The Mulberry Alexa has taken the handbag loving fashion world by storm. The shape of this bag, similar to the PS1, is the new cool. Laid-back, school-bag look is all the rage and we are loving it. You know why? It is casual without being sloppy and chic without being trendy. And then there is Alexa Chung, whom the bag is named after. Let’s face it, Alexa Chung is totally cool and stylish and has a really awesome bag named after her. Cue jealousy.

Mulberry has created a limited edition of the highly sought-after Alexa bag in distressed metallic gold for Selfridges. This distressed gold is a perfect metallic to have in your collection, as it is subdued and has additional dimension to the bag. It almost appears as if there is a pattern on the leather, but it is just the distressing technique. The hardware of the bag is a shiny gold, which is fitting with the leather color.

Only 40 bags will be available to buy from the Oxford Street, Manchester Trafford and Exchange and Birmingham stores as well as on the new website. I do not see the bag right now on their website, which either means it has yet to arrive or they sold out. Either way, if you love this version, be one of 40 people to own it! Price is £795 which roughly converts to $1,200.

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  • Ilovepurse007

    Beautiful bag, it’s one of my dream bags!

    • Choy

      Hi everyone, I am a big Mulberry fan and was soooo excited when I first heard about the Alexa. Since its release, I have visited and revisted stores to look and feel the Alexa again and somehow it just hasn’t grabbed me the way it should. I thought I was in love with the Ink Alexa but I’m afraid this is no longer the case. I feel quite disappointed about this because I really hyped myself up. I just found the leather, lining and the general cut was not up to the usual Mulberry standard, it didn’t feel £800 worth… I do love the shape and this particulat colour I have also seen in real life. I wasn’t fond of the texture of the bag so I’m afraid I won’t be one of the limited 40. This email is not to offend anyone but as a huge MUL fan, I just had to share. Please don’t hate me (fb)

  • Julie

    I like the shape, not so much the color… (fb)

  • BLynnT

    I agree with Julie. The shape of the bag is great, but I’m not loving the distressed gold. (fb)

    • Stacy

      I am on board with you & Julie on this one. (fb)

  • Ashley

    my nana would love this bag(fb)

  • ad

    wow. that’s amazing! if only i have tons of disposable income then this baby will be mine! muhahahahahahah :P (fb)

  • hoofbeats95

    Not sure I dig the color. It wouldn’t work very for me. It makes it a bit too “dressy”. (fb)

  • stephanie

    Gorgeous bag! I imagine the distressing looks better in person. (fb)

  • Semley

    I love this – it would go with everything in my wardrobe. I need this bag!

  • Tanyus

    Love it! I always have something for gold colors, and this bag s just perfection! (fb)

  • Semley

    I love this – it would go with everything in my wardrobe. I need this bag! (fb)

  • Lisa

    I’m not usually into gold, but I like this! (fb)

  • bisbee

    Love the bag…but not the color! I actually have a Mullberry in an antique metallic gold – it’s a Ledbury, which is a very small bag – could be used for evening. I think that’s a better bag design to be done in metallic than this one.

  • Julia Chung

    Absolutely love Limited Editions! What’s more a Mulberry Alexa! n the same last name! :p (fb)

  • April C.

    Gorgeous bag! Loving that gold color! (fb)

  • Yoonmee

    I think I’d have to see it in person to decide whether or not I think the color is sorta gaudy or if it’s just the right shade of gold to make it flashy but classy. (fb)

  • Cindy

    I think I like it! I’m really loving the metallics these days (fb)

  • Amy

    I like it, but I can’t imagine wearing it – too casual for evening, too fancy for daytime. LOVE the shape though.

  • Amy

    I like it, but I can’t imagine wearing it – too casual for evening, too fancy for daytime. LOVE the shape though. (fb)

  • PhotoGirl

    I don’t know who Alexa is (I’ll google her) but I absolutely love the bag!

  • Gelynn

    Great shape but I’m not liking the color. (fb)

  • Rachel

    I don’t love the gold…but that bag in general is amazing!!! (fb)

  • Swags

    I really really like it. Not sure if its love because the distressed gold may take some getting used to. But in my world this would be a lovely and unique bag. (fb)

  • Laura

    I love the shape and this was on my next-to-get list, but then I read some of the comments about it on tPF and decided I wanted to see it in person before I bought it. It does look a lot like the PS1, but IMO Mulberry made it look more purse and less satchel, which I think makes it more versatile.

    Not a fan of the gold. (fb)

  • liz

    love it – if only i could afford it!!!

