Jimmy Choo Bardia Shoulder BagIf this bag was made to appeal to anyone in particular, it was made to appeal to someone like me. I like buckles, I like industrial stuff, and I like copious amounts of black leather in whatever texture it may come. And just in case anyone was wondering – no, this does not extrapolate out to my personal life.

But the Jimmy Choo Bardia Shoulder Bag just isn’t doing it for me, and it’s mostly because the whole idea for the bag seems a little bit half-baked. Instead of really playing with the idea of a bag inspired by industrial style, it looks like the folks at Jimmy Choo merely took a really boring black hobo and but some nonfunctional buckles and straps on the sides. At best, it looks like a bit of an afterthought and at worst, it looks totally contrived. With so many outstanding bags of a similar style on the market for fall, Choo is going to have to try harder next time. Buy through Saks for $1750.

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  • Ursula

    I couldn’t disagree more. The look is not contrived, merely refined for those of us that like the idea of urban designs but aren’t willing to go all the way with it.

  • janis

    It is not my favorite Choo. But I think it will appeal to the younger woman who is looking for an edgy looking bag for fall. I don’t think you could call this boring at all!!!

  • Mandy

    Agree…this is buckles and straps just thrown on a boring hobo style. This could have been done sooo much better! Too bad.

  • fashionistadiary

    mhh def not a favourite of mine… quite disappointing actually.

  • Cadence

    It looks like standard issue in an insane asylum. Not my idea of industrial and certainly not very creative.

  • I’m seriously disappointed by this one, guys…there are so many interested and sophisticated ways to do biker/industrial/goth. The more I look at this one, the more I don’t like it.

  • angybux

    this bag would have been sooooo much better had they made the buckles/belts more asymmetrically placed.

  • 19yearslater

    Lame. Too much hardware, not enough style.

  • Pamela M

    I agree, this is definitely not a high point of Choo’s designs. And for me it’s not just the mini-me buckles, but the leather doesn’t look that great either. So here it goes from the non-designer “who does she think she is”; Softer and richer leather, 1 large buckle on either side with straps that can be adjusted to adjust the widthe of the inside of the bag, keep the zipper and flap pocket in the front, and possibly add a buckle the the base of the handles at the purse, possibly giving the ability to adjust the length of the strap by just an inch or so. Then again, I’m really just babbling.

  • Rebecca

    This bag is trying so hard to be cool but not helping one bit!
    the buckles are so shabby!
    Handle could have been longer, shape could have been bigger… lets say lots has to be done!
    Don’t like it.

  • jburgh

    This one should be in the Fug Bags category. It really seems that Choo has been throwing elements together without much thought given to how they work together. I’ve seen this one in person and was not happy.

  • Jenn

    I agree with all the comments here. Also, the flap on the front that covers the zip pocket is really annoying and renders the pocket impossible to use. I actually bought the crinkled-patent version of this bag (the patent itself IS nice) but returned it for something else.