When I started PurseBlog in 2005, I owned 2 bags. My love of handbags has been with me from a very young age, but my collection didn’t start to expand rapidly until after this site was already up and running. As a biproduct of having carried so many different bags in that time, I’ve learned not only about the intricacies of the purses in my collection, but also what I think makes for a good bag overall. To share the results of our trials and errors, we’re introducing a new category to PurseBlog, Purseonals.

Amanda and I will get purseonal with our readers and share honest reviews of the bags we own and rate them on our Purseonals scale. We’ve come up with the five major categories within our rating system: Aesthetics, Usability + Functionality, Quality + Construction, Value, and Staying Power.

We’ve determined five essential categories for evaluating a bag, and each design will receive a rating of one to five stars for each element. The categories are as follows:

1. Aesthetics – The appearance and overall visual design of the bag.

2. Usability + Functionality – Does this bag do the job we expected it would? Is it easy to get in and out of and can you easily organize all of your belongings inside of it for whatever time of day it’s intended to be carried? Is it comfortable to carry?

3. Quality + Construction – Do the materials, including the leather, hardware and stitching, hold up to regular use?

4. Value – Are you getting what you paid for?

5. Staying Power – Is this a bag you can wear for years, or will it be a one-season wonder?

So, if you’ve ever wondered our true thoughts on the purses we own, be ready to see how each of our bags stacks up next to the others. Our first Purseonals will be coming to you next week!

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