  • elizabeth

    think that it looks great – hopefully the gold is not too bright IRL (fb)

  • Kristy

    I like the shape but not the color. Wonder if it comes in other colors. (fb)

  • Jenna

    Its a stunning bag. Gold can be touch or go, so I’d need to see it in person (fb)

  • Natalie

    Amazing! I wished I had a bag named after me. (FB)

  • CC

    nice shape.. but the colour looks a little worn and old (fb)

  • pursemonkey

    I prefer metallics like this on smaller bags, but the style is classic and seems like it would be very versatile. (fb)

  • Lydia

    If the distressed gold colour is showing true in this picture, then it is not THAT bad. However, I still don’t think it was the best choice. I love the structure of the bag though. It is so versatile. (fb)

  • Allan

    looks like the gold is going to peel off.

  • Nancy Rush

    Love the style – not such a big fan of the color though. (fb)

  • samia

    Its a miss for m, I don’t like that gold! (fb)

  • Ruhee

    I really like the bag but not the color(fb)

  • Tamee

    I’d have to agree about the look of the gold. Love the style, not the color. (fb)

  • Sofia Nolan

    I don`t really do Mulberries but this one caught my attention

  • LaToya

    I love the bag and the color.(fb)


    im not liking that bag at all
    dont know why

  • 19yearslater

    It’s nice but not absolutely covetable which it seems like a LE bag should be.

  • Maria

    not big on the color…but love the style! Prefer it in oak. (fb)

  • Natalie

    I think this is gorgeous! And b/c it’s golden…kind of beach-y :) (fb)

  • Kelly

    Love it because it’s not bright gold! The distressing pattern is really unique! (fb)

  • Michele Suleiman

    Really, is Alexa Chung THAT relevant to get a bag named after her? The shape of the bag is beautiful though and my guess is the distressed metallic leather looks better in person. (fb)

  • karolynka

    this bag screams GOLD DIGGER :) lol – i love the alexa, it’s a beautiful shape and i saw one in person and the leather is soooo buttersoft though i’m a petite and skinny and it’s quite heavy! (fb)

  • Jane

    I love it sadly I know I could never rock it convincingly I just don’t have the enough style to make it work as much as I would love to. I think the color is wonderful and the shape is my favorite from the line. (fb)

  • justa9url

    I wouldn’t buy it, but I would wear it. =) (fb)

  • Kim

    I find this bag to be very spunky, but at the same time versatile. However, the hardware looks a little heavy and daunting. I just don’t think I’d purchase it for the price. (fb)

  • Dori

    I personally think it’s casual but not less trendy. The more I look at it, the more I want to have it on hand, but the price is a bit higher than it actually is, but since it’s a limited edition, it’s worth buying. (fb)

  • Houn

    I love a great gold bag. This is very nice, and the color is unexpected for a bag so structured (fb)

  • Emily

    Whilt i love the idea of gold, it does not work for me in REAL life (fb)

  • Christina

    Love the bag and the color. IMO gold goes with everything, and I would definetly wear this bag (if I had the money) every single day! (fb)

  • christine

    i am a 100% gold over silver fan, but i have to say i would much prefer the leather than this gold. & alexa chung is a lucky lucky girl! (fb)

  • Sophie

    Love this bag and color. The style reminds of the Bel Air Sac by Louis Vuitton.

  • Barms

    I actually like this bag. (fb)

  • Katie

    Ooh, I really like this bag. I want it :)

  • weshoyot

    i really think this a well done metallic bag. it’s so rare that companies get gold right. YSL comes to mind…and this. LOVE the texture

  • Angelsgueglia

    Um me like,and…imagine having a bag named after you,how fabulous!!!instead I am just named affectionatly,the old bag!!!!!(fb)

  • Rosanna

    Not my favorite color, but I would totally wear the bag! =D (fb)

  • Cara

    I think I really want a bag in this style – how did I miss it before!!! I think Jennifer Aniston is wearing it in her new movie – but I cannot check it out until the site is back up – ps please let it be an April 1st joke! (FB)

  • Shannon

    As much as I like the style, I think that the gold is way too much for a bag this size. I like the distressed look of the gold, it does set it apart from other metallics, but I just can’t see that being an everyday bag. (fb)

  • Brooke

    Sigh, if only Mulberry designed a ‘Brooke’ bag… (fb)

  • Debbie

    The style of the bag doesn’t really look right in the metallic gold. It kind of looks like a casual bag but the color is so much dressier. Not really working for me. (fb)

  • Susan ( @grumpy1970 )

