Every major luxury fashion house has a handbag line or specific silhouette that is a brand signifier, and for Loewe, it’s arguably the Amazona. Though the Puzzle bag has become synonymous with the Loewe brand and creative director Johnathon Anderson in recent years, the Amazona is a true brand signature, with a history dating back to the 70s.

Originally launched in 1975, the iconic Amazona is reimagined for the fall 2021 season, just in time to celebrate the brand’s 175th anniversary. Now available in new materials and dimensions with a renewed focus on advanced craftsmanship, news of the Amazona’s revival broke when Loewe cancelled its fall runway show. Today, we’re taking a detailed look at the all-new Amazona.

Construction and Materials

The Amazona was originally designed in 1975, named after female warriors of Greek Mythology, and today it is reimagined with the dimensions of modern electronics in mind. The revival features a structured but soft shape with clean lines, designed to be both fashionable and functional with a padlock, protective metal feet, interior pockets, and a detachable shoulder strap. It’s incredibly lightweight, making it the perfect everyday carry.

Arriving in bright, bold hues for fall, the Amazona is available in both smooth Nappa calfskin as well as Loewe’s signature Anagram jacquard. Since its inception, Loewe has been known for its attention to detail, and its core values and storied craftsmanship are reflected in the Amazona.

Sizing and Dimensions

There are two sizes of the new Amazona, the 19 Square and the 28. While both sizes feature a detachable strap and one main compartment with plenty of interior space, the 28 is the way to go if you’re constantly on the move with a lot of stuff to carry. We took a look at the 19 Square in smooth lagoon blue calfskin as well as navy/black jacquard, which has overall dimensions of 8.25″ W x 7″ H x 4″ D. As for the Amazona 28, it has overall dimensions of 11.5″ W x 7″ H x 4″ D. It’s shown here in avocado green jacquard.

Price and Availability

The Amazona 19 is available in Nappa Calfskin for $2,990 and in jacquard for $2,650 via LOEWE.

The Amazona 28 is available in Nappa calfskin for $3,450 and jacquard for $2,990 via LOEWE.

Discover the full range of Amazona bags now via LOEWE

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