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  • Denton

    Saw that in the window yesterday and swore it was plastic. 

    • Yes they all look plastic. Not impressed.

    • whateve

      I’m glad it’s not really plastic, but I still don’t get why anyone would want to pay so much for something that looks like plastic.  And 2-3K for canvas UNcoated?  No thanks.  

  • Melodie

    unbelievable…over 3,000 for a jelly bag !!

  • its leather…and the lining is calf.

  • Rachel

    It’s a full Calf skin leather. No plastic used here.

  • Sebastien

    The Speedy North-South is simplistic and so gorgeous, it is definitely on my covet list. 

  • Megank4

    Are they effing kidding? almost 2 grand for a pochette!!!

  • this is amazing! it’s so different from what they’ve done before.
    is the CD still marc jacobs?


  • Rashida

    Most of these bags are a bust, some look cheap and flimsy, really plastic, but that LV Speedy North South is to die for…

  • I like the light color. Being Young and being cute.  Perfect for summer?

  • LOVE THE LV 2012 they so cool

  • I’m seriously sorry to see tPF resort to multipage stories like this just to sell web impressions.  Thought you guys were above this.

  • These bags make the canvas Celine look like a bargain!

  • Well the Louis Vuitton Speedy Collection has taken on an all new look. Pastel colors are hot for this spring, but if your going to spend that much on a Louis Vuitton bag, are you really going to buy it in a pastel color? I agree, some do look plastic, however I am sure they are made of some other material. The bag that really stands out is the Speedy North South bag. Now that’s a Louis Vuitton worth the money!

  • kay

    is there a “view all” option?? its quite a hassle to have to keep clicking next :(

  • Yoyoya

    Super over price!

  • mybagspromo

    i think it’s beautiful.

  • Minime2005

    Well, I have been checking on your blog to see LV news, but have you ever looked at other blogs??? Found your blog is getting not so much exciting compare to others………..hope you will able to put more exciting news for LV faster than others. Found your latest topic is quite boring sorry.

  • bluelly

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  • IHeartLuxury2

    No thank you