Everyone can go into a store and buy a handbag off of the shelf. Many of those bags we buy are very meaningful to us for different reasons. I now have a handbag in my collection that is so meaningful, so special, and so rare, it has a slight golden glow coming from behind it whenever I look at it. This bag did not come from a shelf. It was part of a special order process, considered personally by Tomas Maier himself, for a small group of PurseForum members.

The Process

In November of 2009, the Bottega Veneta Forum on TPF began considering a group special order. It had been done previously with smaller accessories, but the goal now was to see if it could be done with a proper bag. And so the process began, with one diligent member of the PurseForum and a Bottega Veneta store manager. The amount of emails that went back and forth was mind boggling, as every single option for the bag was customized and had to be approved by BV Corporate.

The long, tedious process resulted in the most timeless, versatile, and exclusive Bottega Veneta Stretch Knot clutch. If this bag was in production by Bottega Veneta, it would be bought up in an instant. Unfortunately (for the masses), there are only an exclusive number of these bags made, and as with every Bottega Veneta special order, this bag will never see production.

The Specs

This very limited creation carries the fancy name Bottega Veneta Nero Intrecciato Karung Stretch Knot Clutch. It may seem a mouthful, almost intimidating. Ranking among the most popular bags by Bottega Veneta, the Knot Clutch is a personal favorite because of its truly timeless appeal and elegant design.

The skin for our special order was chosen to be Nero Karung Luster in a full body Intrecciato. The hardware is dark brunito, which is equivalent to gunmetal. The inner lining calls itself “black moire”, a wavy-patterned silk which seems more durable than simple silk. The inside also resents a fancy silver plaque, made from silver with personalized characters (I chose to have it say MEGS) and limited edition verbiage. The price for our special order was negotiated at $2,200.

The significance this clutch holds for me is not just it being a special order, but also that it was created with a group of PurseForum members. Over the past five years, the forum has grown into a massive social network, still with small enclaves where different interest groups have found their ‘place’. Each sub-forum carries a different tone and feeling. This entire special order process with Bottega Veneta showcases why this community is so unique and offers so much more than just bag talk.

This clutch will always hold a special place in my heart. A very exclusive and fabulous piece of Bottega Veneta is mine, alongside only nine other people in the world.

Can’t say that happens every day.

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