3 months in one letter, because life!

Dear Millie,

I found myself spending more and more time trying to remember every little thing that makes you, you these past three months. I feel the days passing at a rate far too fast for my liking, and with each day you not only learn more, you change so much! I remember the first few months with you, how the time went by really slowly and you were so quiet and peaceful; though you required so much, you also didn’t require much. Now you’re considered a toddler, and each day brings something new and goes by so fast!

You started walking on the weekend of your Uncle Joe’s wedding. You were a flower girl, and when your uncle (my brother) first got engaged, I assured him and his now-wife that you would be walking down the aisle as a flower girl. When I say you started walking on his wedding weekend, I mean the day of his wedding—you walked down the aisle holding the hands of the other flower girl and ring bearer, and then took off after that. You were the cutest flower girl (no really, I am biased, but you were), so well-behaved as you sat with my family and read books while the ceremony took place. You wore a dress that seemed like it could be itchy, but you smiled and ‘talked’ to everyone. And you stayed awake well past your bedtime with no complaints, though you woke up an hour earlier every day. You loved Key West and are obsessed with roosters. We saw so many roosters and chickens, and that is by far your favorite animal at this time in your life. You try to say cock-a-doodle-doo, but it mostly sounds like caca, and your whole body tenses and squeals with delight when you see one. This obsession started with Hei Hei, the rooster in the movie Moana.

When you wake up, you don’t cry; instead, we either hear you talking in your crib or you kick the side of the crib just waiting for us to come get you. But once you’re up, it’s go, go, go. You are so active, you really don’t sit down or rest. Everyone around me, starting with my mom and including complete strangers, always tells me what an active kid you are. You don’t really hit a wall, you would just play all day if you could, and you don’t see the purpose in stopping. You love picking up items that are far too heavy for your little frame and carrying them around the house. Grabbing one of the dog’s toys and tossing it to him is also one of your favorite pastimes that leaves you feeling so proud that you gave him a toy. You like helping me with tasks, like cooking, so I usually hold you and tell you the stove is “hot” and you say “hottttt,” and then watch me make you your meals.

You’ve started talking and one of words you love using most is happy. You LOVE saying the word happy and truth be told, it is the best word that could be used to describe you. No matter what comes your way, you are happy. You drop the ‘h’ so you wind up just saying “APPY” with the biggest smile across your face. I laugh, because the words you pick up on are not really usable in everyday life, you haven’t cared to learn one word that signifies you want more food or drink or sleep. But animals, well, you have been learning and saying animals’ names like it’s the best thing ever. Turtle, dog, bear, bird, and bull are a few of your favorites, and when we’ve spotted turtles at the pond near our house, you acted like we won the lottery!

This stage is so much fun with you; you are delighted when you see me or your dada when we come around the corner. You don’t sit down much to cuddle, but when you do, it’s the most lovable thing that I try to just bottle up and keep in my heart forever. In the mornings, after I get you out of your crib and bring you to our bed to nurse, you talk to us, and that’s the closest you come to cuddling closely. I love the conversations you have with me; you enunciate words with so much emotion.

Though you are constantly on the go, never sitting down, and still having more allergic reactions than I seem to be able to handle (kid, you are so sensitive!), you are the light of our lives in more ways than I could ever put into words. I am amazed that you are mine and how you keep growing and changing. I am so “APPY” to be your mama.



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