Today’s post is a little different from our usual celeb features – the pic you see above is obviously an unnecessarily massive pile of Louis Vuitton luggage belonging to half of the Kardashian clan – Kris, Kourtney, Scott, Mason, baby Penelope, and their assorted handlers. After the jump, you’ll see pics of the whole gang fresh off a plane from NYC to London. Kourtney and Kris are carrying Hermes Birkins (Kourtney’s personal assistant and/or nanny appears to be holding hers while she wheels the stroller). Scott Disick is carrying what looks to be a Louis Vuitton Damiere Ebene Messenger Bag, though we can’t really see it well enough to ID it with the exact design name.

We were just ragging on Sarah Jessica Parker for committing the same offense just a few weeks ago. I mean, I like to have wardrobe options when I travel too, but this is just a ridiculous amount of luggage for what is likely to be just a few days’ jaunt in London, tops. If you’re looking to pick up a reasonable amount of LV for your own collection, you can shop a broad assortment of Louis Vuitton luggage on the company’s website.

Kourtney Kardashian Kris Jenner Scott Disick Louis Vuitton Luggage Hermes Birkin Bags-4

Kourtney Kardashian Kris Jenner Scott Disick Louis Vuitton Luggage Hermes Birkin Bags-3

Kourtney Kardashian Kris Jenner Scott Disick Louis Vuitton Luggage Hermes Birkin Bags-5

Kourtney Kardashian Kris Jenner Scott Disick Louis Vuitton Luggage Hermes Birkin Bags-1

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  • Totally flashy (in a bad way)
    And is that an autograph of some sort on the front of KK’s trench coat..?

    • flintstone

      Am not into the k’s, but what’s flashy about them? If you’re referring to their accessories, then, we might all as well go back in time to cave dwellers.

      • What’s flashy is the luggage situation, I didn’t mean to insult the entire family.

      • savagerose

        Sounds like you people are just hating on the K family to me. But everybody has time to comment on them??? Trashy? I think its trashy to insult people in this way…thats trashy.

      • I said flashy, and if anyone had done it my reaction would have been the same.

  • SK

    definition: an embarrassment of riches

    • poor

      As what my old friend quote,” if you have it, flaunt it, life’s too short to blend in”. What’s the big deal about it. Funny how most people all over the world consume cheaply-made chinese crap, and those chinese who made their fortune from their horribly made stuff are in turn consuming European luxury items. Next time you are up and about in many places that’s loaded with luxury boutiques, look around you who are mostly the consumers of these products. So, live and let live.

      • Evelyne

        I suggest you look up the terms ‘conspicuous consumption’ and ‘nouveau riche’ in order to understand everyone’s distaste with the Kardashians. Your comment, “If you have it, flaunt it” falls into both categories.

      • poor

        I don’t care for the K’s either, but conspicuous consumption? You ain’t see nothin’ yet!

  • Evelyne

    Anyone still wondering why Vuitton’s image has been cheapened it recent years?

    • poor

      Has Vuitton “cheapened” in any way at all? Anyone in this planet, no matter what your social and financial status are, may or may not choose to own LV’s or any items they choose to have, if afforded.

  • FashionableLena

    Let me just say this. I believe that this is the same amount of luggage that Rachel Zoe and Rodger took to New York Fashion Week before they had Skylar. Two people. There are three adults, two children, and probably a nanny and a personal assistant. I don’t find this to be obscene or ridiculous.
    I see 10 LVs which is probably for the Kardashian Klan. The three non LV are probably for the non-Kardashians. I think that what Rachel Zoe did was obscene. What was it, 12 pieces just for her?

    • FashionableLena

      Ooops. It may have been Paris Fashion Week.

      • freedom

        Doesn’t matter whether fashion week or not, just as long as these people are able to pay for extra airline charges, so be it.

      • FashionableLena

        I didn’t say that it mattered. I stating that I remember it was during fashion week. My point was that Rachel Zoe is one person who had just as much luggage. The Kardashians had at least 5-6 adults plus two children so I don’t see this as being an obscene amount of luggage. But, for one person, I do.
        And, I could care less about airline charges either. It wasn’t the point of the article.

  • Nívia

    no wonder…

  • Kons

    They were all going to Mykonos, Greece for about 15 days I think.. That’s why there’s sooo much luggage! I’m from Mykonos so that’s how I know so much about their trip, I’m certainly not a Kardashian fan

  • gpc

    just awful and tacky – the whole lot of them – Kardashian’s and LVs…

  • Max

    I would just buy Alzer or Trunk instead of having too many luggages to load when traveling. I think they are a bit too much but well it’s marketing to make them more visible and eye catching I think.

  • EbonyLolita

    If anything is tacky in this post it’s the KARTraASHIANS not the LV luggage. LV has stood the test of time & will recover from overconsumption. Ppl are starting to treat Celine the same way so LV will be fine. With that many ppl in one family carrying the same luggage it looks like overkill. But if it were just a few of them traveling it wouldn’t seem so bad.

  • Tex

    Really…I thought this was a purse blog, not the “bash the people who have more money than you” blog. The amount of luggage is reasonable for that many people, especially with children. For those of you who have not travel with children before…you have no idea. And for the record, Louis Vuitton IS a luggage company after all. I expect to see people use LV luggages to TRAVEL. Now if they had suff all of their belongings inside multiple LV purses as luggages, I would see a problem. Not because they used LV purses but because they don’t know the differences between luggage and purses.
    By the way Emily, Scott is using an Icare messenger bag.

    • Firdaus

      calm the fuck down =.=’

  • Guest

    Trash carrying expensive trash bags.

  • Jen

    Image is everything to this family. I won’t go near my monogram LV’s anymore. Too embarrassing. I feel like I’m trying WAY too hard, like this family is. Sad.

    • sporty86

      Im confused, so you have monogram bags, so they were good enough for you at one point, but they are not now?