As a real, live single woman in her 20s who is dating in New York City, I make a lot of small talk with dudes who I don’t know very well. Almost invariably, when a dude finds out what I do for a living, first he wants to tell me about that time where he spent an “exorbitant” amount of money (usually less than $600 – straight guys and their bags are so adorable) on a bag that he actually loves, and it was totally worth it, so he understands the whole handbag thing. After that, guys usually ask what men’s bags I think are the best, and I sputter for a few seconds. Given some time to think about it, though, my vote would go to Louis Vuitton.

I don’t think that Vuitton’s are necessarily the highest quality available on the planet or the most of-the-moment, but when you consider the fine materials used, the absolutely enormous selection of shapes and sizes, and the generally restrained, modern look of the bags, I think LV gives dude bag lovers the world over the best set of options available. I mean, just look at that Louis Vuitton Naxos Keepall 45 Bandouliere up there. It’s sedate, incredibly luxurious and totally classic. It’s hard to say that truthfully about any bag, men’s or women’s, but that’s often what Vuitton accomplishes with its men’s designs, especially in leather. You can pick up one for $4,850 via Louis Vuitton.

What about you? Have an indie brand you like? Prefer a company that keeps things a little more affordable? Let us know in the comments.

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  • David

    i like Vuitton bags as they have a lot of range, however it gets very same-same after a while. Dior Homme bags are really modern and cool, although lacking in range they make up for it in the fact they aren’t ubiquitous.

  • kevinkim

    I recently purchased the Todao in the brown damier infini leather, its amazing!
    i didnt really like lv before because it was either heavily monogramed or just leather and a tiny lv on the corner, but I really liked the discreet medium,
    and its easy for everyday,

  • FashionableLena

    My husband likes Coach and Kenneth Cole as they don’t look girl and the leather is good quality. My 15 year-old son loves the black/charcoal Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene duffle bags.

  • George

    Want les essentiels de la vie make very nice bags for men

  • Cool

    Real men get Saddleback leather bags instead of this fall apart made in China tagged in France Vuitton crap. 100 year warranty.

    • Edia

      1. warranty depends on the country you buy the bag in.
      2. real men should have good jobs and thus carry fine leather document holders.
      3. i dont know what china did to you but it’s a rather lovely country with a lot of hard working people.

  • Ally Capellino makes good man bags, but the style is not at all the same as Louis Vuitton ones, so they aren’t really comparable I don’t think

  • Deedee

    Frank Clegg–handmade in USA with beautiful quality leather. My fiance has a bag/briefcase from him and it’s sooo sexy!

  • There are guys out there that can’t afford bags that cost thousands. They need something for about $50. The Man-PACK is it. Guys are not purse snobs. Just FYI

  • sanatty

    IDK… My man owned a LV Pilot Oural case (in their burgundy Taiga Leather – Taiga is embossed on the outside, raw on the inside), which cost over $4,000 (the current equivalent is the Neo Robusto 3). It was beautiful but POORLY POORLY made. The dye of the leather absorbed into every legal brief or document ever carried in that thing!!! LV would not replace or repair – a disgrace! I bought him the similar top-of-the-line Coach briefcase (the Diplomat) @ $1,200 and it is superior in EVERY WAY. So while I love me some LV (monogram canvas only), their leather is shoddy shoddy business and a total waste of money. TRY AGAIN.

  • SRR126

    Belstaff 554 – the only one!