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  • Louis Vuitton recently goes crazy with their bags – in a good way! I’m glad we don’t see the monogram as much anymore. My favourite from this collection is the Malletage Pochette Flap Bag and Alma in golden-black pattern :)

    I prepared my personal top 10 designer bag list. You can check it out here: http://anyaofficiel.com/top-10-designer-bags/

    xx, Anna

    • KW

      Do not like these collections. Would not buy any of it. Love monogram but adding these whimsical twists is definetely not my cup of tea.

  • kindled

    I like the ideas and shapes behind a lot of these, but they are way too busy!

  • Aliza Zibkoff

    Some of them look like LV meets Joan Miro. The red quilted criss cross with white kind of reminds me of a Christmas ham. Not loving it.

  • Cara M

    I am such a fan of the direction they are going. I like most of these bags. Really fun and cool.

  • Guest

    Trying to make things playful a la Fendi but failing miserably. Too much detail in too little space.

    • A definite Fendi vibe for many of these, I agree!

    • Guest

      Failing? I think sales would probably suggest otherwise.

  • Yoshi1296

    The twist lock ones remind me of the Chanel boy but it looks really cool! Next on my wishlist!

  • M Green

    I love this new collection and I am glad LV is moving away from the Marc Jacobs years. There is a clear attention to details in these bags, and the use of all the house codes in new and inventive ways shows a great interest in both innovation and heritage.

  • Gia

    Not right

  • mary

    what is going on in slide 11. looks like a kindergarten project

  • Abbi

    Not a fan of this collection but I like that LV is being more playful in the design aspect.

    I like the last one the V hobo looks nice but not for $4400…I wish instead of bumping up the prices brands would just create a limited amount of the bags so you have to get in quick to buy the ones you really love

  • Pennydreadful

    Ouf — not usually a fan of LV, but definitely pro-Ghesquiere. The twist line is just too cool, and a lot of these feel like a nice (interesting) departure from the look I tend to associate with Vuitton.

  • Jj

    Love the v hobo but not for that price!

  • klynneann

    I like these bags, but I don’t love any of them enough to pay these prices.

  • Jessica

    Holy price on these bags! I would just buy a Chanel for that money!

  • ye

    love the trible mask collection!so much fun.

  • I’m obsessed.

  • zarah

    Simple designs but looking is very nice.All these wallets are adorable.
    Zarah from Bizbilla