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Our Bags Are An Extension of Ourselves, But What Makes a Bag Feel Like ‘You?’

Musings on style, life, and growing up.


“It’s very me,” I told a friend after showing off my latest handbag acquisition. Said friend studied my bag (more on that soon, promise!) and immediately nodded her head in agreement.

Though not a handbag or a luxury brand aficionado, my friend, who has a unique and ultra-curated personal style herself, immediately understood. Relaxed and casual, yet sleek and chic enough to feel fashionable, with a fun metallic finish, the bag felt quintessentially me at first glance.

Our bags are not only an essential part of our lives, meant to carry our most precious cargo from place to place, but they’re also an extension of ourselves. Those who have that innate love for bags and love for collecting know what I mean. A bag is so much more than just a bag, but what makes a bag really feel like you?

Do You Define Your Personal Style?

For starters, when it comes to our clothing and accessories feeling like true extensions/expressions of oneself, it often comes from how you describe your personal style (whether you realize it or not). Are you more modern preppy or classic preppy? Maybe you’re sporty yet elevated or casual yet cool. Personal style is such a unique, individual thing. Something very different for everyone.

Be your own inspiration. Try new things, embrace change, and don’t get too caught up in wearing all the trends in all the ways they are meant to be worn. It can be hard to feel like your style is truly personal when an almost-constant stream of outfits, products, and trends are coming at us from every angle, but style evolves with time, and I’ve found that the older I get, the less I care about what other people think.

When You Know, You Just Know

I wear what I like when I like, and as long as it makes me feel good, I am happy. Getting older has helped me explain how I dress in many ways by embracing my individuality and ever-changing mood. The older I get, the more I realize that I don’t have to fit into a certain box. My style isn’t necessarily something I can specifically describe or define, but I always know when something just feels like me.

While last year I asked if you’ve ever bought a bag that didn’t necessarily fit your style, musing on how much I loved the ladylike look of the Khaite Agnes bag but wasn’t sure if it really would work with my day to day. These days, I’ve come to realize if I’ve I’m having any doubts or second-guessing, the item probably isn’t for me.

When I know, I just know, and even in the last year, I’ve evolved even further toward trusting my gut/intuition.

What do you think? Can you define what makes a bag feel like you?


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  1. Terri Avatar

    I define my personal style by getting an artisan to create my one-of-a-kind bag.
    It’s made for me and me only as they do not make duplicates of the same bag, which makes it “feel like me”.

    1. Jennie Avatar

      You should share some pictures of these one-of-a-kind bags you keep bragging about.

      1. Terri Avatar

        Sure thing. This is one of them.

      2. Terri Avatar

        This one is made from Togo leather in Gris Asphalt, Etain and Etoupe.
        Swift leather in Taupe.

  2. Jaime Avatar

    My perfect bag is a cross body bag or pouch depending on my outfit/sneakers. I have certain brands I gravitate towards. But in the end I typically end with a cute bag with a long strap.

  3. Sara Avatar

    My small Givenchy Mystic feels like me. It’s structured at the top and bottom with a softness to the leather on the sides. That balance works with my wardrobe and reflects my personality.

  4. Parv S Avatar
    Parv S

    Great post, love reading this! My personal favorite is a handbag with a top handle, I have an Hermes Kelly 40 that I feel is an extension of my lifestyle, over the years I’ve learnt to embrace every scruff on that bag, as they remind me of the life we’ve lived, the travels, the adventures and the journey. If that bag could talk, it would have some stories to tell!

  5. Born in the 80’s Avatar
    Born in the 80’s

    A bag that feels like me is one that feels unique, I don’t have to baby, is easy to use and can be dressed up or down. Which can really be anything from my nano croc SDJ in forest green (girl can take a beating!), to my vintage Prada backpack (both aren’t very common where I live).

    “I mean…I ‘like’ my Skechers, but I LOVE my Prada backpack.” 😉

  6. Maureen Avatar

    Agreed. My bags definitely reflect me. A whole lot of simplicity with a dash of edge!

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

  7. Jerri R Avatar
    Jerri R

    Roomy, slightly slouchy, with a comfortably wide cross-body strap attached.