Ted Rossi Python Hobo BagHow does Hilary Duff continue to pay for all the amazing bags that we see her carrying? When was the last time she worked? Am I just too old for her to be on my entertainment radar, outside of the handbag realm? I mean, I’m not that old, am I? I’m only 23, I can’t be that old. Well, anyway, she does have some cool handbags that she likes to tote around with her, and since the paparazzi still follow, we still get to see them. One of my favorites is the Ted Rossi Python Hobo Bag.

It’s not really a hobo, though, since it has two straps – it’s a “tobo.” Tote, hobo, get it? Ok. Well I really like it, particularly in this natural python pattern. When you’ve got a skin, particularly an exotic, that’s nice enough, you really don’t need a bunch of pockets or ruching or seaming, you just need a clean, simple design to show off the natural attributes of the skin, and that’s what we’ve got here. The snake is the star of this bag, and we can just all hope to bask in its beautiful, exotic glow. At 21″ wide, I wonder how many snakes we’re talking about here. Buy through Singer22 for $2495.

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  • susan

    I think this is a great looking bag. But, I went on Singer22, their policy of, return for store credit only is not one I’m comfortable with. I haven’t seen it in person. I won’t purchase something that expensive, and not have an option. Then I googled it, Ted Rossi’s site is even worse. No returns, period. Thanks, but think I’ll have to pass.

  • Pe. Riche.

    I am not a fan of python bags or bags with any designs on them. But I love the shape and size of the bag. I would love it more if it were just a pewter color, or, maybe even a muted gold.

  • I love this bag! Very cool.

    And really, I have no idea what she does now either!

  • QueenMAB

    Whatever she’s doing, she’s getting FAB bags! I love this one.

  • mette

    I like exotics. I don´t like mine with too much detailing. But, seriously, this bag — I mean, it’s all about snake! No way could I carry it around. This is too exotic.

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    Not crazy about this one…plus there’s sooo many knock offs in the market that look just like this bag if you just gotta have it.

  • hazel

    I love it! Except maybe its size, it might be too big even for me who is a lover of the giant carry all my stuff at once bag. Maybe it is just the skin making it look excessive

  • Stephanie

    Doesn’t she live in California? and isn’t python banned in Cali? either way Im not a fan of the snakeskin!

  • me

    Maybe she’s still living off of Disney Channel money and from preteens buying her c.d.s. Yes, I was guilty, and yes, I am ashamed.

  • Julia

    This “tobo” is cute for being an exotic skin. I like the design of the bag a lot. Looks good to me, thumbs up* As for how many snakes this took, i wonder!

  • stella

    Not for me, either. It looks too plain and simple. And plus, I’m not a fan of exotics at all.

  • Elle

    Not a fan of python Too flashy

  • Carolyn

    Nice bag but seems too big and not enough structure for my taste. I need more substance in my bag

  • Jan

    Yeah, I wonder how she can have python? It is totally banned in CA! That took a huge snake to make that Tobo!

  • lindaC

    I don’t think I wanna wear any snake skin bag. It’s creeeeepy.