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  • Shazwan Mutalib

    Like the caption on DIOR! Spot on! LOL

  • LovethatLuxe

    Rottweiler tote is spot on for me!

  • missarewa

    the Christian Dior one is SO accurate. Same thing I tell my friends who want to spend 5k on Chanel, go to Dior!

  • kindled


    Love that when I click “continue reading” it shows them all on one page instead of having to click through. Super convenient!

    • Glad you like it! We’ve been trying to find a good solution to that for a while now, and we hope it works for everyone!

      • klynneann

        Doesn’t work on my cell phone though… :(

      • Vlad Dusil

        On your cell you can swipe through the pages of the article. Even easier!

    • We’ve been working hard on finding a way that it scrolls nicely and with this latest rendition, we think we got it close to right!

      • ElainePG

        You totally did. Loving not only this, but the entire new interface redesign… thanks!

      • Woohoo!!

      • kindled

        Thanks so much! I definitely appreciate your hard work!

    • bagbug

      but i’m confused- it opens a new page for every picture? so i can no longer use a back button?? seems more like a way to keep your “clicks” up…

      • kindled

        Weird–what browser are you using? That’s not how it loads for me, at all. When I click “continue reading” (using chrome), it shows all the images in a single page and I can use the back button. It does not open a new page for each picture.

  • viennaprinzessin

    It’s not the judgmental friends, it’s the husband you stretch the truth with. A little mystery in marriage helps.

    • Ha!

    • lobelle

      Haha! My other half always ask, “is that new? ” I smile and say, “honey how can you forget I had this for a long time!

  • FashionableLena

    Yeah, I feel the same about the Dior bag, and have been researching to find one that fits my lifestyle. Leaning towards vintage.

    • Alisa

      Saw a great Dior small ostrich saddle bag on annsfabulousfinds.com if they still have it — in their close out section I think.

  • Angela Curtis Killian

    Fendi + Bag Bug couldn’t be more accurate. Dying.

  • Renee

    The quote under the chanel bag is entirely true! I mean we do have our priorities afterall.

  • Renee

    I’ve wait listed myself a few times for the bucket bag since the summer. Will I ever be contacted that one is actually available or is this like hoping to spot a rainbow unicorn?

  • “Somehow, plastering a photo of a Cock-a-poo’s face on a bag does not instill confidence. Howls of laughter.”

  • Pudenda Shenanigans

    I have caught the Dior bug is a sick way. 2 so far this year, it’s just not logical!

  • Susan

    I wouldn’t buy a Chanel, but am loving Dior!