    Love the style of the bag, but I’m not a fan of the color. (fb)

  • kylie

    love these!!! (fb)

  • Sammi

    pretty but it does seem to much with the gold coloring. (fb)

  • farija

    the style is too simple for the fancy gold..(fb)

  • Reece

    are people really still milking the metallic trend? im SOOO over it! (fb)

  • Soo

    I am not into the boxy style.. but I love the color.. its very rustic. i don’t think it was meant to be a fancy bag.. little bit of art goes into creating fashion!!! (fb)

  • ceejay

    I love it- perfect summery bag! (fb)

  • Elyse

    It’s such a fantastic summery bag and what a gorgeous color! (fb)

  • Kristine

    i want this bag! this is definitely a must-have (fb)

  • Kate

    Love the bag, not the colour (fb)

  • Lisa

    Love this bag! Thank you for sharing (fb)

  • Alison

    I’m not sure if I would buy it, but the price is good for a limited ed bag since it’s the same price as a regular leopard Alexa! (fb)

  • Jose

    Great bag! Great color! Mulberry has done it again. (fb)

  • ad

    i love it, no matter how many time i’ve seen it, its like falling in love all over again. now we can incorporate smashing gold colour into our casual summery outfit. Yay! (fb)

  • Hellena

    Love all versions of the Alexa Bag(fb)

  • Carolyn Barnett

    This is so cute.I want it.I think i may have a purse thing going on. (FB)

  • Jane

    loveee lovee this bag. I love the color of this bag, it’s so versatile and grown up! You could use this bag for lots of occasions.

  • Alanna

    i actually find the gold quite tacky, i love the style though (fb)

  • Eric

    yeah as the article says reminds me grade school days, shape was like my school bag way back in 1986.. but this is elegant.. not my style but will work for others..

  • Eric

    the distress gold works effectively to style and stand out- fb

  • Jon

    love the bag design in general. love gold but i think this is a bit too much. great color as a limited edition/fashion capsule tho! (fb)

  • Carmen

    I really enjoy Alexa’s style but this colour is a nonono (fb)

  • Tanya

    For some reason I thought it would cost
    more not too bad. (fb)

  • Inês

    I love everything about the bag! I want oneeeeee….


  • Signe

    I am totally in love with the Alexa bag, but i dont think this is the best color on it… Prefer the yellow or tan one (fb)

  • Signe

    or the blue one come to think of it! :) (fb)

  • Krystina

    Personally, I’m loving this! I love the shape of the Alexa and the gold is great for summer. Plus, that distressed gold linen print? Want! (fb)

  • gin

    the gold is too much and lost its touch with the gold (fb)

  • Moudane

    I am quite fond of the Mulberry Alexa (the oversized brown is fantastic ) ….but this gold shade, in my opinion, just doesn’t fit the classical style o the bag. (fb)

  • Jacqueline

    I love this shape and style but not loving the color. Not everyone can pull this bag off esp. for an everyday bag. (fb)

  • Silvana

    ever since I first saw this Mulberry bag, I thought it like a Birkin, I almost convince my aunt to buy it! Then I saw it like a million times on Alexa Chung, and I thought to myself “they should call it the Alexa”, I guess they listened to me lol

  • Ashley Allen

    I love the gold! It looks like the perfect size. (fb)

  • ShoeQueen1961

    Everytime I look @ this–I can hear Shirley Bassey singing the title song from a classic 007 movie…

  • Yiling

    I love the Alexa! But the brown one is still the best as far as being perfect for the laid-back school-girl chill look. (fb)

  • Jocelyn

    It’s not my type of bag (fb)

  • Jenny

    i love ittttt (fb)

  • kellie wilson

    I really like Mulberry bags. I have never owned one but I think they are very classic and simple and I like that in a designer bag! (fb)

  • Lydia M

    Love love love! (fb)

  • Sheila

    Gorgeous, love the detailing on this bag! (fb)

  • Ashley Allen

    hmmm I would kinda like to take this bag home with me. (fb)

  • Joy

    i want one!!!! :/ haha

  • kristine

    love, love, love the structure. can’t go for the gold. (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    this one stands out for me! (fb)

  • Tiff Chao

    Love the style/color/everything. Reminds me of YSL Rive Gauche. (fb)

  • Juniper

    You can get almost the exact copy in tan at for around £200.
    They only have tan but the quality is as good as the Mulberry original if not better!
    If it isn’t on there yet just email them and they will give you all the details!. x

  • hamhuiying

    very good and beutiful.