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  • Rosa Lily

    They’ve mastered marketing their names and status very well but, unfortunately, their ventures in the fashion and accessories sector depreciates instantly. Their items are sad imitations of designer brands that are worth much more the investment.

  • TheModMazza

    These are seriously overpriced when considering the target demographic is a bunch of teenagers.

    • Elizabeth6556

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  • Christy

    Awful! No way!

  • Y Ajayi


  • madelaine21

    The designs are not original, they are just copies of other designer/brand’s designs and styles. There are bags with better quality and styles at that price point.

  • FashionableLena

    Really? That backpack in slide seven looks like a Rebecca Minkoff Julian.

  • Jamie

    Looks like a mix of Krakoff, Minkoff, Wang. Trying to be edgy but failing to do so. and these are really on wait list?

    • Pamela

      Lol must be a lie. What list!!

  • Lori

    It looks like there are quality issues. They would be a great if they were at Target but not Neiman Marcus.

  • Charlie

    How could they sell these if they don’t even carry those themselves?

    • kathyjazz

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Rosa Lily

      Exactly. I don’t trust “designers” who don’t carry or wear their own designs.

      • Mary9635

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    • Pamela

      Exactly. Makes no sense

    • Sara

      They don’t carry these bags because they didn’t design them or put love and sweat or imagination into them. Someone else has put these Frankenstein collections from bits and pieces of either designers and the K girls have given their nod of approval. Having said all that, surprisingly these are not as hideous as KK bags.

  • the bunnies are cute but not $95 cute. cant see paying that for those bags.

  • kathyjazz

    Never. Not ever. Not even when they’re dumped onto the clearance table.

  • SeeJay

    I don’t like any of them including the scary looking fur charms. I don’t mind the K’s at all, wish I were making the money and do admire the style of a few of the girls. But my AMEX can breathe a sigh of release because I won’t be buying.

  • Aileen Diaz

    I will fill ashame to carry such bags, not even for free.

  • Imgoingbroke

    Look at the craptastic hardware. CHEAP quality for sure.

  • Catherine

    This reminds me a bit of Rebecca Minkoff. I have a feeling they’re trying to establish the brand as “accessible luxury” and their bags will end up at Last Call, Saks Off Fifth and TJ MAXX. People will start paying $75-$100 for the bags feeling as though they received a discount because they were originally in the lower-mid $100 range. Sort of like DKNY, MK and Calvin Klein bags (which I know is an unfair comparison to those designers, but I’m just thinking of the market). The Kardashians are not my fave, but it is undeniable that they have built a formidable empire.

  • Pamela

    Not impressed but when does a kardashian/Jenner ever? Lol

  • zoopath


  • lol! not even $20

  • psny15

    i hope no one buys these ugly bags

    i despise the karTRASHians

  • fudgeicecream


  • HelloHappylife

    In my opinion I don’t see anything special about these bags. They look like bags you would find at Target for $29.99 …

    The bag Charms are cute, but everyone makes the Pom Pom charms these days since it’s a current “trend” I will pass & save that money for timeless handbags.

  • Sparky

    I never buy celeb products from fragrance (like Liz Taylor’s White Diamonds) to fashion (Victoria Beckham). Product could be Hermes quality, I wouldn’t buy it. So no, I wouldn’t buy these.

  • Jerri R

    The fur charms remind me of the Gimp from Pulp Fiction

  • Lisa

    Not even when pigs fly.

  • oui

    I rarely look at the brand when buying bags, but these shapes… they really look like Zaras and Mangos, or Targets, nothing to really justify the prices I’m seeing here. And fit hey appear hinky in promo photos… I’m not going to spend time hunting them down in shops or high streets either.

  • Maya

    ….oh hell no!!

  • Chronic

    Would I buy them? No, for several reasons. I don’t care for the Kardashian/Jenner clan, which got even weirder when Bruce came out as transgender. And, the bags are boxy and uninteresting. Are teens going to buy them at those prices? I doubt it and if they are aiming at teens, why not something fun and affordable?

  • GoBears95

    I might get Slide 10. That’s the only thing .

  • Yael Heller

    This doesn’t even represent their aesthetic. The Kardashian wear what costs most. Their bags should be Chanel and Hermes knock offs, lol!!!

    • Sara

      Good point!

  • Hambot

    Why they plan on wasting shelf space?? Unoriginal, random incohesive design that they just picked up from some random supplier. They weren’t even from the same designers..

  • Holly Stanton

    Uh…no. The quality doesn’t look great and the brand name is Kendall + Kylie? It just sounds juvenile.

  • darkrose

    i dont trust designers who dont embrace their own brand.

  • Amazona

    Ugly, overpriced bags that fund the Kardashians, yay! That’s like the transcript of my nightmares. No, I wouldn’t pay a dime for them. Much less hundreds of dollars.

  • Christy

    No and I’ll tell you why: the Kardashian klan has hit a whole new low this week, and it’s only Monday! Khloe bullying a 19 year old! Awful Kim doing the same in continuing the feud between Taylor and Kanye, which by the way began when Taylor was also 19. Hope that some companies start to distance themselves from this gross group of trash. I will never purchase a product associated with any of these losers!

  • lulilu

    Aside from their lack of imagination or style, the quality of the leather looks iffy.

  • Eva

    These look like bags from Target….