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  • W

    Beautiful leather bags! Love them so much! I really like the concept of the monogram used for bag handles and acts as an accent to the leather. With canvas handles, there is less worry of the handles darkening(as with vachetta) which happens with leather and much more sturdy than leather handles imo.

  • VanessaFrostickava

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  • SandiG

    Love the guitar case Beautiful!!

  • Mello

    Love this collection the concept of the monogram on the handle and on the inside is awsome! Love it !! Know if they can work this in to the women collection that would be even better!

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  • Like neverfull, but much more fashion, diybrands has this style!

  • guest.

    I’m liking the men’s bags more than the women’s bags

  • ace strike

    the is the sexiest bag i ever seen and its cheap compare to other brand bagsmen accessories