30 at Louis Viutton stores. :sad: I am a bit concerned about buying one online. I am afraid they are fake.

  • irma

    :roll: i love louis vutton but i cant aford it :cry:  :sad:

  • :wink: i love louis vuitton :razz: :grin: :grin: :smile:

  • ilove louis vuitton :lol: :razz: :oops: :idea: :smile: :shock: :neutral:

  • EmKO

    omg! 725 $

    I like very much louis vuitton

  • hazel jane watanabe

    I really like LOUIS VUITTON very much…In fact,i have several collection and i love it.

  • salma

    damier azur lovely,n finally i got,glad to see this blog

  • DAWA

    I like Louis vuiton very much and i really wanted to buy but its very expensive .

  • michelle

    I want my bag also, i can wait cuz i have a few more important things to take care of.

  • nicole

    I own the speedy 25 damier azur and it’s adorable..it is the first louis vuitton bag that i’ve bought!now i’m thinking to get the speedy 30 damier ebene and the bellevue PM vernis monogram bleu nuit bag because i bought the last one in pomme d’ammour during summer and i believe it’s stunning! i love LV!

  • bibs

    if u rily want an lv bag n u cant afford it y not get a replica?

  • belinda

    it’s bad bag

  • Stephanie

    Where and what is the serial # for the authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Speedy 30?

  • lovelyn

    i like LV bag but so expensive…who dont want give me..hihi

  • mattie

    i ril in luv wit louis vuitton,..
    And i hv sm prdct frm t bt itz r fuckn expnsv…
    I looooov t