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  • ECooper

    Wow, I think this is an impressive collection. I would carry almost any of these bags (maybe not the piñata or the cactus). I have not seen an attractive KS bag in years so this is a nice change.

  • Truvey Taylor

    There’s something so refreshing about the 5th bag. I love it! And even the 7th “bag” I guess; I don’t know if I’d carry it but would be a nice look piece for my wardrobe/closet (:

  • psny15

    these bags are refreshing and beautiful – their price point is excellent and quality is great!

    • Clair Bond

      Quality is not great. In an interview, it was said KS bags are only made to last for one season.

      • psny15

        oh really? id still pick Kate Spade over crappy Tory Burch any day!

  • Biogirl

    Did KS ever sell the bag that looks like a present? I remember seeing it here on PB as a line in the works a few months ago, but never saw it on the KS site or in the store…

  • srpldr

    I think that the bag in slide 6 looks remarkably similar to the Dior open bar bag.

    • Clair bond

      I thought the same exact thing.. but then again majority of KS bags are remarkably similar to many other high end brands. I was offended a few weeks ago when a woman asked if my Diorever bag was a KS, because she had just purchased a similar bag. As a die hard bag lover, I appreciate the creativity, not copies of originals.

      • srpldr

        I know exactly how you feel. I was carrying an embellished Lady Dior last week and I got asked if it was Betsy Johnson.

    • Totally agree–mentioned it in the post!

  • MaureenB

    I always love looking at the KS bags. Many of them would be so impractical to carry, but they are fun and affordable.

  • Gloria

    Bag 5 is stunning! Will check their website when available.

  • Sara

    KS has upped her game. These are impressive. Minus the piñata and cactus (though I appreciate that they are fun), I love all the others – no 5 is stunning :-)

  • Yazi

    Beautiful and bright. Certainly would look good against an all-black outfit.

  • Fawcett Proust

    Obsessed with 5, 7, 11, and 13.

  • Jen

    I’m really loving this collection. The blush satchel is a must have!

  • M

    bags in slide 9 and 19 remind me of givenchy and the last one reminds me of mansur gavriel sun bag

  • These are gorgeous!

  • Vicky

    I’m normally not big on appliqué and decorated bags, but these are done tastefully, imo. I find myself liking a couple of them. :)