Admittedly, I have a very strong stomach when it comes to the thought of potentially ruining one of my handbags. Not only am I desensitized to their presence because of my job, but I wholeheartedly believe that they are functional objects and meant to be used as such, and even with proper care, most will wear out eventually and need to be retired. But even with my cavalier attitude toward handbag lifespans, I can’t imagine feeling anything less than totally nervous carrying the Lanvin Plage Beach Straw Tote to the actual seashore.

Not only is the bag incredibly light in color, but it’s also in the four-figure price range that you would expect for a Lanvin bag. I could carry this to the five-star spa at a very chichi resort on the beach, but as far as actual sand goes, I’ll leave that to a much less expensive alternative.

Anyone who’s ever been to an expensive resort has seen women wear designer heels and carry expensive handbags right up to the water, though, and I can’t imagine that those women would balk at the idea of loading this thing up with beach towels and sunscreen. Are you one of them? Could you bring yourself (and your budget) to use this bag as Lanvin clearly intends? Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1250.

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  • Earmuffs

    It’s a very pretty bag, but the thought of sand grains getting into every little crack and space this bag can offer really scares me. (I have this problem of sand following me everywhere even after I leave the beach.)

  • edoardo

    It’s a bti expensive but it’s sao beautiful that I can understand the price.

    I lvoe the design and the shapes…)

  • steffie

    Love the bag…if only it didn’t cost one month’s rent

  • qudz

    this is such a pretty bag! imo, im also the kind of person that believes a bag is a bag, and it doesnt need to be treated more then, idk, ones life or anything, but for the beach, im using my good and cheapo victorias secret tote, not a $1250 bag. i will spend that much on a bag that i can use all over the place, and get every pennys worth too, lol

  • Chris

    5 star spa – yes. Beach – never. Then a bag from Target (or similar) has to be good enough.
    In any case, for this price, I would rather get a leather handbag…. JMHO of course.

  • annabelle

    i agree with chris…i would never carry any of my bags to the beach…i grab something durable and cheap hahaha

  • mochababe73

    The pool at a very expensive hotel, maybe. The beach-absolutely not. A canvas bag does the job. If it gets ruined, just throw it in the trash.
    $1200 handbags at the beach are a little ridiculous.

  • Stylista

    Ok, maybe not the beach. It’s nice enough for the streets!

  • Noufa

    When I go to the beach I want to relax and enjoy the sun not worrying about my Lanvin bag where to put it or carry it away from my body so not to get wet or tanned ;)

  • XXAL

    i dont think i would carry any brand name bags to the beach even if i had the money to throw away! despite the fact that i dont like the beach.. even if i like it, i wouldnt. b/c id understand it is still an expensive bag that hsouldnt be mistreated in such way. unless it is prolly made of canvas and it was meant to have a dirty look to it.. like chucks.. but thats a different story and it probably shouldnt cost a lot anyway.

  • rosemary

    I don’t think so as I agree too pretty to do that. I would use as an everyday bag….just gorgeous!!

  • Lynn

    I think it will be amazing at the beach!!

  • Vitta

    Why only to the beach? It will be lovely with summer outfits, as Net-a-Porter shows: “Carry this chic rosette-adorned piece on vacation to take you from sightseeing to cocktails with ease.” And the price isn’t a problem for people who can afford to vacation in style.

  • harveydent

    I agree, I don’t think that this bag is any good for the beach…It’s too nice!!! But I think that it’s a great little addition for the Spring and Summer seasons. I can see this being a great bag to take to the farmers market or on other nice outdoor activities that don’t involve sand :)