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  • shopper

    Hmmm… Its not contrast – more of a disconnect. Maybe in person it looks better.

  • Ji

    Seems very dated.

  • Michelle

    These really don’t look good

  • Sandy

    Why would you cover leather with logo material??? I love Valentino shoes, I have never purchased a bag and these will not entice me to do so. I think a few of the above are nice but I will not spend my $$ on them.

    • Guest

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  • laura

    these are bad looking bags. they look cheap.

    • Guest

      my co-worker’s ex-wife ;

  • Moesha75

    These. Are. Terrible.

  • Mya Wilkes


  • Lori

    Did they forget to check to see if Logo Bags are still a thing? Because if they had, I think they would have thought better than to produce these.

  • Ayishaa

    I won’t pay 500$ for any of these bags

  • C

    Excludes entry-level customers with the price, alienates mid- and high-level customers with cheap-looking cloth panels that obscure the expensive leather underneath…what was the point of this again?

    Stop trying to make logos happen Valentino, it’s never going to happen.

  • M Green

    Great! That’s all we needed MORE LOGOS!!!

    • M Green

      That was sarcastic of course.

  • Not a good look, I would rate these along side those logo bags Gucci did, not really my thing. Only Louis Vuitton can pull it off for me, still love their logo bags. Agree they look cheap, certainly not worth the price. Beau Sans Logo, beauty without logo is a natural progression away from brand premium to quality material and great design. Check out Swiss company BeauSansLogo they have an English site and make great design similar to famous brands.

  • Maya

    …what’s the word I’m looking for….tacky, that’s it!!

  • lavinia

    I liked the first version of the Rockstud but these ones claim too much logo for me. Make it simple.

  • shueaddict

    I have several Valentino bags ( yes, mostly rockstuds ) – I looove them. They look sooo much better all in leather. I do not like this direction.

  • Sofia

    It looks like the material they use to make airplane seats

  • beastlybeauty

    Ridiculous prices for horrible bags. They look dated already.

  • FashionableLena

    I wouldn’t buy these, but if it wasn’t mentioned, I wouldn’t have noticed the logo anyway. I don’t find it to be as obvious as other design houses.

  • Halim Amin

    I love the Viva Valentino jacquard but not the hardware before. This was also the slight era before the power duo took over when perhaps they decide to do away with the jacquard and not mentioning perhaps doing well in Rodeo Drive (just saying). The design usually comes with an over embellished Crystal clasp with a V which I did not care for but they did not do simple designs then so I gravitated to the Dior jacquard. These new offerings are gorgeous and I bet will turn a classic! I am sworn in. Viva Valentino!

  • Cbl

    All I can say is…barf

  • Jiab

    This logo is far from being original. Google Thai silk pattern and you will understand what I was talking about.