It was only a matter of time. At first, the Celine Trio Bag flew under the radar – with its small proportion and ultra-minimal look, the bag wasn’t the kind of blockbuster that the Luggage Tote and Trapeze were, but it also wasn’t meant to be. Instead, the Trio is a little bag for in-the-know fashion hounds to signal to each other that they are, in fact, in-the-know. (It also has its functional purposes, but let’s be real: that’s not why anyone buys a Celine bag.) Several seasons after its debut, celebs have started to embrace the bag, which meant that “inspired” designs couldn’t be far away. That day has come.

Celine Trio Bag

The Annabel Ingall Jojo Bag and the Liebeskind Celia Crossbody Bag arrived simultaneously at ShopBop yesterday, and they both feature the simple, three-pouch construction that makes the trio so distinctive. The bags are virtually identical in size to each other (and to one of the Trio sizes), but it seems as though only the Annabel Ingall version performs one of the Trio’s neatest tricks: unsnapping to form three separate pouches that can be used independently of each other. Alternately, both of these less-expensive options feature something that the original Trio, pictured above, doesn’t: a detachable shoulder strap. (The Trio can either be purchased as a clutch or a shoulder bag, but the original Trio bag is not convertible between the two.)

For the money, it’s hard to argue with these alternatives. The Celine Trio will run you over a thousand dollars, depending on size and material, but both of these bags are below $300.

Liebeskind Celia Crossbody
$145 via ShopBop in two colors

Liebeskind Celia Crossbody Bag

Annabel Ingall Jojo Crossbody Bag
$299 via ShopBop in six colors

Annabel Ingall Jojo Cross Body Bag

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  • Haley

    This is not okay ..

  • With a design as basic as the trio, it was inevitable that it was going to “inspire” a lot of copies. And really, I can’t justify the Celine price for something so basic. So I think these bags are a great option if you’re really after the functionality of the design, versus the “Celine-ness” (sorry, I couldn’t find a better word) of it.

  • Jessika

    Let’s not forget Michael Kors who made one as well.

  • jennifer

    this type of bag is really nothing new. I don’t think Celine has the original concept…it has been around at vintage flea markets for years! They just had the sense to put it out there and claim it!

  • withloveshmon

    The annabel ingall jojo bag shopbop link is goign to an alexander wang bag – fyi!

  • ReneeO

    Totally not a new design. I have this style in a bag more than 10 years old, nearly identical. Also, not worth more than a $1000. yikes!

  • thescm

    When I was a kid, I was insanely jealous of my sister for having a bag of this exact shape … from Target. I wouldn’t say no to a higher end version now that I’m an adult, but I also wouldn’t go so far as to say that Celine ‘inspired’ this design at all. They did a nice job of choosing something from the recent past and bringing it into now, but they didn’t invent it.