jimmy choo face canvas bag
Jimmy Choo Face Canvas Bag

Many of the resort handbags are really quirky. I am talking about colorful weaves, splattered paint, faces, and intricate designs. I have not fully bought into it yet, and am laying low and trying to find my way through some of the designs. Take this Jimmy Choo bag for example, it is really out there. The four faces placed on the Jimmy Choo Face Canvas Bag give a whole new meaning to meet my bag. Yes, meet my bag staring Lydia, Sasha, Marilyn, and Maria. The faces are mostly black and white, but then there is very over-done eyeshadow that sticks out on each. Someone needs to tell Sasha that her blue eye shadow has her resembling Mimi. There are two shoulder straps and a top zip. I am pleasantly surprised that the bag is lined in suede, totally chic. Dimensions are 19″W X 17″H X 6″D. Pre-order through Saks for $975.

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  • jennifer

    While the overall shape of the bag is cute (and I love Jimmy Choo bags), I’ts too quirky for me to justify spending almost $1000. :wink:

  • Jahpson

    because its jimmy Choo?

    the name alone is worth the $970

  • Caitlin

    This one actually reminds me of those gift-with-purchase tote bags from Victoria’s Secret. The ones covered with black and white photos of the Angels.

    (And I would carry that bag before I’d carry this one.)

    Now, if they did a print of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe, maybe.

  • tiffany

    Well, I do like this Jimmy Choo Face Canvas Bag, but for $1k? I prefer to keep my $30 Funtote.

  • gopher

    are there two versions of this bag? because i went to go look at it at nordstroms, and it was not lined in suede.. ):

  • amanda*

    i wud totally get tis bag! unfortunetly nowhere to be gotten in ireland, its wasnt available on line either!! help!! its so me I HAV TO HAVE IT!

  • Maryann

    Mimi?… Are you talking about Mimi from the Drew Carey Show? Wow… didn’t think you’d be the type, LOL!

  • Kathey

    I dont believe it is worth $975, Ive seen similar wallets and prettier color bags with icons on the front in 99 cent stores and little boutiques in the city (NYC). The faces are a bit much.

    Have a good day!

  • Robert Pattinson

    hey um im not going out with kirsten i mean yea i proposed to her and all but so wut and that bag ugly even you know im a guy

  • Robert Pattinson

    alright fine yal dont want to talk to me alright good day my ladiesthis was a once an a lifetime thing you know!

  • Allison

    i have this bag and it is not lined in suede. it is lined in canvas.