Last week on our sister site TalkShoes, we discussed a pair of Lanvin men’s sneakers that will likely skew a little bit feminine for even open-minded male fashion lovers. In writing the post, it was interesting to examine all the deep-seated assumptions we have about almost every element of fashion and how they relate to perceptions of gender and sexuality. I’m not going to get all grad school on you guys right now (mostly because I’ve not been to grad school), but our choices are a language in which we speak about ourselves, and this Lanvin Iridescent Bag speaks in a different way than those shoes did.

Maybe I’ve gone a bit down the rabbit hole here, but I’ve been thinking about those Lanvin shoes since I first wrote about them, and about why it is that we’ve constructed pinks, purples and teals as social indicators of femininity. They certainly don’t mean that universally beyond western culture, but it’s something we’ve all internalized to the point where the assumptions seem innate. This bag, despite its similar iridescent finish, feels more “male” because the primary color flashes are green and yellow, and because the featured panel is trimmed by black leather and canvas. There’s no natural or objective reason for any of that, we’ve just all chosen to believe, together, that that’s how it shall be.

I’m not sure that I have many conclusions to give here, but rather, perhaps a reminder to be aware of all the little assumptions that are inherent in our own fashion choices, as well as the judgments of those being made around us. If you listen closely, you can hear some interesting things.

And, of course, if you’d like it buy the bag, it’s $1,355 via Matches.

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