Judith Leiber Sphere Clutch

Finally: the Judith Leiber Sphere Clutch is a disco bag that really means it.

I’ve seen more than a few tiny, bling-y bags label themselves as “disco” in the past month or so, and none of them seem anywhere near as disco as this sparkly lil’ thing. This bag is Studio 54. It’s John Travolta in that white suit in Saturday Night Fever. This bag is really trying to make disco happen. And I just might let it.

I don’t think anything that I own, including my phone or my keys, would ever fit into this tiny orb, but I can wish, right? If I sailed around on a boat made of money, you best believe I’d buy it and give it a try, if only so I could hold it above my head and dance under it in public after four cocktails. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2495.

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  • Kim

    Bringing Sexxy Back

  • RP Jones

    I agree its just so special… It screams New Years to me I love love love it

  • Merve

    I’d dance under this too.

  • Jane H.

    Finally a Leiber bag I kinda like…

  • atrophia

    I love the shape of this. I agree with Jane H.–I think the Leiber animal bags are cute, but in the sense that you’d want to display them in a curio cabinet rather than wear them. This, I think would be awesome to rock at a glitzy holiday party, but I think I would still rather own the heart one first.

  • Rebbeca

    I agree.. its too small to carry anything around. Quite disco types though.. but i guess there are better Judith Leiber clutches.

  • DeSeRt RoSe

    WOW, it is gorgeous!!

  • Maggie

    Just stunning. A real show piece…

  • Donna

    I have vintage earrings that match!

  • Chou

    Death Star…srsly.

  • Kendra

    Ya, really. Death Star. (fb)

  • Adrienne zedella

    Fun! This would really be fun! fb

  • Maggie

    Pretty! (ipad)

  • Sandy Paz

    I have a Minaudiere handbag I purchased in the mid-80s. It is oval with all crystals on one side with a crescent moon and several gold stars on the other side. Does anyone know this purse? I have investigated all the Judith Leiber sites and cannot find one similar. I want to sell it on eBay but don’t know how much to assign it.